mother's day 2020

74 Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Best Gifts for Mom
Gifts for all kinds of moms. Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailers

Mother’s Day is now upon us, but this year, due to, you know, the world turning upside down, we think mom might be a bit more understanding if any gift you might send her is a little late. (Just don’t forget to call her to acknowledge her special day.) Of course, there’s no “one size fits all” gift for moms. Some are in their 20s; others are in their 90s. Some moms like to cook; others like to drink. Some like linen; others, a good blowout. So coming up with the best gifts for a mom can feel like an impossible task. (Gifts for dads can be equally tricky.) What we’ve attempted to do below is find gifts for several dozen specific mom archetypes that we hope will at least spark some ideas. While almost all of the things on this list are available on Amazon, we’ve found many of them elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around. And if you feel bad about making her wait, check out the 16 virtual gifts — from wine tastings to tarot readings — we found for moms of all types; due to their digital nature, any of them can be purchased and delivered today.

For the mom who’s on TikTok

If she’s making TikTok videos with her iPhone 11, this case designed by one of teens’ favorite influencers, Devon Lee Carlson, seems like the perfect accessory to complete her setup.

For the mom who’s a little glamorous

If she has a little “backstage Patti LuPone” in her, this light-up makeup mirror has very excellent reviews.

For the mom whose pajamas need an upgrade

These pajamas are a perennial Strat favorite. Among those who recommend them is Cup of Jo’s Joanna Goddard: “A few years ago, my husband and I went on a trip with another couple. The first morning, I stumbled into the kitchen, where my friend was making eggs in a classic pajama set. She looked so beautiful and elegant that I was immediately converted. Eberjey makes the softest, most buttery version.”

For the mom who needs some help falling asleep

If it’s good enough for Tamara Mellon (the Jimmy Choo co-founder who went on to create her own eponymous line) and designer Karen Walker, chances are, Mom will love this sleep mask too.

For the mom who needs a bit more help falling asleep

Ben Trapskin, founder of the Sleep Sherpa, recommended this memory-foam mattress topper, which is not only lavender in color but actually infused with lavender.

For the mom who likes to be cozy

These “sloungey” pants are made of 100 percent sustainable Mongolian cashmere and look supersoft and luxurious. We bet your mom will never want to take them off, which won’t be a problem because they look nice enough to take a walk and run to the grocery store in. Plus, they have pockets! Get her the matching sweater to complete the look.

For the mom who’s always on her feet

We’ve long been fans of Adidas’s classic silhouettes. The Gazelle, a style made for both sexes, is a timeless option that we’ve said goes “with everything” and feels “like a light blanket wrapped around feet” — which is something we could totally hear Mom saying, too.

For the mom who’s always on her feet (and won’t wear sneakers)

For more footwear that feels like a blanket (albeit a warmer one), you could give Mom a pair of Ugg Coquette Slippers, which podcast host Naomi Elizée told us help her reach “peak coziness levels.” Stylist Mecca James Williams also swears by Coquettes because of the support offered by their solid soles.

For the mom with cracked heels

Rio swears by these little “sleeves” for your heels. When paired with this heavy-duty foot cream from O’Keeffe’s, she says that “almost all of the redness on my feet fades, the wretched itchiness is majorly reduced, and the cracks and dry spots disappear.”

For the mom who’s always ‘misplacing’ things

Tile Sticker
$30 for 2

These smart stickers from our guide to the best tech (and techish) gifts for mom would definitely be appreciated by the mom who is constantly “misplacing” her keys, wallet, or other easy-to-lose essentials. The roughly nickel-size stickers can adhere to almost anything and use Bluetooth technology to keep track of whatever they’re stuck to. The next time mom misplaces whatever thing she puts one on, she just needs to open the accompanying Tile app to find it.

For the mom who’s hosting Zoom cocktail parties

She’ll love to (virtually) show off these lovely “museum quality” napkins in front of her friends.

For the mom who can’t get enough animal print

If she owns, say, a zebra-print vest or a leopard-print blouse, we imagine this tiger-stripe shopping bag will be a happy addition to her collection.

For the mom who loves to garden

Give her this pair of lightweight shears that Marc Hachadourian, the New York Botanical Garden’s senior curator of orchids, calls “my universal tool.”

For the mom who’s always washing her hands

From $31

Make her new normal slightly more luxurious with this nondrying hand wash from Grown Alchemist, which has notes of citrus and sandalwood. It’s one of several gifts Rio suggests for moms who like to pamper themselves.

For the mom whose constantly-washed hands are always chapped

Not only will she appreciate having moisturized hands, she’ll love its subtle laundry-drying-in-the-French-countryside scent.

For the mom who just became a mom

“These Birks hit the new-mother sweet spot: slip-on, stylish but sturdy, and made entirely of lightweight EVA, so they’re waterproof,” writes Jancee Dunn. “Spewed bodily fluids rinse right off!”

For the mom who just became a mom (for the second time)

This white-noise machine might not be the most attractive nightstand accessory, but as editor Alexis Swerdloff wrote in her review of the Dohm white-noise sound machine, “It’s what puts me (and now my husband) to sleep every night, like a warm cup of milk,” which is just the kind of sleep a new mom needs.

For the mom who wants her home to smell like a spa

This squat little aromatherapy diffuser looks slicker than some of its bamboo counterparts, more closely resembling a mid-century Braun device.

For the mom whose hair is always perfectly coiffed

$10 for 2

If mom is missing her salon treatments, putting some of her favorite shampoo onto one of these little brushes and then running it through her hair will feel “like a scalp massage at the hair salon,” promises contributor Alison Freer (who also notes that the brushes work wonders on dandruff).

For the mom who always has the perfect cat-eye

Try this black-as-night matte liquid eyeliner from Lady Gaga’s beauty line Haus Laboratories. Bonus points if she’s a Gaga fan.

For the mom who wants to look put-together in the kitchen

Strategist’s newsletter editor Mia Leimkuhler wrote about this cross-back linen apron that reminds her of a Japanese mamasan-style apron (but without the sleeves).

For the mom who hates wasting paper towels

These reusable, highly absorbent Swedish dishcloths are a favorite of Strategist contributor Ashlea Halpern, who raves about how quickly they dry despite being able to “soak up 20 times their own weight in liquid.” They come in a “zillion cheerful prints,” she adds, from the dogs above to lemons to floral motifs.

For the mom ready to take composting to the next level

From our roundup of actually stylish compost bins, this one only takes three hours to go from scraps to beautiful, garden-ready compost — no worms required.

For the mom who keeps orchids