Left of Centerpiece

Photographs by Danny Kim

The Green Vase Handmade paper garden roses, geraniums, dahlias, begonias, and abutilon blooms, price upon request. Photo: Danny Kim

Celadon & Celery Reindeer moss, rice shells, and a manzanita branch in a handblown glass vase, $395. Photo: Danny Kim

Sprout Home Poppies, sheet moss, reindeer moss, air plants, sand, sea glass, and miniature figurines, $150. Photo: Danny Kim

Sebastian Li Ranunculus, bullbrier vine, and Green Trick dianthus, $600. Photo: Danny Kim

Flowers by Daye Galax leaves, pussy willow, lily grass, calla lilies, ranunculus, anemones, lisianthus, and stencil ribbon, $245. Photo: Danny Kim

Fleurs Bella Calla lilies, echeveria, mushrooms, moss, wood, and fine silver thread, $280. Photo: Danny Kim

Blush Designs Cymbidium orchids, waterproof LEDs, and 120-mm. and 35-mm. film, $600. Photo: Danny Kim

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design Ranunculus, peonies, cosmos, tulips, mint, geraniums, garden roses, tuberose, citrus, berries, freshwater pearls, and feathers, price upon request. Photo: Danny Kim

Hatch Creative Studio Juliet garden roses, anemones, ranunculus, peonies, gomphrena, blackberries, geranium leaves, and ceramic and glass drawer pulls, $375. Photo: Danny Kim

Sebastian Li Pussy willow, pearl pins, and grosgrain ribbon, $350. Photo: Danny Kim

Ariel Dearie Flowers Anemones, blackberries, sumac, passion vine, and a faux bird’s nest, $175. Photo: Danny Kim

Bowman Dahl Sarah Bernhardt peonies, Vanda orchids, Maria Teresa garden roses, ranunculus, agapanthus, skimmia, umbrella fern, echeveria, and grapevine, $650. Photo: Danny Kim

Castle & Pierpont Epidendrum orchids, Vanda orchids, hellebores, ranunculus, echeveria, preserved butterfly, sea urchin, sea barnacle, and seashells, $475. Photo: Danny Kim

Bridget Vizoso for the Designers’ Co-op Icelandic poppies, Majolica spray roses, peonies, ranunculus, sweet pea, lilacs, tweedia, hellebores, parrot tulips, grape ivy, spireas, snowdrops, clover, clump moss, reindeer moss, hyacinth bulbs, vintage silver salt cellars and trays, stock and mercury glass candlesticks, and a broken clay pot, $400. Photo: Danny Kim

Magnaflora Star-of-Bethlehem, ranunculus, peonies, garden roses, phlox, lisianthus, freesia, tweedia, hellebores, seashells, and sand, $500. Photo: Danny Kim

Left of Centerpiece