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The Best Personal Blenders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have ​People’s Choice​, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item ​here​.) 

And while we’ve written about  lots of kitchen gadgets — including the best blenders, the best immersion blenders, and the best single-serve coffee makers — here, we’ve rounded up the best personal blenders, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated personal blender

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

“This thing is the BOMB, and it’s a workhorse,” says one of the 5,500 reviewers who gave this blender a five-star rating. “The first time I used it after blending for a couple seconds my husband was concerned that I had forgotten the ice, because he couldn’t hear it in the blender,” says another reviewer. “It had crushed the ice so quickly that he thought I left it out.” While many people praise the NutriBullet for its smoothie-making ability, that’s not all they say it can do, especially when you use the included grinder and milling attachments. “Get creative and use your NutriBullet to make your own pasta sauces, ice cream, almond milk, hummus, nut butter, and even guacamole,” encourages one reviewer. “It even grinds coffee beans,” says another. Other reviewers had good experiences grinding flax seeds, cashews, and oats.

Best-rated (less expensive) blender

One reviewer put their blender to the test on the first day: “I filled half of the bottle with rock-hard frozen fruit chunks, then added peanut butter, yogurt, and milk. The result was a perfectly blended smoothie with no hint of unbroken fruits, chunks, or peanut butter.” They compared the blender to a Vitamix, only “ten times cheaper, smaller, and easier to use.” The real key is not overloading it. “I always make sure 50 percent of the bottle is liquid, fill the rest + ice, blend for short bursts with some shaking in between,” one reviewer suggests. “Less than two minutes, I have my morning protein shake, nice and chilly.” Dozens of reviewers are also impressed with how compact this machine is. One even packs it in their suitcase.

And now for some micro-picks of every type of personal blender you might be looking for.

Best portable personal blender

Portable Glass Smoothie Blender

The rechargeable battery on this blender makes it perfect for travel. “My boyfriend and I have been traveling around the country in our car and we LOVE this blender,” says one reviewer. “We brought all of our dry smoothie ingredients with us and just mix it with water. We were so impressed the first time we used it because it blended up our smoothie with a whole banana in about three seconds. I can honestly say that it works better than our big kitchen blender.” You charge the blender via a USB port, which one reviewer confirms is safe and effective: “The USB port is covered so water doesn’t get into it and it’s fully charged in three to five hours and after a week of using it I have only needed to charge once.”

Best automatic personal blender

If you’re looking for a hands-off way to make smoothies, this personal blender is automatic. “You can click the button and it’ll stop, start, and pulse all on its own so you can walk away and continue getting ready for a minute or two while it blends the perfect smoothie,” explains one reviewer. There are even suction cups to hold the blender to the table while it works. One downside in many reviews is how loud this machine gets — “Like drive your pets away, wake up the entire house, neighbors calling the police loud” — but most are willing to overlook that for how powerful the blender is. So powerful that, in frozen drinks, “you don’t even feel the ice crystals at all, it is so smooth, it reminds me of the real Icee, versus a slushie of other brands.”

Best personal blender for baby food

Magic Bullet Blender
From $46

Although one fifth of reviewers mention smoothies in their reviews, a few dozen think this blender is particularly good for making baby food. (Some mention both: “We use it at least once a week for smoothies or sometimes we blend the food for our baby and toddler,” says one reviewer.) The size is another plus. “Bought this to toss into a diaper bag and take with us to blend food for our baby whenever needed,” says another. And it lasts: “I decided to buy the Bullet brand again because that baby bullet lasted over two years and we used it multiple times a day to make smoothies for my toddler,” says one repeat-buying parent.

Best personal blender for green smoothies


Reviewers agree that this blender is a beast for liquefying leafy greens. “This Ninja personal blender actually does a better job on my green smoothies than the full-size Ninja,” says one reviewer. “Greens are completely blended with no pieces at all. The greens just disappear into the drink.” Another customer, who compares this blender to a Vitamix and clearly had a bad experience with an old Oster, says that it “pulverizes greens with fruit and powders much finer than Oster personal blender that failed.” Another reviewer swears that this blender “could pulverize rocks.” Although for now they use it for fruit-and-vegetable smoothies.

Best personal blender for crushing ice

Ninja Personal Blender

More than 10 percent of reviewers think this blender, with its 700-watt motor, is particularly good at crushing ice, whether you’re making “snow” or “very fine Margarita-type consistency.” One reviewer even calls the Ninja “life changing.” Why? “I can put large chunks of ice, frozen berries, kale, spinach, anything and it completely pulverized it into a smoothie.” Reviewers also appreciate that you can drink right out of the blender cup: “That means less dirty dishes.”

Best personal blender for shakes

COSORI Upgraded Personal Blender

“This 800-watt personal blender completely pulverizes everything with a few pulses to make the smoothest smoothies ever,” one reviewer writes, but about 10 percent of reviewers say this is good at making shakes, too. “I have both Vitamix and Blendtec blenders, and this personal Cosori has become my favorite for shakes,” one reviewer writes as they have been able to “easily blend shakes with all kinds of ingredients, including frozen fruit, ice, chocolate chips, etc. It blends really well and leaves the shake smooth with no pieces of any kind.” One reviewer uses this to make “good, thick milk shakes and malts” and another made a smoothie “so thick I needed a straw and I was able to use a straw ’til it melted a little.” Just don’t drop anything green in there: “It sucked for green smoothies, it’s original intention of use, but used it instead to make protein shakes,” says one customer.

Best easy-to-clean personal blender

No matter what reviewers have made in this blender — smoothies, tomato soup, protein powder — more than 25 percent of them mention the ease of cleanup, and a few chalk it up to the included bottle brush. One says, “The brush is a very helpful inclusion as it’s a skinny and deep bottle, which would be a little difficult to clean without it,” They add, “The system is also easy to clean compared to other blender systems (specifically my Ninja) as all you have to clean is the bottle and the blade part, which is less than other blenders.”

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The Best Personal Blenders, According to Reviews