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50 Gifts Under $10 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift for it to be thoughtful. And if you know where to look and what to look for, you can find plenty of budget-friendly options to delight every single person on your list. We’ve saved you the trouble of searching for something special (and affordable) with suggestions below, each of which has been handpicked by one of our discerning writers or editors or is an item we’ve written about before. And to make gifting even easier, everything here is available on Amazon.

Food and drink

For the spouse who likes their caffeine without the coffee

They’ll be able to make their own matcha lattes at home. This is the one that actress Brenda Song prefers.

For the rock-hound

Get them this cheeky pack of realistic-looking rock-shaped chocolates that are as yummy as they are fun.

For the salt fanatic


The preferred salt of many chefs and bakers for its large, delightfully crunchy, pinchable flakes and the not-too-salty savory zing it gives to everything they sprinkle it on.

For the at-home barista

Beauty and self-care

For the friend with fidgety hands

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These rings stimulate certain parts of your fingers and, “according to Chinese-reflexology charts, can help with both physical and mental issues,” writes Strategist contributor Yana Shept. Plus they just feel really good.

For the friend who likes their products to be all-natural

This balm — made from shea butter, beeswax, and other natural ingredients — adds a bit of subtle color to their lips.

For the uncle who needs some help relaxing

This massager has a head-tingling effect.

For the traveler whose skin is always glowing

This carry-on–friendly toner has hyaluronic acid, which is great for keeping skin hydrated.

For the mellow one in the friend group

They probably don’t need any help chilling out, but you can give them some tools to make their relaxation time even better. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill calls this the “ultimate rolling paper.”

For the co-worker who’s always moisturizing

Urbana Exfoliating Gloves

The first step is scrubbing all the dead skin off.

For the night owl


Give them some relief from headaches, stress, or dry eyes.

For the brother with razor burn

An exceptionally long-lasting tube that won’t leave skin feeling tight. “No nicks, no irritation, no accidental shearing of the epidermis like thin-sliced deli turkey,” writes Strategist contributor David Walters.

For the friend who’s trying to go plastic free

These biodegradable toothbrushes have charcoal-infused heads that help fight tooth-staining ingredients and bad breath.

For the makeup-obsessed niece

This is the best dupe of Dior’s TikTok-famous Lip Glow Oil, says Strategist beauty columnist Rio Viera-Newton.

For the fashionable pal who loves color


These colorful, realistic-looking strawberry earrings are sure to earn a compliment or two.

For the person with a dewy complexion

A quick mist to the face can be a refreshing way to pause and get centered when life feels overwhelming; you probably know a friend or two who can relate. “I use it as a reset button during a tedious, overwhelming, or high-concentration day,” writes actress Tavi Gevinson.

For the friend who considers bath time sacred

This is a great tool for dry-brushing, which can help with lymphatic circulation, and comes recommended by Hailee Steinfeld.

For the neighbor who’s always complaining about cooking smells

Lighting some of this incense will fill their place with a homey, comforting fragrance. Actress Piper Perabo takes it with her when she’s traveling so she can burn it in her hotel room.

For the nomad who’s hard on their clothes

A sewing kit lets them fix things in a pinch.

For the clumsy friend

These colorful bandages are sure to make them feel better in more ways than one.

Kitchen, office, and garden

For the friend who likes to keep it funky

This trippy mushroom nightlight changes colors every five seconds.

For the friend who likes toast with their breakfast

No more burning their fingers while making breakfast.

For the collector of clever tools

This lightweight can opener works quickly and efficiently and is beloved by many chefs for its simple, effective design. Chef Natasha Pickowicz notes that it’s the rare can opener that works well if you’re left-handed.

For the co-worker who loves a salad

For the cooking enthusiast

This manual knife-sharpener will help them keep their edge.

For the home cook with a tiny galley kitchen

YLYL Steamer Basket

A collapsible steamer basket that’s a favorite of cookbook author Carla Lalli Music.

For the chef who likes a fancy garnish

Matiz Piparra Peppers

These pickled peppers are a special Basque variety that can level up their sandwiches, pizzas, and salads.

For the friend who’s still learning about wine

A device that removes all the oxygen from an open bottle so they can save leftover wine to enjoy later.

For the lefty

A pack of pens that won’t leave smudges all over them or the page.

For the aunt who loves to send handwritten notes

These pens “make anyone’s handwriting instantly look fancier,” says stationery expert Caroline Weaver.

For the bullet-journaling co-worker

Each of these Japanese highlighters is a pleasure to use because of the “unfailing juiciness, flexible tip, and the fact that it’s actually smudgeproof over water-based ink,” says Weaver.

For the brother-in-law who appreciates a good multi-tool

Give him a pen that works as a ruler and a Phillips screwdriver, too.

For the sister who likes to knit on the go


These compact scissors are small enough to meet TSA approval.

For the friend with a birding Instagram account

This mount will turn their binoculars into a smartphone lens attachment; now they won’t have to use digital zoom to snap a good pic of that elusive hummingbird.

For the husband with a desk of messy cables

For the planner of the family …

Kids and pets

For the new baby in the family

The colorful, interwoven loops of this teething toy keep babies mesmerized and are easy for tiny hands to grasp and manipulate. Bonus: The rattle is on the quieter side.

For the kid who won’t stop stealing your ChapStick

For the kid who likes to spend Saturdays at the zoo

For the crafty kid

These child-friendly scissors come in a variety of colors and can make wavy and saw-toothed cuts.

For the little builder

This LEGO set packs a lot of playtime into a tiny package with bricks that can transform into three different creatures.

For the kid who’s up for a game anytime

A matching game that’s portable, fast-moving, and fun.

For the pencil-tapper and pen-twirler

These erasers are “like puzzles they can put together and take apart,” says Strategist writer Lauren Ro.

For the pup who loves to play fetch

This squeaky ball can keep their energetic dog entertained while they’re working from home or during a day of fetch at the dog park.

For the new pup

This rope toy is perfect for teething puppies and can help floss their teeth while they play.

For the kid who likes old-school toys

For the new kitten in the family

It’s the perfect shape for them to chew on, snuggle with, and kick around.

Books and entertainment

For the couple who love game night


This luck-based dice game is one that Strategist contributor Steven John loves to play with his wife over a glass of wine. (It’s one that kids can join in on, too.)

For the friend who loves a good mystery

For the friend who lives for game night

A cheeky take on the Mafia game that’s friendly to players of all skill levels.

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50 Gifts Under $10 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)