the strategist 100

The Strategist 100

A greatest-hits collection of our favorite things that have ever appeared on the Strategist.

Photo: Hugo Yu
Photo: Hugo Yu
Photo: Hugo Yu

Welcome to The Strategist 100: our collection of the best, most stood-behind products that have ever appeared on this website. Every six months, our team pores over the hundreds of stories that have been published on the Strategist and cherry-picks our many already-cherry-picked things to find the items we’re most confident about. Some of them are more recent picks, others are longtime favorites of our readers and editors, and all are things you’ll want to use and love for years to come. (We’re so confident, in fact, that we’ve been nicknaming it the “List of Won’t-Returnables.”)

Here’s how it works: The title of each product is linked to the first Strategist post about it, which you can click on for a refresher on why we love it so much. Or click the “Buy” button to head straight to the retailer to make a purchase. Our picks range from the practical (a pillow for every sleeping position and an ice tray owned by five of our staffers) to the lovably weird (LEGO succulents and Amy Sedaris’s fuchsia paper towels) to the distinctly giftable (a next-generation Tamagotchi and a vat of Spanish potato chips). We have picks at every price point, from $5 to $1,000, so take your time, tool around, and discover what delights you.

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