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70 Gifts for Moms (at Every Price Point)

Best Gifts for Mom
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Coming up with a gift for your mom can feel like an impossible task — especially if she’s the “has everything, wants nothing” type. (Finding something for your dad can be equally tricky.) It’s useful to know what she doesn’t already have, whether that’s a fancy fountain pen, luxe pajamas, or a kitchen gadget that will help her on her quest to become the next Ina Garten. You could go the replacement route — like upgrading her wired headphones to the latest AirPods. Or perhaps this is your chance to give her the big-ticket item she would never, ever get for herself (bonus points if you go in with your siblings).

But if you really don’t know where to start, we’ve done the hard work for you by finding everything from tasteful trinkets to worth-it splurges that’ll make her days a little brighter. Every gift on this list, which we’ve organized by price, has appeared in our archives at least once. Many have been tested by Strategist writers and editors — we’re an admittedly picky group — while others come highly recommended by true connoisseurs and experts (like chefs and dermatologists). So you can rest assured they aren’t just random returnables from Amazon, though they’re all available at the mega-retailer for your convenience. We also linked to other retailers when possible, for those who like to shop around. And if you’re in a pinch, you can always shop our guide to the best e-gift cards (there are almost 100 to choose from).

Under $25

For the mom who takes beauty sleep seriously

This luxe skin- and hair-friendly pillowcase is a great dupe for Parachute’s silk pillowcases, according to beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton and it’s affordable enough to buy a pair.

For the mom who pops melatonin gummies like candy

Strategist contributor Sara Gaynes Levy describes this lavender-scented stick as “Ambien without the side effects.” Her nighttime routine includes dabbing it on her pulse points and holding it under her nose while she reads in bed.

For the mom who can’t stand the sight of too many cords

An easy fix is this handsome leather organizer that’s a favorite of Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk. “It shows interest in your space and makes it unique without a bunch of pattern and color bombarding you,” he says.

For the mom who likes her condiments to be gourmet

If Heinz won’t do, introduce her to this truffle-flavored sauce, which actor LeVar Burton calls “the most elegant hot sauce I’ve ever eaten.”

For the mom who wants something spicier than sriracha

“Weak Knees” is right: Strategist contributor Jancee Dunn explains that the fermented gochujang in this sauce gives it a more complex flavor “than the rooster brand we’re all so familiar with.”

For the mom who doesn’t believe in boxed cake mixes

Cookbook author Claire Saffitz was the first to tell us about this pan in our guide to everything you need to bake cakes. These ensure even bakes so you don’t have to worry about a “burnt outside with a huge dome that is undercooked in the center,” Saffitz says. Pastry chef Kaitlyn Wong also praises the bakeware piece for how easily cakes slide out of it.

For the mom who’s trying to kick her gum habit

If she chews as dramatically as Spanish singer Rosalía, consider these guava-flavored mints. The under-$5 treats are produced by the same company that makes Debi Mazar’s cherished violet candies.

For the mom who can’t bear the sight of even one blemish


This beloved “drying lotion” counts Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent and Fire Island’s Tomás Matos as fans. “I’ll apply it at night and when I wake up in the morning, the pimple is definitely flatter,” Matos says.

For the mom who prefers baths over showers

This pretty-looking, sweet-smelling soap features notes of honeysuckle, mandarin, and orange flower. It also gives back: The bespoke soap-maker donates part of the proceeds from the bath bar to New York Botanical Garden’s conservation efforts.

For the mom who doesn’t have the patience to break in new shoes

Overnight, too-tight shoes will feel as if she’s always had them.

For the mom who likes to hang loose

This two-pack of soft, supportive bras might convince her that not all bras are evil. Strategist contributor Tamara MC has relied on the style for over 27 years — when she gave birth to her first son, the hospital’s lactation consultant recommended it. “Now I’m single and an empty nester, but I still make an annual trek to Walmart just for this purchase (even though my gray bra from the mid-’90s is in near-perfect shape),” she praises.

For the mom who just signed up for her first 5K

Strategist junior writer Brenley Goertzen admits that this beanie makes her look like a cyclops or a Minion, but it keeps her warm — and safe, due to its built-in light — during “below-zero, sunless” training sessions. It’s also handy for walking the dog in the dark.

For the mom who loves all the Real Housewives equally

Perfect for the Bravo obsessive who considers reunion episodes to be appointment television, this is an oral history of the Real Housewives franchise featuring on-the-record interviews with castmates.

For the mom who ends the day with a shot (of coffee)

These insulated mini-mugs will help keep the temperature just right, whether she’s pouring her espresso over ice cream or drinking it straight.

For the mom who ends the day with a cocktail

These syrup-soaked black cherries can top a Manhattan, an old-fashioned, or any dessert. Strategist contributor Ashley Mason likes how the “sour stone fruits are less cloying and more complex than American maraschinos.”

