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No Snack Satisfies Me Quite Like This Slurpable (Slightly Chewy) Jelly

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Finding new things to snack on is not only a hobby but a passion that verges on raison d’être. My philosophy is the bolder in texture and flavor, the better. Shredded-squid jerky, wasabi-seaweed chips, nooch-covered popcorn, and smoked rainbow trout (from my brand Fishwife) are just four things in my current rotation. But none of these, nor anything I’ve munched on before, is quite like the snack I now eat the most — pouches of a sweet, jiggly jelly with a consistency that’s like watery Jell-O.

I first encountered the product watching food-diary vlogs from Japanese and Korean YouTubers, content I often turn to for snacking and cooking inspiration. Then I noticed it on shelves at the Asian grocery stores I shop at in Los Angeles. Intrigued, I did more research before buying a bunch of pouches from the brand Everydaze. They’ve since become a go-to when my sweets cravings hit hardest, which is typically during the post-lunch afternoon slump. The jelly is so refreshing — liquidy to the point that it’s almost slurpable, with a slight chew. The screw-top pouches it comes in make me feel a bit like I am eating high-end baby food. Keeping those pouches in the fridge is a must because they’re most sublime when chilled.

You can get the jelly in a bunch of flavors; I’ve tried peach, green grape, mango, and cola. I’m a green-grape queen myself, but the mango and peach are wonderful. The cola isn’t bad, I’m just not a big fan of cola-flavored things. Fresh from the fridge, you’ll have to really squeeze one a few times to get the sweet, chunky gel flowing into your mouth. But, once you do, I promise it is a wholly gratifying endeavor. By the time I finish a pouch, I always feel satisfied.

The jelly, according to the brand, is vegan and has no sugar. Called konjac jelly, it is made from the root of konjac plants and considered an alternative to gelatin. Konjac jelly is said to have no calories; the pouches contain more than that, but not a lot — each flavor I’ve tried has just ten calories. No matter the flavor, the jelly is sweetened with a chemically derived sugar substitute called erythritol that gives it a bit of an artificial taste. I don’t mind this nor do I have any qualms about such sugars (my body seems to thrive on them), but I’d steer clear if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing. Everydaze fortifies the jelly with actually healthy ingredients like vitamin C — and purportedly healthy ones like collagen, a supplement you’ve probably seen popping up in various powders, protein bars, and on Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram feed. Ingestible collagen products promise to promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints, but experts say these benefits are understudied. I’ve added collagen powder to my coffee for years and now slam these pouches on the reg; neither has resulted in any noticeable side effects except for that full feeling I can get (a sensation that eating collagen is said to trigger). Like the jelly, the collagen Everydaze uses is also vegan: The company claims it is derived from carrots. I don’t know how they did it, but bless them for figuring it out.

More flavors of Everydaze konjac jelly

These flavors — which I haven’t tried — have only five calories in each pouch.

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No Snack Satisfies Me Quite Like This Slurpable Jelly