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What Are the Best Silk Pajamas for Women?

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailers

There’s something so glamorous — and comfortable — about the idea of slipping into silk just to go to bed. But for most people, an old T-shirt and ratty (but beloved) soft pants do the job of pajamas just fine, and venturing into the world of matching silk sets can be intimidating. To help you dip your toes into what is definitely a luxury market, we spoke to lingerie experts, boutique owners, and all-around stylish women about their favorites.

Best $150-and-under silk pajamas

Photo: retailer

According to Cora Harrington of the Lingerie Addict, “U.K. luxury loungewear label Violent & Wren creates some of the best prints, and their silk is incredibly lush — plush, sumptuous, and soft to the touch — just like what you’d expect from silk PJs.” We’re partial to stripes, and this pair of silk shorts is currently on sale for $73 — a (relatively) reasonable price for silk.

Vince Dotted Satin Pajama Pant

If you prefer silk pajama pants, Catbird creative director Leigh Plessner recommends this pair from Vince, which she says work just as well out in the world as they do for bedtime. “I love wearing black silk pajama pants under dresses or with my husband’s disintegrating Radiohead T-shirts,” Plessner says. “The elastic waistband was really helpful when I was pregnant, and honestly, still now. They’re pretty, comfortable, nonjudgmental pants.”

Photo: retailer

Lingerie industry expert Ellen Lewis of Lingerie Briefs says Skin is one of her go-to brands for silk loungewear. This camisole from the brand has some stretch, making the slightly fitted cut more comfortable. We think this one would be just as good to have on hand for layering under blouses and sweaters as it would be for wearing on its own to sleep in.

Lewis also told us about Australian company Ginia, which makes pieces on the more affordable end of the silk spectrum. This chemise comes in black and white as well and, like the Skin camisole, would work as well as a layering piece, as it would a luxurious bedtime option.

Best under-$250 silk pajamas

Photo: Courtesy the vendor

When we tested machine-washable silks, Lunya’s silk tee set turned out to be one of our favorites, both for its flattering cut and how well the material looked after it emerged from the wash. We’re not alone in our Lunya fanship: Sarah Flint, the executive chairman and creative director of Sarah Flint shoes, says that she loves the silk tee set from Lunya as well. “The oversized tee is so comfortable,” she says. “I also love that this set doesn’t require hand washing and can be thrown in the machine.” Sky Ting yoga instructor Kate Posch told us Lunya is her go-to for silk pajamas, as well. “Lunya makes the best silk jammies around,” says Posch. “Feels like you’re wearing nothing — I wish I could wear them out in the world.”

If you prefer your machine-washable silk in a slip style, take note from Jennifer J. Matchett, founder and designer of Machete Jewelry, who says this silk piece is worth the investment. “It’s currently in my weekly rotation, and the fact that it’s washable makes it even easier to pop on over and over again,” she says. The piece has pockets — a true rarity for a silk slip — and could easily be worn on its own or layered with a T-shirt (or under a cardigan) out of the house.