Hey, Mr. D.J. …

Illustration by Micah Lidberg

Andrew W.K., Musician and Motivational Speaker, andCherie Lily, Performance Artist

Married October 2008
Music by D.J. Andy, Spencer Sweeney

Andrew W.K.: “Cerrone’s songs are really good for that deep-in-the-night feeling that keeps the dancing vibe going.”

The Notorious B.I.G.
“The classic-soul samples in this song appeal to an older audience, and Biggie’s charisma makes people feel safe enough to risk looking silly while dancing.”

Andrew W.K.
Really in Love
“We had our first dance to one of my songs. It was the first time I was able to apply it to an actual person. Before Cherie, it was just an idea, something I wished for.”

Adam Shore, Music Manager and Concert Producer, andKendel Ratley, Director of Marketing and Outreach at Kickstarter

Married September 2012
Music by Optimo

Spread Your Wings (Instrumental)
Kendel Ratley: “The string arrangement in ‘Spread Your Wings’ is traditional, but the song is an unusual choice for a processional. It’s ethereal and sweeping, but also a little trippy, which captured the depth of the moment.”

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
“It’s not a song a lot of people know and not one you’d expect to hear at a wedding, but it’s one of my favorites. Optimo got a few high fives for it, but admitted it was ‘bride’s choice.’ ”

Carl Newman, Singer for the New Pornographers, and Christy Newman, Former Marketing Manager of Matador Records

Married August 2007
Music by Neko Case, Mates of State

Shocking Blue
Out of Sight Out of MindCarl Newman: “My bandmate Neko and I listened to a lot of Shocking Blue when we first started hanging out, so this was a touching tribute.”

The Velvet Underground
I Found a Reason
“This played as Christy walked down the aisle. The lyrics describe what it was like when we met—the couple whose paths crossed many times before they fell in love, leaving an old life behind for a new place.”

Crazy in Love
“The crowd just exploded.”

Piotr Orlov, Music Writer and Editor, and Kate Orlov,Photo Director at Billboard.com

Married September 2007
Music by D.J. $mall ¢hange, Carl Craig

The Vaselines
Son of a Gun
Piotr Orlov: “Once the officiant pronounced us ‘man and wife’ and we kissed, $mall hange dropped this, which begins with the roar of a motor. It’s a punky pop tune that we both love, and it set the tone for the rest of the festivities.”

LCD Soundsystem
All My Friends
“This song had been our anthem that year. When we played it, a 300-person pogo party exploded. That housey piano line got everybody up: parents, relatives, even folks who had no idea what the song was.”

Josh Madell, Co-owner of Other Music, andDawn Sutter Madell, Music Supervisorat Agoraphone

Married May 1999
Music by Jim and Jennie and the Pinetops, Six Layer Cake

The Carter Family
Over the Garden Wall
Josh Madell: “We had a bluegrass band called Jim and Jennie and the Pinetops play during the ceremony and dinner, and we walked down the aisle to ‘Over the Garden Wall.’ It was mostly a lyrical choice; it’s a sweet love song and seemed to fit the event. The band later got signed to a label by one of our wedding guests.”

Elvis Presley
Can’t Help Falling in Love
“Dawn says her favorite song of the night was when I took the mike and serenaded her with this.”

Hey, Mr. D.J. …