The Big Bang Theory

Photographs by Hannah Whitaker.

Cafe au Lait and Otto’s Thrill dahlias, scabiosa pods, lisianthus, poppy pods, heuchera, and pistache berries, $250 by Nicolette Camille Floral Design.Photographs by Hannah Whitaker

Lady’s Slipper orchids, roses, scabiosa, and black calla lilies, $200 by Florisity.

Specialty Dutch hydrangea with juniper pine and Japanese tweedia, $280 by Bridget Vizoso for the Designers’ Co-Op.

Allium, dried scabiosa pods, black scabiosa, hosta leaves, maidenhair ferns, and nigella, $195 by Fleurs.

Peonies, Black Beauty and Cherry Love roses, sweet William, black scabiosa, and dried lavender, $225 by Fleurs.

Orange celosia, amaranthus, patience roses, nigella pods, and viburnum berry, $175 by Jeffrey Marcus for JM Visuals.

Gomphrena, garden roses, pink dahlias, nigella pods, and red celosia, $200 by Jeffrey Marcus for JM Visuals.

Dried leaves, spray roses, and scabiosa pods, $175 by Ovando.

Tibet white roses, white ranunculus, green hypericum, thapsia, and lemon leaf, $150 by Spruce.

Calla lilies, thistles, lisianthus, nigella pods, dried eucalyptus pods, and dried echinops, $250 by Bowman Dahl.

Black Beauty roses, jasmine, dahlias, sweet pea, scabiosa, nigella pods, and corydalis, $250 by Nicolette Camille Floral Design.

Lily grass, fresh and dried hydrangeas, roses, calla lilies, clematis, and viburnum berries, $200 by Jody Perlberger for Perl.

Circus roses, schwarzwalder calla lilies, rococo parrot tulips, echinacea pods, feather clusters, preserved blue baby eucalyptus, and black tie leaves, $200 by Jane Packer.

Lady’s Slipper orchids, begonia leaves, vanda orchids, and lisianthus, $260 by Bridget Vizoso for the Designers’ Co-Op.

Creeping fig, thistles, sedum, green hydrangea, and ornithogalum, $325 by Renny & Reed.

Cymbidium orchids, pink lisianthus, sweet pea, and pink dahlias, $325 by Renny & Reed.

Coxcomb, calla lilies, black rose succulents, peacock feathers, and vine, $225 by Ovando.

Viburnum berries, jasmine, poppy pods, oregano, wheat, preserved oak leaves, and assorted pink roses, $250 by VSF.

Stephanotis and freesia, $280 by Bridget Vizoso for the Designers’ Co-Op.

Dahlias, kangaroo paws, rambling spray roses, leucadendron, calla lilies, Lady’s Slipper orchids, celosia, scabiosa, anthuriums, cryptanthus leaves, dried echinops, dried yarrow, and dried billy balls, $325 by Bowman Dahl..

The Big Bang Theory