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67 Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Best Gifts for Dad
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Just as with moms, there’s no one type of dad. There are golf dads and tech dads and dads who drink beer, to name three of the oh-so-many kinds of patriarch. So we racked our brains to come up with the best gifts for the different types of dads you might be shopping for, putting together the below list of 67 options. Many are dad-worthy things that we’ve tried and love ourselves, while others are recommendations from some of the cool people we’ve talked to over the years, like rapper G-Eazy and DJ Steve Aoki. While all of the things on this list are available on Amazon, we found many of them at other retailers, too, for those who like to shop around.

For the dad who loves to make a splash

This inflatable pool is big enough to fit the whole family, so dad can take a dip, too.

For the dad who lives for starry nights

According to contributor Rena J. Mosteirin, you don’t need a telescope with “a fancy computerized refractor” to go stargazing. “All you need,” she assures, “is a good pair of binoculars that cost less than a hundred dollars” — like these, which Mosteirin promises are not only effective but also “much easier to use than a telescope.”

For the dad who lives for game nights


Buffalo is an Apples to Apples–esque game perfect for dads who love trivia. Players draw two cards — each with its own characteristic — and try to identify a person who matches both criteria, like, say, a “wizard” who is also “British.”

For the dad who is most at home in the yard

This retro-looking hammock would surely make his happy place even happier (and provide a comfy spot from which he can work on the Sunday crossword).

For the dad who is most at home on a putting green

John Rotunno (who happens to be the dad of a Strategist editor) turned his living room into an 18-hole mini golf course with this three-holed putting mat.

For the dad with a bad back

Chiropractor David Perna of Back & Body Medical told us that the Hypervolt is “used a lot by therapists, masseuses, chiropractors, and athletes alike,” adding that it is “also great for personal use to massage sore muscles.”

For the dad who really loved Uncut Gems

This Figaro chain is a touch more elegant than some of Howard Ratner’s wares (not to mention more affordable).

For the dad who really loved The Last Dance

Photo: Retailer

Chris Black says these Champion shorts will give him an M.J.–inspired workout (or lounging) look.

For the dad who is also a gamer

If he’s sick of his kids’ Nintendo Switch (or can’t find one to buy for himself right now), he can use this kit to build his own Game Boy.

For the dad who is also a grillmaster

After sticking this thermometer is in his T-bone, he can monitor the temperature from his phone.

For the dad who is also a griddle master

If he wants to up his breakfast game, this griddle makes it easy to turn his pancakes into art. We think it would be an especially great gift for the dad with little kids (or grandkids).

For the boating dad

These mildew-resistant, made-in-Maine doormats are handwoven from nautical rope.

For the DIY dad

Leatherman Free K4X

If he’s been carrying around the same Leatherman since the ’80s, he might appreciate upgrading to this sleeker, easier-to-open version.

For the dad whose wallet is a rubber band

We love the playful stripes on this card holder from British designer Paul Smith.

For the dad who (still) doesn’t know his phone can charge wirelessly

Strategist contributor (and former tech columnist) David Pogue wrote about this wireless charger and says it’s the first one he’s ever liked. “It solves the flat-on-the-back problem with a screamingly obvious design change: It’s a stand. It props your phone up so you can see it from your pillow or across the room. Better yet, the charging happens whether you’ve put the phone down vertically or horizontally, while watching a movie, for instance.” Combined with this fast-charging plug, the stand charges phones from zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes, especially useful if your dad is constantly recording videos with his phone and draining the battery.

For the dad who drives (or would drive) a convertible

These unisex Oliver Peoples shades are both timeless and versatile, two words that dads tend to like a lot.

For the dad whose Bics are always out of ink

When the Strategist team did a deep dive into the world of pens — testing and ranking gels, felt tips, ballpoints, rollerballs, and fountain pens to determine the 100 best — the Parker Jotter came in at a very respectable No. 7. Plus, it just looks cool.

For the dad who loves movie night

This projector topped our list of the best-reviewed home-theater projectors on Amazon, with fans praising its perfect balance of price and performance, and the fact it works as well outdoors as it does inside.

For the dad whose Dopp kit is a Ziploc

The Tooletries Dopp kit makes so much sense — it’s made of silicone to be completely spill- and stain-resistant, plus it just looks cooler than some fusty canvas thing. Even if he’s not traveling a ton right now, Dad can use it to organize all of his bathroom essentials in one convenient, nice-looking place.

For the dad who likes to hit “snooze”

Philips Wake-Up Light

If dad is a chronic “snoozer,” perhaps it’s time for a different alarm. As we learned in our roundup of the best gentle-wake alarm clocks, “dawn-simulating” devices like this “are designed to ease the users into wakefulness instead of jolting them awake with an alarm,” according to clinical psychologist Janet Kennedy, the founder of NYC Sleep Doctor.

For the dad who’s mad that “nobody wears a watch anymore”


A simple quartz watch that tells the time and date.

For the dad who wants a watch that does it all

Fitbit Charge 4

The latest Fitbit is an activity tracker, step counter, heart-rate monitor, and much more. It has various goal-oriented exercise modes for activities like running, swimming, cycling, and yoga and also offers sleep analysis.

For the clean-freak dad

Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder calls the Drillbrush — a brush attachment for your power drill — the best thing that ever happened to her shower: “The drill did all the hard work, scrubbing faster and harder than I ever could by hand, and the results were noticeable even after the first pass. All the built-up grime had basically disappeared, though I did a second round just to be sure. The nylon bristles were gentle enough that I couldn’t find a single scratch afterward.”