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A Gift for Every Type of Best Friend

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You know them better than anyone, so it should be a walk in the park, but finding a gift for your best friend is never as easy as it seems. Whether you’ve known each other since diapers or you just connected last year, your best friend probably holds some other major titles in your life — including roommate, relationship guru, personal stylist, or maybe even the godparent to your kids. And because your friendship knows no limits, your approach to gift giving should reflect that very sentiment.

Here, I’ve searched high and low to uncover 36 delightful gift ideas for any type of best friend. There’s a pair of slipper socks for frigid work-from-home mornings, a palm-size instant camera for capturing memories in the moment, and lots of other little things that’ll make them smile. All of these products are available on Amazon, and I’ve organized them by price, so you can easily find a present that fits your best friend’s personality and your budget. For even more gifting guidance, check out our holiday hub, which features ideas for everyone on your list.

Under $25

For the best friend who insists you fly personal-item-only

This flexible water pouch, or “Capri Sun for adults,” can be rolled up, significantly reducing its footprint in a carryall (or your best friend’s pocket). It’s a handy travel essential that will quickly replace their chunky Nalgene.

For the best friend who never misses her nighttime skin-care routine

A longtime top seller on our site, this silk pillowcase will make your best friend feel like she’s sleeping in a luxurious hotel.

For the best friend who’s serious about sauce

This yuzu hot sauce comes recommended by Hilary Duff, who told us she received it years ago as a stocking stuffer. In turn, she introduced the citrusy condiment to her How I Met Your Father co-stars, who “are obsessed with it now.”

For the best friend who wishes they could visit the jjimjilbang every day

Your best friend can re-create a Korean bathhouse experience and get a deep full-body scrub at home with these colorful mitts that exfoliate more precisely than loofahs, bathing cloths, brushes, and more. They’re also beloved by Eva Mendes.

For the best friend who sips hard seltzers in lieu of beer

This sleek-looking koozie will keep their beverage of choice frosty year-round — especially if it’s packaged in a slim 12-ounce can, like White Claw, Truly, Red Bull, and more.

For the best friend who writes more handwritten letters than text messages

If your best friend is a fan of Marimekko prints, they won’t be able to deny this collection of postcards that features 50 different designs, each repeated twice. And because the set doesn’t contain any prewritten messages, they’re practical for any occasion.

For the best friend who was once a Jello-eating kid

If their dessert cravings hit hardest after lunchtime, these jelly-filled pouches are a satisfying (and relatively guilt free) alternative to the office candy drawer. With a slurpable consistency that’s slightly chewy, the packable snack is available in a bunch of flavors, such as peach, mango, cola, and more.

For the best friend who’s the pharmacist of the group chat

FYY Daily Pill Organizer

This pill organizer — described as a “Mary Poppins Medicine Cabinet” for how much it can hold — would make a great gift for the best friend who regularly saves you from crippling hangovers or bathroom emergencies. The expandable carrier also doubles as a travel case for jewelry.

For the best friend who has a backup supply of Brawny

From $18 for 3

Put an end to their paper-towel consumption with these Swedish dishcloths that soak up 20 times their weight in liquid but dry quickly in between uses. And when your best friend isn’t dusting, wiping, or scrubbing messes, this lemony print can be proudly displayed near their sink.

For the best friend who can’t resist the charcuterie at happy hour

While they traditionally top gelato, these syrupy Italian black cherries will be an unexpected addition to your best friend’s favorite cheese board. The sour stone fruits are more complex than American maraschinos, so they can be spooned onto creamy Brie or even goat cheese.

For the best friend who just bought their first house

This cherry-shaped brush will bring a smile to your best friend’s face, which should make the chore of cleaning multiple toilets easier for the new homeowner. And when it’s not in use, the kitschy tool practically passes as a piece of décor.

For the best friend who hosts Bob Ross parties

They can take their meditative artmaking on the road with this digital paintbrush, which transforms any phone or tablet into a portable canvas, no supplies needed. This also makes a great gift if your best friend wants to cut down on their TV time — they can fire up their Butouch and doodle away instead.

For the best friend who’s streamlining their beauty routine


If they complain about having to repurchase expensive skin-care products, get your best friend this rosacea-soothing serum from K-beauty brand Purito, which contains the same peptides as Biologique Recherche’s $76 treatment — at a fifth of the price. The formula, which comes in a hefty bottle, has centella to target redness, glycerin to quench dehydration, and niacinamide to strengthen the skin’s barrier.

For the best friend who confuses sugar with salt

Encourage your best friend to straighten out their space (and avoid more savory-cake mishaps) with this uncomplicated label-maker, which has nine type styles and over 200 symbols. Beyond adding text to storage bins, tech gear, pantry items, and more, they can make personalized gift tags with fancy-looking fonts and frames.

Under $50

For the best friend whose style muse is (still) Carrie Bradshaw

Made from stretchy yet sturdy material, these Carrie Bradshaw–ish dolphin shorts can be worn practically anywhere —on morning walks in the park, during afternoon yoga, and even postpartum. Unlike other “casually hot” options, these have a high-rise cut and longer inseam for bending over without accidentally exposing oneself.

For the best friend who can’t ever zip up their checked bag

This pair of printed cube-shaped pouches will help your best friend efficiently organize their travel outfits instead of aimlessly filling their suitcase with piles of clothes. Beyond curbing your best friend’s urge to overpack, the brightly patterned material will make finding items at the bottom of their bag much easier.

