Get With the Times

Photographs by Danny Kim

“Eimear-Noelle and Emmet,” $2,800 for a suite of 100, by Ceci New York. Photo: Danny Kim

“Josephine and Gordon,” from $154 for a suite of 100, by A Printable Press. Photo: Danny Kim

“Seema and Joseph,” from $3,000 for a suite of 100, by Mr. Boddington’s Studio. Photo: Danny Kim

“Julieta and Rod,” $687 for a suite of 100, by Paper + Cup Design. Photo: Danny Kim

“Lisa and Clark,” $1,300 for a suite of 100, by Sesame Letterpress. Photo: Danny Kim

For me, the high point of the show is this, which manages simultaneously to be a painting, a force field, and an electromagnetic visual discharge. This is an artist sloughing off old consciousness, making something he doesn’t even know is art, giving up nearly all known languages of painting, and maybe violating the laws of nature by making something that seemingly puts off more energy than went into making it. Photo: Danny Kim

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