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47 Gifts Under $10 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift for it to be thoughtful. And if you know where to look, you can find plenty of budget-friendly options to delight every single person on your list. Shopping for the someone who gets competitive about their crosswords? There’s a book for them. For the friend who keeps prodding you to follow them on TikTok? There’s an FYP-approved microphone for them. There are even more than a few hyper-specific gifts you can buy for the tween who’s obsessed with anime or the grandpa who’s into gardening. To save you the time it takes to find something exceptional (and affordable) for your BFF, your Secret Santa, your nephew, and your brother’s new dog, we pulled together a list of 47 gifts for all of the above recipients and everyone in between. They’re all under $10, even if they don’t look like it. Each gift has been chosen because someone on our team of knowledgeable and stylish experts has actually tried and loved it — or thinks it would make an incredible gift for someone with incredibly specific taste. And to make things even easier, everything here is available on Amazon (with a few items available elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around).

Food and drink

For the person who refuses to stir their nut butter

It’s such a pain to fight with a jar of separated peanut or almond butter. But this one, from a brand that chefs love, comes ready to spread and is made from just two ingredients.

For the geologist with a sweet tooth

Get them this cheeky pack of realistic-looking rock-shaped chocolates that are as yummy as they are fun.

For the tea drinker who’s caffeine-free

Nicole Dennis-Benn, author of Patsy, says this caffeine-free herbal tea is the best she’s found “for long days and nights of writing.”

For the person who prefers matcha

Actor Michael Zegen told us about this sweetened, just-add-milk matcha-latte powder, which he says has become a “morning ritual.”

For the person who always hosts movie night

Flavacol Popcorn Seasoning

Author Jenny Han says this is what you need to bring the authentic movie-theater experience home. Just a three-quarter teaspoon of this flavored salt, and “you’ll swear that you’re at the movies,” she says.

For the candy collector

Strategist writer Dominique Pariso and actor Debi Mazar love these retro violet candies, which Mazar says “were popular in New York City in the 1940s.” Pariso remembers that “My mom always kept a pack in her purse,” and notes that “While mints serve a purpose, Violets are just for pleasure.”

For the charcuterist

This English jam, which Strategist contributor Jancee Dunn includes in gourmet gift baskets, can be spread on toast, muffins, pastries, and cheese.

Beauty and self-care

For the person whose lips are chapped

According to Meena Harris, this lip balm simply “gets the job done.” Plus, it’s unscented and flavorless.

For the person whose feet are chapped

Strategist deals editor Sam Daly promises that this much less expensive Baby Foot dupe is just as good — if not better — than the original.

For the night owl


A cooling eye mask for relieving dry eyes, headaches, and stress.

For the person who tinkers with tinctures

They’ll appreciate the immunity-boosting supplement that celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo takes almost every day.

For the European-drugstore fan

If they stock up on French micellar water, they’ll love this bright-pink British toothpaste that tastes like “if Fernet Branca were spiked with the most delicate whisper of spearmint.” Strategist contributor Angela Serratore wrote that she “requested (and received) a stocking filled with Euthymol” for Christmas.

For the high-schooler growing out their hair

We’ve been told by teen girls that butterfly hair clips are one of the (many) ’90s accessories they’d want to receive as a gift.

For the person with a superior sense of smell

Gift them the incense Piper Perabo burns when she’s traveling to make her hotel room “feel familiar and homey.”

For the person who’d rather be getting a massage

It’s not a jjimjilbang (Korean spa), but these exfoliating gloves are recommended by TikTokers for leaving your skin “baby soft.”

For the person with a dewy complexion

If they haven’t tried it, they’ll appreciate the intro. If they already have some, they’ll be glad for the backup.

Kitchen, office, and garden gifts

For the cook who likes a good char

This scrubber, recommended by WNYC host John Schaefer, will help them return their trusty cast iron to its pre-searing state.

For the plant parent

Photo: Retailer

This cute plant mister will help keep their green babies alive.

For the all-seasons gardener

Photo: Retailer

If they perfected their tomato plantings over the summer, now they can try their hand at an indoor-friendly crop like arugula, which can handle frequent pruning, per urban agriculture professor Melissa Metrick.

