The Day-of Emergency Kit

Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

1. Topstick Toupee Tape
“Don’t waste your time with fashion tape. It’s pricey and not nearly as strong as the stuff that keeps a wig on someone’s head.”

2. Extra Boutonierre Pins
“To help reinforce ‘bouts’ that have been squished by too many hugs.”

3. Grandma’s Secret Wrinkle Remover
“Perfect for when there’s no time to steam.”

4. Jiffy Travel Steamer
“The days of lugging a big steamer to the bridal suite are over. This little guy heats up in two minutes and fits into smaller spaces where larger steamers cannot.”

5. Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit
“It has three stain-based formulas that take out nearly everything.”

6. Static Guard
“This banishes static cling, especially on chiffon gowns. I need a can for every bridal party.”

7. Makeup Sponges
“They’re a stylist’s godsend. Rub a clean, dry makeup sponge on a soiled wedding dress, and nearly all surface stains will be lifted.”

8. Black Safety Pins
“Grooms have fashion emergencies, too—and these black-coated pins help conceal simple tux tears. They’re great for when I don’t have time to sew before he walks down the aisle.”

9. Self-threaded Needles
“Who wants to waste time on the wedding day trying to thread? This little packet from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply helps me fix brides, grooms, and guests in a second.”

The Day-of Emergency Kit