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What Are the Best Pajamas for Women?

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While there’s nothing wrong with falling asleep in an oversize T-shirt, there’s something to be said for the luxury and style (especially for a weekend house or romantic getaway) of a dedicated pajama set. To find the very best, we talked with a slew of stylish women (artists, writers, and entrepreneurs) about their absolute favorite pajamas, from printed versions by Splendid and Dusen Dusen to silk and cotton blends you could wear out to brunch. Here, 12 women weigh in on the best pajamas no matter what you’re looking for.

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“I am such a huge pajama fanatic — in fact, a huge portion of my wardrobe is dedicated to sleeping. Sometimes my biggest struggle is getting out of my night clothes in the morning. Recently my favorite set is Splendid’s Gentle Tiger PJs. I was initially drawn to their classic style with the added bonus of the contemporary all-over tiger print. They are loose fitting, soft, and oh-so-comfortable. I’ve been guilty of throwing a large coat over these and going on about my daily routines. They are so lovely that no one seems to care they are pajamas, or maybe people are just too polite to say something. —Olivia Locher, photographer

“When I am just hanging out around my apartment, I am first and foremost a creature of comfort. So that means the cute jeans come off and all things cozy go on. I get really hot when I sleep so I always sleep in shorts. This little combo from ASOS is perfect because they not only suit my slumber habits, but the ruffle detail and the scripted “Sweet Dreams” still make me feel fashionable.” —Austen Tosone, assistant editor at Interview Magazine and style blogger at Keep Calm and Chiffon

“A few years ago, my husband and I went on a trip with another couple. The first morning, I stumbled into the kitchen, where my friend was making eggs in a classic pajama set. She looked so beautiful and elegant that I was immediately converted. Eberjey makes the softest, most buttery version — which, unlike the cotton ones, never wrinkle. Great for padding around at home and on trips.” —Joanna Goddard, Cup of Jo founder, from her “What I Can’t Live Without” list

Nairobi Pajama Set

“I’m really into Reformation’s Nairobi pajama set for a few reasons. It’s ultra-cozy and the fit is great, and more importantly, the brand’s dedication to environmentally conscious garment production is a big selling point too. This set of pajamas produced about half the amount of carbon dioxide and waste of a comparable item according to industry standard; it also saved over 2,000 gallons of water throughout its lifecycle. As an added bonus, the top could totally pass for part of an outfit.” —Céline Bossart, founder of travel series The Staycationers

“I usually wear whatever T-shirt I can find in my husband’s drawer after falling asleep in my clothes when putting the kids to bed but I did recently get a pair of Sleepy Jones from my mom, which I ended up just wearing outside the house.” —Casey Larkin Blond, owner and house label designer of Mr. Larkin

“This time last year, I was in the middle of a 31-Day PJ Challenge. Except it wasn’t fuzzy onesies and old, beloved sweatpants. Instead, I bet my former boss at Komar that I could style our company’s PJs (and make them look good in public) for 31 days straight. That meant wearing them to work, events, out with friends, etc. The experience gave me a new appreciation for stylish comfort. Because you shouldn’t be sleeping in old high-school tees, which is exactly what I had been doing before. My belief: Go to bed feeling like a sophisticated boss lady and you’ll wake up feeling the same way. I love the loose, lightweight fit of this Splendid pajama set. Comfy enough to sleep in, chic enough to wear out (especially if you’re a pajama dresser like me).” —Cat Corcoran, creative strategist at Mission and producer for The Staycationers

“I love the brand Hatch Collection. They have a cashmere onesie intelligently called ‘The Onesie.’ Although it’s not technically pajamas, I treat them as such because who doesn’t love something you can wear to the office, play with your toddler, and then also pass out in? As a CEO and busy mom, I have very little ‘me’ time, so I love clothes that are multifunctional and make you look and feel your best.” —Katerina Schneider, founder of Ritual

“I’m obsessed when it comes to matching PJs — especially if they are shorts. I’m about 5’3” so I’m neither petite nor average. I am currently loving the Gisele Short PJ Set by Eberjey. They are insanely soft, and wrinkle free. Perfect for short girls like me that have a hard time finding full-length bottoms that don’t drag all over the floor. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of rubbing your legs against the covers.” —Yuneida Gutierrez, social media associate at PINCHme

“Dusen Dusen’s loose, yet tailored silhouettes suit a nice range of body types, and it’s no secret that designer Ellen Van Dusen is a sort of color and pattern Yoda. As with anything Dusen Dusen, I can be in the foulest of temperaments, but as soon as I put on a pair of her jammies, my mood is instantly elevated. She’s made them in a handful of her brilliant, happy-making patterns, and I’m currently loving this set. The cropped PJ pants, in particular, are ideal for fellow short girls with their 26” inseam. I love an oversize Olsen-twins/Man Repeller-inspired look, but at 5’ small (on a good day), I don’t need to be tripping over my britches when I’m in my comfort zone.” —Camille Moroz, co-founder of STATURE

Editor’s Note: While the Dusen Dusen Pajama Set is sold out, there are still lounge pants available on their website.

“I’m not one for dainty, precious sleepwear. I particularly love my striped pajama set from COS. They’re super soft and comfy but also sturdy. I can spill all the coffee I want on them and just throw them in the washer/dryer. They’re presentable enough to wear to take out the trash or have a cup of morning joe with house guests and hosts when I’m traveling. I even wear them to the breakfast buffets at hotels. I get some side eye, but probably more for the furry slippers than the PJs.” —Sissy Sainte-Marie, stylist and fashion editor-at-large at Garmentory

Editor’s Note: While this particular Cos pajama set is sold out, we recommend this Cos pajama top and bottoms.

“In my teens, my go-to for pajamas were worn-in oversize T-shirts. The softer the better, even if they had holes in them — I prefer it to feel like I’m barely wearing anything. In my later years, I so wanted to be the person who wore chic pajama sets. I tried many, but could never find a pair that made me feel put-together and were actually comfortable to sleep in. At Snowe, we’re obsessed with practical luxury, so go figure. We recently partnered with Negative Underwear to pair our bedding with their Supreme Sleep Set and after checking them out during the shoot, I was totally hooked and bought a pair for myself. They’re buttery soft, light as air and don’t bunch up everywhere while I sleep, which is my pajama pet-peeve. I love the fresh, quintessential white. White PJs, on crisp white sheets? Nothing better.” —Rachel Cohen, co-founder of Snowe

“Creating PJs for ‘Jess’ has been a personal joy. They are all based on men’s style pajamas with piped collar and cuffs. We take a traditional style and use untraditional fabrics that reflect her character. I have also used a Victoria’s Secret PJ, on occasion, as well as Steven Alan. My personal taste is very untraditional but my favorite pajamas are always the most traditional: black, navy, or jewel-tone men’s style pajamas in cotton or silk. Julian Schnabel’s ex-wife Olatz does it right with her line ‘Olatz.’ Styled to perfection and luscious colors. Price point is steep but might be worth it!” —Debra McGuire, costume designer for New Girl

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What Are the Best Pajamas for Women?