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Look Who’s Catering

Dry-aged beef from Aska, Inked linguine from Barano, and other menu options courtesy of the city’s new restaurants.

Catered by Aska

Appetizer: Langoustine cooked in a bouquet of herbs and flowers.
Main: Dry-aged beef with preserved ramps and onion.

Catered by Barano

Appetizer: Charred octopus with farro polenta, mint pesto, and candied pine nuts.
Main: Inked linguine with Manila clams, calamari, tomato conserva, and garlic crumbs.

Catered by Café Altro Paradiso

Appetizer: Fish crudo with caper berries and horseradish.
Main: Roast chicken with lentils and vin santo.

Catered by Flora Bar

Appetizer: Stracciatella with Meyer lemon and fennel.
Main: Steak with beets and béarnaise.

Catered by Indian Accent

Appetizer: Sweet-pickle ribs with sun-dried mango and onion seeds.
Main: Braised lamb with prune-and-mulberry korma and pearl-millet khichdi.

Catered by Le Coq Rico

Appetizer: Sunchokes à la barigoule, sesame seeds, and sautéed confit gizzards.
Main: Rohan Farm duck leg with Asian-spiced almond crust, caramelized red onions in cherry vinegar, and celeriac purée.

Catered by MáLà Project

Appetizer: Sticky rice with dates.

Main: MáLà dry pot with prawns, broccoli, crab sticks, bok choy, fish cakes, and eye of round.