For the pen snob

We noticed this handsome Pilot V Sign Pen in Sofia Coppola’s first-ever Instagram post. Based on the photo, it seems the director has been using it to annotate the script for her upcoming Priscilla Presley biopic. That’s all the endorsement we need, and it would make a great gift.

For the scissors snob


Finding a pair of extra-sharp scissors that work well for sewing, trimming bangs, and grooming little dogs isn’t easy. But that’s exactly what we discovered in these.

For the baker

An indispensable baking tool recommended by Dessert Person author Claire Saffitz, this sturdy offset spatula will help them level up their cake decorating.

For the baker who drives a pickup

Cookies shaped like pine trees and reindeer are cool, but have you ever made cookies shaped like a vintage pickup trucks?

For the artist in the family

Blank watercolor-paper postcards for the person who spends every vacation painting by the pool.

For the compulsive notetaker

A notebook that multiple Strategist staffers love, in a size they can carry around in their pocket.

Kids and pets

For the kid who helps around the house

Quite possibly the cutest gift you can give a child who likes to do chores with Mom and Dad. These gloves will keep their hands protected from twigs or splinters while letting them feel like a big kid.

For the toddler who complains about “long” car rides

This adorable apple-shaped lacing toy was featured in our guide to the best wooden toys as a perfect distraction for kids who get restless at restaurants, on planes, and in the car.

For the Naruto fan

This key chain featuring Naruto as a mini-bobblehead is the perfect addition to any middle-school kid’s backpack.

For the fidgeter

This toy — which twists into dozens of different shapes — will keep them busy for hours and will also look cool on their desk.

For the new baby in the family

For the new kitten in the family

A rainbow wand singer-songwriter Judy Collins, owner of three Persian cats, recommends, telling us she loves to pull it behind her “so that the cats will chase me.”

For the new dog in the family

From $9

This toy makes your dog problem-solve for a treat and is a great bet for anyone with a new puppy.

For the kid who’s into puzzles

Strategist senior editor Winnie Yang recommended this New York–themed mini-puzzle in our guide to the best stocking stuffers. She and her kids return to it often.

Books and entertainment

For the subway obsessive

Strategist writer Lauren Ro named this classic book by David Macaulay, which illustrates the entire underground network of a made-up city, as one that would send her subway-loving toddler “into a tizzy.” But according to her, it’s just as fun to look at for adults as it is kiddos.

For the person who’s an aspiring TikTok influencer

Photo: retailer

Gift them one of these mini-microphones that some of TikTok’s most well-known creators use in their videos.

For the repentant corner folder

These kitty-shaped magnetic page markers help prevent dog-eared pages.

For the game-night regular

If you want to impress the biggest game nerds you know, get them this German card game that Strategist writer Erin Schwartz says “scales well to the skill level and competitiveness of its players.”

For the D&D enthusiast

Photo: Retailer

This set of polyhedral dice, needed to play Dungeons & Dragons, was described to us as “the most beautiful object I’ve ever seen in my life.”

For the at-home barista

Photo: retailer

This book was recommended by experts as a guide to “rules any coffee enjoyer should know” that still avoids “circa-2013-and-earlier hipster coffee culture.”

For the cookbook devotee

Tripar Postcard Stand

This affordable cookbook holder from our gift guide for writers will help clear important counter space so they can prepare their next feast. (It can also be used for an iPad in a pinch.)

For the cruciverbalist

Personal accessories

For the unorganized dad

Help him keep the barn keys separate from the boat keys with this set of four handsome leather keychains.

For the co-worker with kawaii style

If they love designer fruit- and veg-shaped jewelry, these realistic strawberry earrings are a fun option.

For the person who watches TV (on their phone) in bed

Doctors say that wearing blue-light-blocking glasses at night can help you get better sleep after staring at a screen all day, and this pair is a solid pick with more than 1,000 five-star reviews.

For the person with a miles-long podcast queue

If they’re like most of the college-age people we’ve spoken to, they already own a pair of AirPods, and this cute, Vaseline-shaped case doubles as a keychain for keeping track of them.

For the gym rat

Whether it’s a gift for an adult or a middle-schooler, a six-pack of comfy athletic socks is always super useful.

For the person who hates schlepping a bag

$9 for 3

This convenient wallet with adhesive backing helps streamline your daily carry.

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47 Gifts Under $10 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)