For the mom who can’t drink anything at room temp


This ice tray’s fan base includes five Strategist staffers. Kitchen-and-dining writer Emma Wartzman praises the flexible silicone, which allows her to “remove the cubes with almost alarming ease.” It comes with a lid that helps keep out freezer odors and makes the tray stackable, for a steady supply of ice that doesn’t take up too much space.

For the mom who religiously checks Co-Star

Give her a path toward finding divine guidance with this illustrated tarot deck, which Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran (who uses the cards for a party trick) describes as “very visually interesting.”

For the mom who actually sorts through junk mail

This letter opener recently made our list of excellent teeny-tiny gifts. It “opens mail with a single satisfying swipe and also comes in handy when opening packages safely and easily,” explains Caroline Weaver of the newsletter Caroline Finds It.

For the mom whose fridge is cluttered with sticky notes

After learning about this tape from her husband (who happens to be a teacher), Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo started using it to hang photos and cards on her fridge “for a neater, floating effect.”

For the mom who can’t just let the kids win

A kid-friendly game that “scales well to the skill level and competitiveness of its players,” according to Strategist writer Erin Schwartz.

For the mom who isn’t afraid of creepy crawlers

Comedian Kate Berlant is “equally terrified and fascinated by insects” and considers seeing them with this little gadget “therapeutic.”

For the mom who likes to set the mood

These incense sticks are a favorite of author Ottessa Moshfegh, who says there’s something “holy” about them. “I can tell the house likes it, and there’s just a good vibe when it’s burning,” she says.

Under $50

For the mom who needs a reminder to just breathe

Celebrity stylist Ty Hunter relies on this lollipop-shaped gadget to train his lungs. “When you do long walks up the stairs, you’ll notice a change. Or when you have to work out, it helps you go longer because you don’t get as short-winded,” he says.

For the mom with (literally) cold feet

Bloch Adult Warm Up Booties
From $53
From $53

Popular with the professional dance crowd but just as useful for anyone who loves a good house slipper, these sporty booties are “like puffer coats for my feet, swaddling them in warmth and comfort,” says Strategist junior writer Kitty Guo.

For the mom who likes to HIIT hard

The Lenny Kravitz uses this very jump rope to do his daily cardio. His 30-minute jump rope workout has a similar effect to meditation: “It clears my head, allowing me to come up with creative ideas and music,” he says.

For the mom who’s always behind on salon touch-ups

“My mom’s experience with the Color Wow was major,” says Viera-Newton after she used it to brush up her mother’s grays. “Within seconds, her bright-gray roots were completely and totally concealed with no evidence that they ever existed.” Best of all, she didn’t feel like there was anything in her hair.

For the mom who’s growing out her impulsive pixie

As a “wonderful finisher” to unruly ends, this Oribe oil wins top marks for being both lightweight and nongreasy.

For the mom who’s diligent about sunscreen

Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens likes that this wide-brimmed cotton sun hat isn’t too precious as to get dirty — it’s something she can “sweat in and fold up and wash easily.”

For the mom who’s turning the bathroom into a fancy spa

Viera-Newton also suggests this hand wash for moms who love to feel pampered — it features notes of citrus and cedar, with nondrying almond oil added to the formula, too.

For the mom who’s a bit of an insomniac

New York deputy editor Alexis Swerdloff compares the Dohm white-noise sound machine to a warm cup of milk. “My sleep immediately became sounder and deeper,” she says.

For the mom who’s always dealing with a knotty neck

These down pillows have a fill ratio that makes them medium firm, so she’ll have enough neck support to help keep her spine in alignment with her head.

For the mom who misses her Blackberry

Strategist writer Katherine Gillespie says this keyboard turns her iPhone into a tiny typewriter. She appreciates the “satisfying click-clack” the gadget makes: “The aesthetic is decidedly non-Apple, with plasticky black keys like an aughts Dell.”

For the mom who’s a full-time world traveler

From $30

The jet-set crowd — including Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon and designer Karen Walker — considers Slip’s silk masks an essential. Mellon says hers lets her actually catch some z’s on a plane, even when the window shade is up.

For the mom who’s commuting again

In this stainless-steel insulated mug (one of our most-stood-behind gifts), her coffee will stay scalding (or icy, if she’s into a cold brew) for hours.

For the mom who likes only the sparkliest sparkling wines

“It enhances the minerality of all sorts of sparkling wines, from Vouvray to Vilmart,” says Grub Street writer Tammie Teclemariam of this glass.

For the mom who (still) makes her own sourdough

It’s the serrated ceramic knife designer Susan Alexandra uses to get through even “the crustiest of boules.”

For the mom whose phone is always at 5 percent

You can’t go wrong with anything from Anker’s PowerCore line — but this portable charger is slim enough to pack into her purse.

