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39 Gifts Under $5 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

You might not be able to go above and beyond right now, but sending a little something to a loved one could be the pick-me-up they need. A small gift for a holiday, birthday, or just because will certainly be appreciated — and cheap doesn’t have to mean “careless.” We’ve rounded up more than 30 exceptionally thoughtful gifts under $5 (some practical, some not so much) that you can give while staying on budget.

The certified plant mom in your life will be proud to wear this.

This AirPod-case cover also comes with a carabiner and strap, so you can secure it on the go.

The perfect trinket for your most caffeinated pal.

For the person who likes their drink a little stronger than coffee.

These on-trend sunglasses definitely qualify as cheap-but-expensive-looking.

Same goes for this pair of gold-plated hoops. They’re stylish, have a sterling-silver base, and are hypoallergenic all for under $5.

Photo: retailer

This model-approved notebook is ideal for your friend who likes to journal.

For the person who desperately needs a new indoor hobby, there’s always beading. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll return the favor by making you a friendship bracelet.

For the person looking to up their skin-care routine before Hot Girl Summer 2.0.

Gua Sha Facial Tools

If they want to advance their routine even more, they can use this gua sha tool to help the mask sink into their skin.

For the person who loves going to the farmers’ market.


The aspiring beauty blogger in your life can put this on to keep their hair out of the way while they do their (rather involved) skin-care routine.

The home chef will appreciate this food thermometer to make sure their meals are exactly right.

For the friend who picked up yoga during the pandemic.

And for the friend who picked up jogging during the pandemic. In this waist belt’s expandable pockets, they can keep their phone and keys within arm’s reach.

This classic children’s book is a perfect gift for new grandparents.