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A Gift for Every Type of Wife

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Buying your spouse a perfect gift can always feel a bit tricky — especially on Valentine’s Day with its added pressure for romance. You might want to make a statement on your first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds or feel like you’ve run out of fresh ideas after years together. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a list of 78 gifts for almost any type of wife — each one recommended to us personally by people with excellent taste and expertise or tested by one of our staffers. From a satin pillowcase that’s a Strategist best-seller to cozy pajamas we love to snuggle up in and an expert-recommended vibrator for couples play, you’ll find most of our picks on Amazon. (With budgets in mind, we’ve listed the gifts by price.)

Under $25

For the wife who wants loungewear but can’t stand sweatsuits

Elyse Inamine, Bon Appétit’s digital restaurant editor, told us she basically lives in these linen overalls that are “like your favorite well-worn jeans — but loose, baggy, and freeing, unlike your favorite well-worn jeans.”

For the wife who has a whole sweatsuit collection

A cozy, heavyweight hoodie that packs light, travels well, and goes with just about anything.

For the wife whose hands are always dry

Weleda Skin Food Original

This Strategist favorite will nourish the driest of hands. It has made fans of celebrities and makeup artists alike, who swear by its thick, creamy texture and hydrating ingredients.

For the wife who values her beauty sleep

Strategist beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton says this pillowcase is like sleeping at a “luxurious hotel every night.” It’s a favorite of Strategist readers and topped our list of the best silk pillowcases. It’s an affordable alternative to pricier silk options and comes in a wide range of colors.

For the wife who eats lunch over her laptop

This electronics cleaning brush from Oxo Good Grips was one of the most-purchased things during Cyber Week — and for good reason. It’s good for getting into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and can be tossed in a bag or drawer for easy storage.

For the wife who’s a bit of an insect lover

When we asked actress and comedian Kate Berlant about the things she can’t live without, she mentioned this bug magnifier, which allows her to view her favorite arthropods at a safe and controlled distance.

For the wife who doodles

An artist-approved graph-paper pad that will keep her hands (and mind) occupied for hours.

For the wife who’s a stellar cook

We dubbed these sturdy sheet pans from Nordic Ware the best overall options for their affordable price point ($24 for 2) and sturdiness. Claire Saffitz, a baker and the author of Dessert Person, says that these can really take a beating, and endless rounds of baking don’t affect the quality at all.

For the wife who’s all about good vibes

Author Ottessa Moshfegh’s favorite incense is very affordable and, according to her, smells like “really fragrant dirt and herbs and some kind of resin.”

For the wife whose idea of jewelry organization is a Ziploc bag…

This three-tier structure is nice-looking and makes it easy to hang both long and short chains. One reviewer described it as “elegant,” noting that the gold doesn’t look tacky in person at all. It’s ideal for longer pieces, like a necklace, and will both display and organize her collection.

…And a dainty earring to go with it

From $22

Fresh from the cocoon.

For the (pet-owning) wife who’d rather cuddle with her fur baby

No fewer than three Strategist dog moms own a version of this yoga blanket, which they say is just as good for snuggling on the couch with their furry friends as it is for picnicking in the park with their human friends.

For the wife who is a crossword enthusiast

For the wife whose office chair is a dining-room chair

An ergonomic balance disc for her home-office chair will help your wife build up core strength as she cuts down on unopened emails in her inbox.

For the wife who just upgraded to AllTrails Pro

Socks from Darn Tough are hiker approved for their durability, moisture-wicking abilities, and comfort. They’re approved by Pete Buttigieg, should your wife be the type to appreciate that factoid.

For the wife who’s getting into gardening

Fiskars Ergo Garden Tool Set

According to home-improvement expert Joseph Truini, this set includes three must-have tools (a garden trowel, a three-tine cultivator, and a measured transplanting trowel) for any novice gardener.

For the wife who needs her bedtime stories

This wearable book light, paired with noise-canceling headphones, makes the perfect gift for the wife who snuggles up with a page-turner while you snore.

For the White Claw–sipping wife

This super-slim, super-insulated koozie will fit her spiked seltzer of choice like a glove.

For the wife who counts Bob Ross as a personal hero

Try an illustrator-approved travel watercolor set, so she’ll always have her paints handy whenever inspiration strikes.

For the wife who analyzes her dreams

This journal — which prompts you to write a sentence (or two) about one happy moment each day for a five-year period — took the top spot in our wellness-journal roundup.

For the wife who’s always chilly

Elana Fishman, style editor at “Page Six,” calls these faux-fur bucket hats “the winter hat of the year.”

For the wife who’s stayed committed to Yoga With Adriene

She’ll be working her way toward crow pose in no time.

For the wife who likes to make out

This ultrahydrating overnight lip mask was mentioned almost monthly in our 2022 celebrity shopping series. Our resident beauty writer has a theory as to the reason why: It’s quite simply excellent.

For the wife who drinks coffee like a Gilmore girl

After a few simple questions about her drinking habits, she’ll be receiving a fresh bag of new beans and blends to try in her morning (and afternoon and evening) brew.

Under $50

For the wife who lives in her leggings

With more than 21,000 positive reviews on Amazon, these yoga pants come in dozens of fun colors and patterns and are affordable enough that you could surprise her with a few pairs.

For the wife who has a lot to do (and can never remember to do it)

For the frazzled wife, we recommend the Hobonichi Techo planner, which has made its rounds among Strategist staffers over the years. Strategist writer Dominique Pariso calls it the “if you know, you know” category of stationery, citing its size (perfect for chucking into bags!), sturdiness (deceptively durable!), and layout (light gridding with lots of space!).

