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A Gift for Every Type of Wife

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Although every wife is different, the idea behind finding a gift for them is usually the same. You want to surprise them, delight them, prove you’ve been listening, and make sure your gift isn’t gathering dust in the back of a cupboard in a few months. Sometimes, ticking all of those boxes seems almost impossible, especially if you’ve been gifting back and forth for years, and your well of ideas is running dry. But luckily, I’m on hand to help.

I’ve combed the Strategist archives, perused numerous stores of note, and rummaged through my mental Rolodex of good presents to put together a list of 48 gift ideas for almost any type of wife, who’s interested in just about any activity — from Japanese bath salts that turn the bathroom into a day spa to a mirror that will turn her desk into a fancy vanity. With budgets in mind, we’ve also organized the gifts by price, so you should find something that speaks to you. (But if not, check out our big roundup of every holiday gift guide we’ve written this year.)

Under $25

For the wife who eats lunch over her laptop

This electronics cleaning brush is good for getting into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies between keys, and Strategist readers love it: It was a best seller during last November’s Black Friday sales.

For the wife with a Wordle streak

If one Wordle a day isn’t quite enough, your wife can tackle these not-too-challenging Times crosswords, recommended to us by literary critic Molly Young.

For the wife who tried (and gave up on) Morning Pages

This journal, which prompts you to write a sentence (or two) about one happy moment each day for a five-year period, took the top spot in our wellness-journal roundup.

For the wife who books a hotel room based on its bathtub

These bath powders that make your tub smell like a Japanese onsen have been one of our bestselling gifts since Valentine’s Day.

For the wife who takes no prisoners on game night

If Catan and Trivial Pursuit are getting a little old, try Dutch Blitz. It’s like solitaire reimagined for the most competitive players.

For the White Claw–sipping wife

This super-slim, super-insulated koozie will fit her spiked seltzer of choice like a glove.

For the wife with a Goodreads goal to beat

This wearable book light paired with noise-canceling headphones makes the perfect gift for the wife who snuggles up with a page-turner while you snore.

For the truly mycological wife

This teeny night light cycles between a whole rainbow of shades once plugged in, casting a soothing glow while she drifts off.

For the wife who’s over Jolly Ranchers

For the wife who has PSL Day on her Google calendar

She can get in true autumn mode (a.k.a. settling down in front of Gilmore Girls) without needing to go to the drive through.

For the wife who needs to take a dill pill

This hot sauce will add a nice spice to her WFH lunches.

For the wife who knows her HB from her 2B

A six-pack of Marimekko pencils should satiate her back-to-school stationery lust.

For the wife who’s a little yeehaw


A 100 percent cotton bandana, for the wife whose first crush was John Wayne.

For the wife who can’t get the hang of falsies

She won’t need them with this mascara. I love the way it lifts and curls each individual lash.

For the wife who has her fantasy Met Gala outfit preplanned

Whether she’s into ballet-core or quiet luxury — these chunky gold-plated earrings work with both.

Under $50

For the wife who has an entire wardrobe of glasses

For the wife who rubs her glasses more than she wears them, this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which also cleans lenses, will have her seeing in 4K.

For the wife who writes her to-do list on a CVS receipt

A Hobonichi Techno planner can restore a sense of order for the wife with a snowballing to-do list. We should know — it’s made its rounds among a dozen Strategist staffers over the years.

For the wife who wants loungewear she can Zoom in

Some actually nice loungewear for the comfy — but never frumpy — wife.

For the wife who dreams of a G Plan vanity table

It’s not quite teak, but this mirror has three angled mirrors like classic vintage vanities (with the luxury of LED lighting, so she can do her makeup long after golden hour has come and gone).

For the wife with Sephora VIB status

This pillowcase, which may already be on her wish list if she’s into skin care, is made of (skin-care-friendly) 100 percent mulberry silk. (And it’s so nice she’ll never know it was under $30.)

For the wife with a skin-care fridge

Snail mucin — yes, the slime from snails — is an ingredient your wife is sure to be eyeballing if she’s a skin-care obsessive. Non-early-bird wives will appreciate its under-eye-tackling ingredients too.

