Dance Studios

Ballroom Wedding Dance
37 W. 26th St., nr. Broadway, ninth fl. 917-375-3027;
This studio helps couples to nail their firstdance, whether it’s the rumba or the fox-trot.Private lessons are $60 to $85 per hour.

Bovard New York Dance Instruction
(various locations)917-617-9597;
Eilecia Bovard teaches swing, salsa, waltz, andtango. Wedding packages of five lessons startat $345, and the first 60-minute lesson is free.

Dance Manhattan
39 W. 19th St., nr. Sixth Ave., fifth fl.; 212-807-0802;
Most couples opt for five private sessions($400) with this studio’s instructors, who canschool you in styles like the Argentine tango.

Dance Times Square
156 W. 44th St., nr. Broadway, third fl.; 212-994-9500;
Wedding packages, such as three privatelessons and two group lessons for $420,include gratis Champagne and chocolate.

Manhattan Ballroom Society
(various locations)917-734-4778;
Teachers at this company can choreograph aroutine to any song and help couples rehearseother big-day dances. $95 per hour-long lesson.

NY Wedding Dance
1261 Broadway, nr. 32nd St., Ste. 510; 646-742-1520;
Take lessons on-site, then leave withpersonalized-instruction DVDs so you canpractice at home. Get six sessions for $528.

Sandra Cameron Dance Center
439 Lafayette St., nr. Astor Pl., second fl.; 212-431-1825;
Private lessons are $90 to $110 per couple,per hour. The studio’s wedding package($400) includes seven hours of instruction.

Stepping Out Studios
37 W. 26th St., nr. Sixth Ave., ninth fl.; 646-742-9400;
The award-winning staff can teach anythingfrom the country two-step to the Viennesewaltz. Five-lesson packages start at $540.

Wedding Day Dance
(various locations)917-796-4960;
Instructors here focus on ballroom and Latindance for all skill levels. Packages offer threelessons for $204 or five for $335.

Zack’s Dance Loft
37 E. 28th St., nr. Park Ave., Ste. 206212-464-7506;
Private lessons ($75–$90 per hour) start with acocktail; three-hour group “happy hour” classes($25–$50) include an open bar throughout.

Dance Studios