Bermuda Limousine International
212-647-8400, ext. 117;
This company’s ample 186-vehicle fleetincludes well-appointed luxury Lincoln TownCar stretches ($105 per hour), Mercedessedans ($100), and 28-personmini-coaches ($140).

Campus Coach

FilmCars has an extensive inventory ofrestored antique and vintage automobilesdating from 1911. For a classic New Yorklook, there are iconic Checker taxicabs(from $450 for three hours); for vintage-themednuptials, try a 1923 Model T(from $695 for three hours).

Gray Line New York
Gray Line’s 82-person double-decker buswill spirit guests throughout Manhattan andzoned areas in Brooklyn (from $510 per hour,with a two-hour minimum). Smaller groupsmay prefer the 55-seat coach (from $660for four hours). A complimentary tour guidecomes with each double-decker.

Regal Carriage Inc.
Regal’s Cinderella glass-pumpkin carriage(from $1,200 for three hours, excludingtips and tolls), which is drawn by two whitehorses, may not be for everyone, but tosome brides it’s a fantasy come true. For therest of us, there’s a lower-key Victoriancarriage (from $750 with just one horse).The company delivers buggies toany spot in the tri-state area, but there’s athree-mile limit on where the driver can takecouples after that.

Silver Star Limousine
This limo service offers more than 40 vehiclesin various passenger ranges, from fouroriginal Rolls-Royces ($800 for three hours)to a 35-person Mercedes party bus,complete with bar and strobe lights($1,200 for three hours). Also in theirfleet is the first hot-pink Mini Cooperlimousine built in the United States.

WC Transportation Service Group INC.
With a fleet of 25 sleek town cars plus a fewSUVs, this company can shuttle guests toand from all parts of the event. Sedansare $50 an hour, and SUVs are $75an hour (two-hour rental minimum,plus 20 percent gratuity).