For the mom who already has a matcha whisk

Ippodo has been around since the 1700s, and its “earthy, creamy” Ummon is the best matcha Karina Hoshikawa, beauty and wellness writer at Refinery29, has ever had.

Under $100

For the mom who just booked her first Y7 class

From $99

“The Manduka mat is indulgent — it’s grippy, soft, and breaks in very well,” says yoga instructor Kyle Miller. So it’ll last through even the most intense hot-yoga sessions.

For the mom who has killed generations of windowsill basil

AeroGarden Harvest

This six-pod unit, our best-in-class indoor garden, produces fresh basil, parsley, dill, and other herbs with truly minimal maintenance.

For the mom who’s trying to turn the backyard into an English garden

“A good gardener or horticulturist anywhere in the world is most likely going to have a pair of Felcos,” says Kurt Morrell, VP of landscape operations at the New York Botanical Garden. It’s our best-in-class pruner and also comes in a compact size for smaller hands.

For the mom who hates waste

She can turn food scraps into fertilizer with this compost tumbler, which we’ve deemed the best of the best. One fan of it is Corsillo, who says the homemade compost she was able to make with it has made her houseplants “very perky and bright.”

For the mom who’s worried about dark circles

“Each time I put it on, the effects are immediate,” says Corsillo of this eye cream. It’s also “subtle enough that my friends might think I just got a really good night’s sleep.”

For the mom with the least ergonomic WFH station

The knobs on this heated massager “genuinely feel like hands, kneading aching muscles and working out sore spots,” according to former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson.

For the mom who’s surgically attached to her iPad

Keep her precious device protected with our top-pick iPad case. “The Folio case is a little pricey, but it’s lightweight and easy to fit into your bag or on your lap while you are irresponsibly drawing in bed,” says Tatiana Quigley, a 3-D artist and illustrator.

For the mom who loves a good sear

This All-Clad pan is our pick for the best stainless steel skillet. Robert Guimond, the chef and owner of Public Display of Affection, describes it as both durable and beautiful. “I often find myself daydreaming about sautéing some gnocchi or scallops with it right after I’m done washing it,” Guimond says.

For the mom who never skips her nighttime routine

This face oil from skin-care brand Sunday Riley is a must-have for drag queen Farrah Moan, who convinced other RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants to use it, too. “When you put it on at night, you’ll wake up in the morning with really refreshed-looking skin,” Moan says.

For the mom who can’t stay awake through road trips

Make the car ride a little more comfortable with this best-in-class travel pillow. Pack Hacker editor Lauren Maternowski describes it as more of a padded scarf with an interior brace that supports the wearer’s head. Madison Blancaflor, travel editor at the Points Guy, is another fan, confessing, “It’s the only way I can survive long-haul flights in economy.”

Under $200

For the mom who’s taking her first big vacation since the kids were born

She’ll probably overpack — fortunately, this Samsonite suitcase expands. The durable hard-shell exterior is also strong enough to trust with the TSA.

For the mom whose dream vacation involves an RV

“This camp stove can do anything a house stove can do — and faster,” writes Strategist contributor Ali Slagle of this two-burner stovetop.

For the mom who prefers to travel on two wheels

Make sure her head stays protected with this bike helmet, which we’ve named the best for commuters. The design has several standout features, according to Lauren Jones, manager of marketing and product development at Brilliant Bicycle Co., including vegan-friendly straps and a pinch-free magnetic clasp.

For the mom who’d rather walk

These kicks earned the top spot in our guide to the best walking shoes. “You really can walk all day in these, and your feet will still be happy at the end of the day,” says Candice Criscione, founder of and

For the mom who just signed up for roller derby

From $115

Moxi Skates, a brand founded by professional skater Michelle Steilen, makes several of our favorite pairs, including the cheerful rainbow-patterned skates that actress Angelica Ross wears “all the time … I walk the dogs in my roller skates sometimes.”

For the mom who’s mastering the art of French cooking

Actress Jessica Alba relies on this crêpe pan from beloved kitchenware brand Le Creuset to get the size and consistency of the French pancakes just right.

For the mom who hoards Basmati

“I’m sure people have said this before, but it really is the Lamborghini of rice cookers,” says food writer and recipe developer Kiera Wright-Ruiz of this Zojirushi model.

For the mom whose jewelry collection rivals Elizabeth Taylor’s

This armoire has 84 ring slots alone. The jewelry-designer-recommended cabinet also comes with a full-length mirror and a lock with keys to offer a little extra security for her most precious gems.

For the mom who sleeps in a ratty old T-shirt

From $128

Eberjey’s Gisele pajamas have had the Strategist seal of approval for a while — Cup of Jo’s Joanna Goddard became a convert once she saw her friend wearing them while making eggs. “Eberjey makes the softest, most buttery [set] — which, unlike the cotton ones, never wrinkle,” Goddard says.

For the mom who lives for comfort but isn’t quite ready for Crocs