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A Gift for Every Type of Wife

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Getting the right gift for your wife for Mother’s Day can be anxiety-producing no matter how long you’ve been together. After 18 years of Mother’s Days, you might be all out of ideas, or maybe you’re stumped about what to buy a new mom after she got everything she wanted on her registry. If you’re unsure of what to get your best gal, don’t panic — below, we’ve put together a list of 59 gifts for practically every type of wife, which includes items recommended by cool people like actress Julia Fox and chef Angela Dimayuga as well as stuff we love ourselves. While all of the things on this list are available on Amazon, we’ve found many of them elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

For the wife who is getting into gardening

If she’s started to tend her own victory garden, this is perhaps the only time worms will make an acceptable gift. These red wrigglers will make a nutrient-rich compost she can use to feed her developing veggies, herbs, and other green things.

For the wife who needs new arm candy

This sculptural bangle from Strategist-favorite (and Instagram-favorite) maker Lizzie Fortunato should do the trick.

For the wife who needs new ear candy

These pearly hoops from accessories designer Lele Sadoughi strike that very hard to achieve balance between trendy and timeless.

For the wife who calls her sourdough starter her ‘baby’

This classic cast-iron skillet from heritage cookware brand Lodge is the perfect thing to bake her bread “baby” in.

For the wife who has given up on her sourdough starter


A cute croissant light that will never disappoint her or have her worrying about carb intake.

For the wife who has run out of Alison Roman recipes

Some new culinary challenges for her to tackle, courtesy of the duo behind Dimes.

For the wife who had to give up her monthly facial

This gadget uses a microcurrent to tone, contour, and lift.

For the wife who wants loungewear but won’t wear a sweatsuit

Elyse Inamine, Bon Appétit’s digital restaurant editor, told us she basically lives in these linen overalls that are “like your favorite well-worn jeans — but also loose, baggy, and freeing, unlike your favorite well-worn jeans.”

For the wife who is a cowgirl at heart

Some new boots will put a little yee-haw in her step, even if she just wears them around the house.

For the wife who is a derby girl at heart

From $190

These groovy glitter wheels will help her street skate in style.

For the wife who’d prefer to blade

Brian Long, of Shop Task skate shop, told us that this pair is a good bet for less-experienced skaters, if she’s looking to get in on this newly revived ’90s hobby.

For the wife who is a board-game enthusiast

Patchwork Express

A board game that’s perfect for two.

For the wife who is a crossword enthusiast

For the wife who is working from home

An ergonomic chair accessory for her desk at home will help your wife build up core strength as she cuts down on unopened emails in her inbox.

For the wife who strictly observes cocktail hour

This set of bitters is nice enough to leave out on display, so she can easily reach for them to have her favorite cocktail ready at 5:00 on the dot.

For the wife who is an SLT devotee

From $75

A splurgy mat for at-home workouts.

For the wife whose hands are always dry

A palo santo–scented oil that can be rubbed on her cuticles, hair, and body.

For the wife who stans Carole Baskin

No tigers were harmed in making this tray, where she can keep her doodads.

For the wife who keeps an eye on everything

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

A smart doorbell that can help her monitor her packages and stop home intruders.

For the wife whose favorite station plays oldies

An old-school radio without Bluetooth capabilities.

For the outdoorsy wife

For the indoors-y wife

For the wife who needs to work out her kinks

An Angela Dimayuga–approved massager that almost looks like an art sculpture. Its design helps to better target hard-to-reach knots.