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The Best Boot Trays on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve covered the best storage benches and laundry baskets, here we’re covering the best boot trays, as reviewed on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.) Check out more shoe organizing options right this way.

Best large boot trays

Gardener’s Supply Company Large Boot Tray (46.5” x 15.5”)

“This is ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE in my front entry! We have three seasons of mud, snow, salt, and more dirt. This is WONDERFUL for containing the inescapable drudge everyone drags in on their boots and shoes in the Season of Messy! WILL buy more, highly recommended for everyone anywhere who has SNOW and WET and Mud and Salt.”

BirdRock Home Rubber Boot Tray (34” x 14”)

“This purchase exceeded my expectations. The black tray looks nice and it appears to be made from a very heavy-gauge black, rubbery material. I believe it will stay put well by my door, and it should stand up to abuse it may get from my kids coming in and out. We are in Wisconsin, and a lot of snow and moisture come in with our footwear in the winter. I don’t believe any moisture will pass through it to the floor below. I plan to order another one for our other entrance. Size-wise, it looks to easily hold four adult-size sets of boots. With the sidewalls of the tray being sturdy and high, combined with the weight of the tray, I expect even if somebody accidentally kicked this when there was melted snow in it, the water in it would not spill out readily. I am very pleased with this purchase, as well as little a bemused that I could be so happy about a boot tray!”

Iron Gate Heavy Duty Big Foot Boot Tray Door Mat (32” x 16”)

“I’m glad this was my choice! They weren’t kidding when they called it ‘Heavy Duty.’ The rubber is VERY thick and the deep grooves are perfect for holding melting snow and ice from our shoes and boots. The weight of the tray keeps it in place (the dog could move our old one around). It’s the perfect size for our family of three, and the quality construction has me convinced that it will last for many years to come.”

Best medium boot trays

Alex Carseon Multi-purpose Tray (30” x 15”)

“We purchased this tray after our landing became a mess with all the winter salt and snow. Cleaning the wood daily started to become annoying since it would just become dirty again with the snow boots and sneakers. Thankfully, this tray does what it is intended to do. It has a decent amount of turned-up rim so that water and slush won’t leak out around the tray itself. It allows our boots and shoes to stay on the tray until they dry, and then we place them on our shoe rack. We have shoe sizes ranging from men’s size 9 to men’s size 11, plus chunky winter boots (L.L. Bean duck boots), and this tray is able to hold three to four pairs of shoes with ease. I definitely recommend this tray to anyone who is looking to keep the winter weather grossness at bay. It’s durable and easy to clean, and does its job well.”

Ottomanson Multi-Purpose Indoor & Outdoor Waterproof Tray (30” x 15”)

“Wow, these are gorgeous and heavy-duty! Better than I expected from the pictures. These are perfect for all of the winter shoes and boots that will soon be piling up! They are big enough to handle most average-size shoes and boots. I was a little skeptical buying this without being able to see and touch them myself — no worries now! I bought two and I’m glad I did.”

California Home Goods Multi Purpose Black Boot Tray (30” x 15”) — 2-Pack

“Call it a boot tray, or call it a shoe tray, just don’t call it useless! This is proof positive that the 21st century can benefit from items considered ‘old-fashioned’! Living in southeast Pennsylvania, we see weather from sunny and 100 degrees to cloudy and well below freezing. Rain? Yep, we got that! Snow? Yep, we got that! Everything in between, yep, we got that, too. Having these trays by the front and back doors of the house GREATLY reduces the amount of weather-related yuck from our shoes, which keeps our home a little cleaner. Simply amazing!”

Internet’s Best Waterproof Multi-Purpose Polypropylene Tray (30” x 15”) — 2-Pack

“Nice sturdy boot tray we use right beside the front door inside and out. The two-pack was a good value. Perfect size for my Hubby’s 11EEE shoes/boots plus my 7.5s. We live in the mountains, so this suits our needs perfectly, especially after hiking with our three coonhounds — plenty of mud is NOT tracked in thanks to these useful trays. I’m considering getting a smaller set for crafting to save our table and countertop from my Mod Podge, etc.!”

Quantahome Boot Tray for Home, Kitchen, Pets, and Gardening (30” x 15”)

“Already had three of these trays and ordered three more. They are sturdy, easy to clean, stackable, and perfect for many uses — under plants brought in for winter, under kitty-litter pans and even for boots! Highly recommend.”

Muddy Mat All-Purpose Boot Tray (29” x 14”)

“There are boot trays, and then there are AWESOME boot trays. This Muddy Mat fits in the latter. The Muddy Mat embodies the term ‘all-purpose’ like no other. Fits our shoes after stepping in the ‘mess’ left on the sidewalk by lazy neighbors walking their dog, therefore keeping our Roomba from spreading said ‘mess’ all over our hardwood floors: CHECK. Can hold a bag of sand to use as an impromptu Zen garden after downing a bottle of sake and going on a Karate Kid binge-watch: CHECK. I highly suggest if you’re in the market for a tool of limitless practical potential that you consider the Muddy Mat.”

Yaktrax Boot Tray (28” x 15”)

“I ordered one because I wanted a cheap solution last winter for an apartment with no mudroom to take off and store snowy boots. A cheap solution for what I thought would last me through one winter has turned into one of my favorite winter products. I ordered an additional Yaktrax tray for my back door, and my husband and I use these trays in our trunk during the spring and summer months when camping.”

Jobsite Heavy Duty Boot Tray (28” x 15”) — 2-Pack

“Surprisingly, we don’t use these for boots or shoes, but as a base for our cat boxes to catch litter as the cats exit their cat box. We have tried mats to catch the cat litter and nothing has worked as well as this product. We bought two and couldn’t be happier! Product is sturdy and well-made. It keeps our floor cleaner and free from cat-litter pebbles! I am sure the trays work nicely for their intended purpose, as we live in warm weather year-round and barely ever wear boots, but this is what we are using them for and they are awesome!”

Best compact boot tray

Stalwart ECO Friendly Utility Boot Tray Mat (20” x 15”)

“This is a black, hard plastic mat that can be used to protect a surface from spills or water damage. I use it as a tray to put winter boots on after coming in from outside. It’s exactly what I thought I was getting. It is waterproof, and it has a lip, so water does not spill off the sides. It is easy to clean and does not stain. Two pairs of adult-size boots fit on the mat at one time. I would absolutely buy this again.”

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The Best Boot Trays on Amazon, According to Reviewers