For the wife who likes her drinks cold

Yetis are the gold standard of insulated tumblers and come in a bunch of different colors and sizes. This particular size is a favorite of Into It podcast host Sam Sanders, who says it’s big enough to fit two Modelos and is perfect for a nice little “sip and walk.” According to Sanders, it’s indestructible: “I swear it is made out of the same stuff as Wolverine’s claws.”

For the wife who’s an extremely light sleeper

This “homely” white-noise machine is a favorite of New York Magazine deputy editor Alexis Swerdloff, who said it was able to blur the sounds emanating from the apartment next door. Her sleep, she says, immediately became “sounder” and “deeper,” and three apartments later, it’s still a favorite.

For the wife who longs for the Amalfi Coast

While it won’t turn her kitchen into a balcony over the Tyrrhenian Sea, this moka pot that André Aciman swears by can make her morning espresso feel a bit more italiano.

For the wife who’s religious about bath time

Perfect for a bath maximalist, this caddy tray can hold her salts, scrubs, loofahs, and wineglass.

For the Peloton-obsessed wife

From $30

This mini-fan easily straps to her bike’s handlebars so she can keep cool while she rides.

For the wife who has been drinking Champagne out of a Mason jar

This comes recommended by writer and “wine unprofessional” Tammie Teclemariam, who says that it’s better than your standard champagne flute and “enhances the minerality of all sorts of sparkling wines from Vouvray to Vilmart.”

For the wife who has (literally) been pulling her hair out

If she’s looking to give her locks a little love, there’s not much better than Olaplex’s hair mask. Hairstylists and Strategist editors alike love the product for its moisturizing and restorative qualities.

For the wife embracing her natural curls

This ultramoisturizing shampoo is a favorite of singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae, who says it brings her curls to life. “The shampoo feels just as hydrating and non-stripping as the conditioner,” she says.

For the wife who still holds a grudge against Jake Gyllenhaal

Your Swifty wife can guess which songs on Midnights were written about him — including the exclusive bonus track only available on vinyl.

For the wife who’s commuting again

This sturdy bag is from a Strategist-favorite brand and roomy enough for a laptop and other essentials.

For the wife who makes all her own salad dressing

Our resident olive oil aficionado says that this garlic olive oil makes a great topper for dips and the perfect base for vinaigrettes.

For the wife with a wine subscription

For the wife with a capsule wardrobe

We call Levi’s Ribcage the Goldilocks of jeans — because they fit perfectly and look great with just about anything.

For the wife who’s never missed a BeReal

Whether she’s hiking, biking, or running an errand, she’ll be able to tap the notification (and stay warm) with these touchscreen-friendly gloves.

For the wife that wants to beat jet lag

Our favorite travel pillow, beloved by travel experts, bloggers, and Strategist staff, will let her snooze through any turbulence — and arrive feeling refreshed.

For the wife who sets a mood

This candle, inspired by the poet Langston Hughes, comes from one of our favorite Black-owned candle brands. It has scents of nutmeg, clove, leather, and amber and a burn time of 80 hours.

For the wife who works from home

Make sure her feet stay cozy in these sheepskin slippers (that she won’t mind being spotted in on a dash to the mailbox).

Under $100

For the wife who’s a prolific hostess

Gift her this coffee-table book by fellow hostess Catherine “Deeda” Blair, which covers everything from menus to recipes to table settings.

For the wife who’s a plant mom…

Wisuce Bamboo 2-Tier Plant Stand
From $74
From $74

This two-tier plant stand won’t take up lots of space but is roomy enough to hold her many green babies.

… And the wife who gave up on being a plant mom

For the wife who’s a frequent flier

An affordable carry-on that comes recommended by writer Robin Reetz, who says it’s perfect for a four- or five-day trip. It’s so good that her friends who own Away and Delsey suitcases are thinking about making the switch.

For the wife who has been wearing the same bra since you got married

This Polish-made bra offers cleavage without padding and has a dainty underwire that helps with forward projection (read: lift).

For the wife who’s always turning up the heat

Terramar Thermasilk Scoop-Neck Top
From $55
From $55

This base layer made from silk will feel a little more luxurious than your average cotton long johns. Complete the gift with a matching pair of tights.

For the wife who’s an SLT enthusiast

From $74

A splurgy fitness mat beloved by Esther Perel that’s a yogi-favorite. It topped our list of best yoga mats, with Y7 instructor Kristen Nichols calling the brand “quality” and “durable.”

For the wife who likes to sing in the shower

JBL Clip 4

This Strat-favorite waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be clipped to your shower head so she can sing Dua Lipa at the top of her lungs.

For the wife who keeps an eye on everything


A security camera that can help monitor her packages and stop home intruders.

For the wife who overplucked her brows

Contributor Maria Dueñas Jacobs, who told us she “over-plucked and mistreated her eyebrows in her younger days,” used this serum to achieve newly lush, thick, and silky soft brows.

For the wife who can’t wait for the next episode of The Last of Us

She can play the actual game in the meantime (or stop borrowing yours).

For the wife who’s destroyed her Air Forces

Under $200

For the wife who’s serious about bedtime

We’ve waxed poetic about Eberjey pajamas many times before. This shorts set in particular is a favorite of content creator Yuneida Gutierrez, who calls them “insanely soft and wrinkle free.”

For the wife who’s a dog mom