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41 Gifts Under $10 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailers.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift for it to be thoughtful. There are plenty of budget-friendly options that still show you care and that you’re paying attention. For the person who gets competitive about their crossword times? There’s a book for them. For the friend who keeps asking you to follow them on TikTok? There’s a FYP-approved microphone for them, too. We found 41 gifts for these folks and everyone in between — all under $10 and all available on Amazon.

For the person hosting movie night

They might already have the big screen and comfy seats, but author Jenny Han says this is what you need to bring the authentic movie-theater experience home. Just a three-quarter teaspoon of this flavored salt, and “you’ll swear that you’re at the movies,” she says.

For the person whose lips are always chapped

According to Meena Harris, this simply “gets the job done.” Plus it’s unscented and flavorless.

For your bookish friend

Book critic Christian Lorentzen recommends “poet laureate of the internet age” Patricia Lockwood’s memoir Priestdaddy, which he describes as “heartbreaking when it isn’t hilarious.”

For the wine lover

This set of glasses, paired with their favorite bottle of wine, will make the perfect gift.

For the plant parent

This cute little mister will help keep all their succulents alive.

For the would-be florist

They can display their new blooms in this minimalist vase.

For the busy co-worker

NEWGO Cooling Eye Mask

A cooling eye mask for relieving (screen induced) dry eyes, headaches, and stress.

For the gardener

Since they perfected their tomato plantings over the summer, now they can try their hand at an indoor-friendly crop like arugula, which can handle frequent pruning, per urban agriculture professor Melissa Metrick.

For the workout buddy

Now they can take the Class to the next level with these ankle weights, which we dubbed the “breakout stars of quarantine workouts.”

For the VSCO girl at heart

A pack of multicolored velvet scrunchies will stay in constant rotation.

For the friend who wants to be a TikTok influencer

This TikTok-approved massaging-and-cleansing shampoo brush makes it feels like you’re “going to the salon for a blowout.” (And maybe they can even make a TikTok about it.)

For the friend who’s already a TikTok influencer

Photo: retailer

Gift them one of these mini microphones that some of TikTok’s most famous creators use in their videos.

For the new parents

A hand-embroidered, fox-shaped pillow to display on their child’s bed.