For the best friend who always looks like they slept in their clothes

Even the fussiest of fabrics will surrender to this wrinkle-fighting machine, which is easy to maneuver, quick to heat up, and lets out a steady stream of steam (i.e., it won’t pose a burn hazard when your best friend uses it in a rush). The tiny tool also counts Uma Thurman’s stylist as a fan.

For the best friend who requests that your plans involve staying in

In my book, cozy items are typically foolproof, even if the recipient wouldn’t categorize themselves as a homebody — and these slipper socks will keep any best friend’s feet toasty as they shuffle from their bed to the couch. To complete the gift, I recommend pairing them with our top-rated pajamas from Eberjey, which are available in sets with pants or shorts for hot sleepers.

For the best friend who plots their every move

This Strategist-tested and -approved planner has light gridding on each page, so there’s plenty of space to jot down extra notes, write to-do lists, or even get some doodling in. And its hard-wearing cover will look just as good on December 31 as it did in January.

For the best friend who can’t stop DIYing Sandy Liang–inspired bows

Save them a trip to Michael’s by giving the gift of Slip’s hair scrunchies with pre-tied bows. They’re made from high-quality silk that won’t leave creases or damage your best friend’s processed ends.

For the best friend who only buys screw-cap vino

If they still break into a sweat while opening wine, ease their performance anxiety with this electric corkscrew that locks onto any bottle. It’s also T-Pain-approved.

For the best friend who’s freshly inked

This moisturizing balm contains olive oil and beeswax to soothe dryness and prevent scabbing, which makes it a great solution for healing tattoos. (Gracie Abrams also told us her best friend and college roommate introduced her to its ultranourishing power and melty texture.)

Under $100

For the best friend whose closet is Scandi-inspired

These surprisingly comfortable UGG clogs are better than Danskos because they feature removable inserts, a subtle cut below the ankle, and a weather-proof rubber sole that’s cushy enough for all-day wear. The minimal style (and stability) also means these shoes are made for trudging to the office or even happy hour.

For the best friend who hates flossing

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser
From $67
From $67

Best friends should tell each other when there’s food between their teeth, so why not help them remove some plaque, too? This dentist-approved water flosser has the strongest engine on the market and a 22-ounce tank that will allow your bestie to clean all those hard-to-reach places in one go.

For the best friend who calls you while getting ready for a date

True & Co. Any Wear Robe
From $84
From $84

Cozy and practical items typically make for a winning combination, which is why a supersoft robe will be an undeniable present for even the pickiest of best friends. I wear this True & Co. one almost daily and often find myself melting into my couch with it on after late-night showers.

For the best friend who only just got a bed frame

Umbra Hub Round Wall Mirror

If they haven’t gotten around to decorating their space, get them this Umbra mirror that a pair of professional home stagers have used for 600 jobs (and counting) because of its universal design and sturdy construction. It’s also under 20 pounds, so it requires only one nail to hang, which is a plus if your best friend prefers eyeballing it.

For the best friend who’s on an extended social-media break

Polaroid Go Instant Camera

A best friend who’s unplugged from social media will enjoy using this tiny instant camera that’s nearly impossible to mess up (it only has three buttons — power, flash, and shutter). Throw in a pack of film — and, if they’ve been extra deserving lately, maybe a scanner for when they inevitably return to Instagram.

For the best friend who already subscribes to Architectural Digest

Japanese Interiors

This coffee-table book makes a great gift for the best friend who’s an unabashed fan of celebrity home tours. Vogue Japan editor Mihoko Iida provides a glimpse into 28 private residences around Japan, some designed by the country’s top architects, such as Kengo Kuma, Nendo, Arata Endo, and Takamitsu Azuma.

For the best friend who’s fussy about fragrances

For the best friend with a sensitive nose, consider this clean-smelling scent from Lake & Skye that’s comparable to a fresh load of laundry. It even got Michelin-starred chef Missy Robbins to start wearing perfume.

For the best friend who doesn’t mix metals

With its chunky lock pendant and 18-inch chain, this necklace from Merewif offers a modern twist on classic friendship jewelry. Sharon Van Etten even gifted it to all the women who went on her bachelorette trip.

Under $200

For the best friend who complains about her apartment’s radiator

With Cozy Earth’s sweaty-sleeper-approved pajamas, your best friend will finally stay cool (and dry) through the night. The moisture-wicking fabric will be a big upgrade from the oversize cotton T-shirt they’ve been wearing to bed for years.

For the best friend who’s always on a roll

Inspire them to pick up a new hobby with these great entry-level roller skates from Melbourne-based brand Impala. The hybrid wheels will offer extra stability on patches of rough concrete, which a wobbly beginner will appreciate.

For the best friend who isn’t afraid of a little bit (or a lot) of spice

It’s pricey for a pepper mill, but professional chefs praise its heavy-duty construction and clever design that dispenses an “insane” volume of grinds with very little elbow grease.

For the best friend whose pet is their other best friend

This airline-friendly pet carrier can be converted from an everyday tote to a backpack, which allows your best friend to switch between modes while transporting their dog or cat. Along with a built-in collar clip, it comes with a detachable leash for when the two arrive at their destination.

Over $200

For the best friend who dabbles in edibles

This sleek cannabis infuser is the perfect appliance for the budding home chef. The device infuses botanicals into oil and butter and also has drying and decarboxylation capabilities, which makes the process of cooking with cannabis or hemp much easier than what you tried to do in high school that one time.

For the best friend who runs your book club


A “forgetful reader” will appreciate the Scribe because it allows users to drop sticky notes about why they’re highlighting a particular paragraph or sentence. There’s also a journaling feature with predesigned templates where your best friend can organize their thoughts in dedicated notebooks.

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A Gift for Every Type of Best Friend