For the wife who longs for the Amalfi Coast

While it won’t turn her kitchen into a balcony over the Tyrrhenian Sea, this moka pot that André Aciman swears by can make her morning espresso feel a bit more Italiano.

For the wife who was wearing drainpipe jeans and a skull scarf when you met


Let her relive her indie-sleaze youth by flipping through this archive of unseen pictures from the aughts, including shots of rising stars like Virgil Abloh and Katy Perry.

For the wife who can’t keep a cactus alive

As well as being immortal, this LEGO centerpiece is customizable.

For the wife who says she doesn’t want anything

A set of mother-of-pearl spoons for scooping salt (or caviar) is a truly charming gift.

For the wife who’s never warm enough

Women’s Padded Gilet

This cozy gilet is ideal for the wife whose wardrobe is full of Heattech.

For the wife who has “guest” candles


This candle is a twofer: 90 hours of sandalwood to burn through and a gorgeous jar at the end.

For the wife who has opinions on saucisson versus salami

This charcuterie board has enough dedicated room for all the cheeses, meats, and chutneys she can haul back from the store.

For the wife who sips iced coffee in 40-degree weather

She probably owns a Stanley Tumbler already, but does she own one in forest green?

For the wife who never travels light

She’ll need an appropriately capacious bag to lug around her entire ecosystem.

For the wife who needs a jewelry box

This particularly lovely box will keep all of her trinkets accounted for.

Under $100

For the wife who always lets you take the window seat

AeroGarden Harvest

Although it’s slim enough to be slotted on the kitchen counter, this Aerogarden has space for six plants.

For the wife who dreams of her own garden

Thanks to its unusual, upright shape, our favorite travel pillow means she can get truly comfortable on an airplane, even if she’s given you the best spot.

For the wife who has “guest” blankets

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket
From $50
From $50

This chunky blanket is made of a soft yarn and is perfect for sharing.

For the (pet-owning) wife who’d rather cuddle with her fur baby

No fewer than three Strategist dog moms own a version of this yoga blanket, which they say is just as good for snuggling on the couch with their furry friends as it is for picnicking in the park with their human friends.

For the wife who buys confiture, not jelly

If she lives to put on a spread, add waffles to her repertoire.

For the wife who’s a pickler

This pickleball set is great for the wife who’s been not-so-subtly hinting she wants to get you and the kids involved.

For the wife who always picks dessert over an appetizer

Her sweet treat will taste even better in this glamorous bowl designed by Miriam Mirri.

For the wife who’s a little spooky

A classic tarot pendant for wives whose Christmas is Halloween.

For the wife who’s sick of seltzer

These alcohol- and caffeine-free aperitifs will be welcome at happy hour.

For the wife who’s a lot yeehaw

Isnom Women’s Western Boots
From $63
From $63

A pair of embroidered cowboy boots will finish off her country-Barbie costume nicely.

For the wife who swears she “left it right there”

Apple AirTag, 4 Pack

Her wallet, keys, and luggage won’t go walkabout again with one of these tags attached.

For the wife who’s Team Edward

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Based on a decade-old recommendation from the set of Twilight, I recently tested Robert Pattinson’s beloved face packs. Just one application left me feeling moisturized, dewy, and happy I picked him over Jacob as a tween.

Under $200

For the wife who has too many books

If you’re quickly running out of bookshelf space, store her entire collection inside a Kindle which can hold thousands of titles. Also great for wives who can never wait for their new read to arrive in the mail.

For the wife who changes into her robe as soon as she gets home

Reviews say this robe feels like a warm hug.

For the wife who’s no longer WFH

With a sleek black exterior and slim roll-top opening, Rains’ non-dorky backpacks are a great gift for the wife who hates having to choose between form and function.

For the wife who applied to Top Chef

We think this 15-piece knife set will prove equally as big a hit with the culinary wife as it was with our readers on Black Friday (it was one of our most clicked-on items.)

Over $200

For the wife who insists vinyl sounds better

If she can’t walk past a record store without making a purchase, she’ll appreciate our best-in-class turntable, modeled after the iconic yet discontinued Technics 1200.

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A Gift for Every Type of Wife