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​​The Best Cannabis Infusers, According to Experts

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Whether the recent legalization of cannabis in New York has inspired you to start experimenting in the kitchen or you’re a seasoned space brownie baker, a cannabis infuser can help make your at-home cooking and baking projects a lot easier. “Using the stovetop is probably the most common method for creating infusions at home, but you do have to watch for inconsistent heating and need to keep a close eye on the infusion until it’s done cooking (which can sometimes be around three hours or more),” explains Jamie Evans, the Herb Somm and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD and Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD & THC Beverages at Home. Cannabis infusers, on the other hand, take the guesswork out of infusing, contain odor, and allow you to set a timer and walk away as the machine does the work. To find the best cannabis infusers, we asked Evans and ten other cannabis experts for their favorites, including an affordable option that looks like a Scandinavian coffee pot, an easy-to-clean infuser, and one that works like “an Easy-Bake Oven.”

But before you shop, please consider: As Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi, co-editor of High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture, told us in our gift guide for cannabis enthusiasts, “There are still thousands of people — mostly BIPOC — in jail for nonviolent cannabis-related offenses, while some of us have the freedom to purchase and consume weed effortlessly.” Many other cannabis experts we’ve talked to have also stressed the importance of being conscious cannabis consumers, which includes, at the very least, supporting causes that work to undo the effects of the war on drugs. Our list of places to donate in support of Black and brown lives includes specific sections on national bail funds, incarceration-reform organizations, and legal defense funds and organizations.

Best overall cannabis infuser

Lēvo II
From $299
From $299

Six of the experts we spoke with recommended the LEVO II. Tracey Medeiros, author of The Art of Cooking With Cannabis: CBD and THC-Infused Recipes From Across America, calls it her “favorite infuser” for cooking and baking and notes the “chic-looking” design as a particularly nice selling point. “I love how sleek and clean the process is with this machine, and the steeping method employed here gives your infusions a purity in flavor,” explains Stephanie Hua, founder and chief confectioner of Mellows and author of the best-selling cookbook, Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. “You can even get extra chef-y and play around with making non-cannabis infusions in it as well: Basil finishing oil, lavender honey, pandan coconut cream — you’ll find yourself wanting to infuse everything,” she promises. Coreen Carroll, cannabis chef, author, and winner of Netflix’s Cooked With Cannabis, says the Levo makes infusing at home “very simple and takes the mess out of it all.” According to Evans, “This easy-to-use device infuses botanicals into oil and butter and also comes with drying and decarboxylation capabilities, which makes the process of cooking with cannabis or hemp that much easier.” Evans also has this tip: “For cocktail lovers, you can also use this device to make cannabis-infused simple syrup to enhance any beverage.” Alexi Chialtas, WUNDER co-founder and CEO, says the Levo “makes it easy to infuse food” and that he especially loves using the cannabis-infused garlic olive oil on hummus or manteca. “Bonus points: The LEVO II comes in fun colors,” concludes Lex Corwin, CEO and founder of California cannabis brand Stone Road.

Best (less expensive) cannabis infuser

For a less tech-y option, Jeronimo De Miguel, co-founder of the microdose brand Zeno and the gourmet cannabis restaurant Gusto Green, told us he uses this Haavitek infuser to make his ultra-low-dose cannabis oil for his daily smoothie. We also love the discreet, elegant design: The stainless-steel pot could easily sit on your stovetop with guests absolutely none the wiser. And at just $30, this infuser is by far the most affordable on the list. For an extra $10, Haavitek also sells a kit that includes the infuser, a silicon glove, a silicon spatula, and a butter mold tray.

Best all-in-one cannabis infuser


“This all-in-one device may be the greatest thing since sliced bread — in fact, you can make a fresh batch of stoney bread with it,” cannabis influencer Hashley explains of this decarboxylator. “One push of a button and you can decarb, infuse, and bake, all in the same device.” Evans calls this all-in-one both “easy to use and incredibly precise.” According to Hua, “this handy machine is perfect for someone who wants a one-stop shop for making edibles, especially if you are tight on space or prefer working in smaller amounts.” Both Hua and Evans compare the Ardent to “an Easy-Bake Oven.” Monica Lo, creator of Sous Weed, says this “incredible” device is able to activate 100 percent of the THC or CBD in your flower “at the touch of a button” and has found it to be “the easiest way to prep your herb before it goes into an infusion.” Ardent also offers various accessories for the FX, like lifters and infusion sleeves, so it’s “an excellent choice for beginners,” Evans explains. Because the odor is contained during the process, “it’s a discreet option if you have nosy neighbors,” she adds. Kassia Graham, director of national projects and social media at Cannaclusive, also loves the device, telling us it’s compact — so it won’t take up too much precious counter space — and “the perfect all-in-one tool for the budding home chef.”

Best easy-to-clean cannabis infuser

According to Tarditi, “every stoner has a little baker in their heart.” But, as he explains, making infused butter can be a less-than-exact science: “I messed up the dosage a few times (resulting in nonstop giggles followed by very long naps),” he says. That’s where the Magical Butter Machine comes in. “The machine extracts all the goodness from cannabis and infuses butter and oils with the right amount of THC and CBD,” so your baked goods come out perfect each time, he promises. “The Magical Butter machine has become a favorite among at-home chefs and self-care enthusiasts since it’s an excellent option for those looking to make a wide variety of infusions,” adds Evans. “This device is straightforward, allowing you to easily create several recipes with little to no effort, including tinctures, lotions, and more.” The infuser comes with four easy-to-use preprogrammed functions: a one-hour oil button, a two-hour butter button, a four-hour tincture button, and an eight-hour button for longer infusions. And with a 40-ounce container size, you can always make larger batches. The Magical Butter machine also features an automated cleaning cycle to make cleanup a breeze.

Best cannabis infuser-slash-kitchen tool

Two of the experts we spoke to also recommended using a sous vide machine, a tool you might already have in your kitchen, because “it will keep a precise and constant temperature to help preserve phytocannabinoid and terpene profiles,” explains Evans. All you have to do is combine cannabis and oil in a mason jar or vacuum seal bag, then sous vide for two hours at the appropriate temperature, he adds. “There’s no smell, no need to babysit a stovetop or open flame, and you don’t have to worry about overcooking your cannabis,” adds Lo, who recommends Breville’s Joule. And, according to Evans, a sous vide also allows you to infuse alcohol, which shouldn’t be used in other infusions devices for safety reasons.

Best accessory

“If you plan on making edibles often and want to dial in the potency of your infusions, this home cannabis potency tester is a great tool to have on hand,” says Hua. The tool can test flower, concentrates, and infusions to ensure that the strength of your at-home goodies are accurate. “We’ve all had that, shall we say “over elevated” brownie experience before, and that is not the vibe we’re looking to repeat,” cautions Hua. tCheck also offers a bundle, which includes their tester and the Levo II.

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​​The Best Cannabis Infusers, According to Experts