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The Best Gifts for Cannabis Enthusiasts, According to Cannabis Enthusiasts

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Finding the right gift for a loved one who has a more … commercial hobby (cooking, crafting, reading) can be overwhelming enough. But if that loved one enjoys partaking in something more niche, like cannabis, and you do not, the task can be even more challenging. Still, as cannabis influencer Hashley explains, the growing legalization movement has led to a rise in novel, delightful, and practical stuff for cannabis users, so “you don’t need to scramble to the gas station at the midnight hour to buy a poorly made plastic bong and cheap papers.” To find the best of the best cannabis-related gifts, we asked Hashley and 17 other enthusiasts — including educators and influencers and notable tokers — about their favorite gifts for folks like themselves. Below, their 37 recommendations, which range from smokable floral arrangements, to an edible-making machine, to a display-worthy water pipe (all of which are available to ship nationwide).

Smoking paraphernalia to gift

According to Gossamer co-founder Verena von Pfetten, “I can’t think of a better stoner present than one of these moss- or fern-colored beauties from Greens Girl Co.” The pipes are available in both “an offbeat bendy shape that looks like it would be supremely comfortable to hold as well as a more straightforward and softly rounded oblong style,” she explains, adding that Greens Girl Co, which was founded by environmental activist Leah Thomas, donates 7 percent of proceeds from each pipe sold to the Cannabis Innovation Fund and Intersectional Environmentalist. So “your gift goes to a good cause, too,” von Pfetten concludes.

For a recent birthday, Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno received this banana-shaped pipe from luxury smoking-accessories line Flower by Edie Parker. “The best part about it is the more you use it, the more ‘rotten’-looking it gets, which is a helpful reminder for keeping it clean,” he notes. Even though it looks quite whimsical, the shape is still very functional: “It recalls using a classic pipe,” due to the longer body and placement of the carb, he says.

“When consuming my ganja, I always enjoyed the process of rolling and smoking a joint — until I came across Laundry Day,” says Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi, co-editor of High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture. “This slick Canadian brand,” he says, makes a range of blown-glass hand pipes in interesting shapes, all of which he describes as beautiful. His favorite, however, is the Tanjun Pipe, which “reminds me of the Jantar Mantar observatory in Jaipur.”

A bit more portable and discreet, this one-hitter is a favorite of Kassia Graham, the director of national projects and social media at Cannaclusive. She calls it a “much-needed update of the classic” accessory. The one-hitter has an anodized-aluminum body with a chic matte-black finish, and the brand throws in an odorproof resealable Mylar bag and a childproof reusable plastic carrying case with every purchase. The icing on the cake? “You can customize your little friend with up to 30 characters,” adds Graham.

If your giftee prefers water pipes, two of our experts recommended this sleek option from Elevate Jane. “The Mimi is a water pipe that makes a statement without trying too hard,” says Graham, who adds that “it’s so chic you’ll want to show it off even when it’s not in use.” Datrianna Meeks, the founder of Up in Smoke, agrees, telling us she loves the “modern look and double percolators” that provide “smooth, flavorful hits.”

For something more high-tech to smoke with, cannabis writer Brittany Parker, a self-described “PAX stan,” suggests the brand’s vaporizer, which can be used for both bud and concentrates. “It’s not the smallest vaporizer, but it easily survives my clumsiness and is discreet enough that I can use it without anyone noticing.” While the vaporizer would be a splurge, Parker says she used an older PAX for more than seven years before upgrading to this one, so it would be a gift that lasts.

Both Marta Freedman, co-founder of Nice Paper and Dieux skin care, and comedy writer Caroline Goldfarb, who runs Instagram’s @officialseanpenn and is a co-founder of tinned-fish company Fishwife, love this gilded grinder. Freedman simply calls it “the star of my coffee table,” and, according to Goldfarb, “the national nightmare that is un-aesthetically-pleasing cannabis accessories is now over, thanks to this simply stunning, stacked gold grinder.” Freedman particularly likes that it’s larger than a standard grinder, telling us “it’s perfect for entertaining” if your quarantine pod members also like to partake. “It’s a must for your friend who likes to indulge in the Devil’s Lettuce (not Sweetgreen — weed),” Goldfarb concludes.

Hashley says she’s “absolutely obsessed” with this silicone MouthPeace from Moose Labs, which contains “a replaceable carbon filter that can fit over any bong, vape, joint, or dab rig.” Not only does the mouthpiece improve the quality of how weed tastes, it also filters out tar residue, she explains. “My lungs are a happy camper.”

This “clean, classy, and extremely high-quality” accessory set is on the 2020 wish list of none other than etiquette guru Emily Post’s great-great granddaughter Lizzie Post, co-president at the Emily Post Institute and the author of Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, From Dispensaries to Dinner Parties. “The lighters alone had me,” Post says of the kit from Pennsylvania-based Rogue Paq, which also includes a stainless-steel clip-slash-packing tool, matchbooks, two storage vials, hemp rolling papers, trimming scissors, a grease pencil for labeling, and a handsome leather case to store it all in.

If your recipient needs a more sophisticated place “to stash their stash,” Post loves these little jars from Los Angeles–based Apothecarry, a shop “where discretion and practicality meet luxury and class,” she says. Nice enough to leave out on display, they’ll also keep your “sticky-icky sticky and not icky,” she promises.

Brett Heyman, the founder of Flower by Edie Parker, told us this is her “favorite pre-roll holder” and “go-to gift for a flower enthusiast.” There are many things to like about it, she adds, including that “it’s great-looking, the perfect size, and odorproof.”