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The Best Bar-Mitzvah Gifts, According to 13-Year-Old Boys

From Beats to Yeezys.

It probably wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that the most socially active time of my life was bar- and bat-mitzvah season. Back in sixth and seventh grade at my Yeshiva middle school, we had some sort of party or event every weekend for two years. Friend-group drama and Shirley Temple consumption were at an all-time high. And each celebration of manhood or womanhood came with a windfall of gifts. No girl moved onto the next grade without a Tiffany Heart bracelet, while boys collected piles of cash and portable DVD players. But that was years ago, and everything is out of date, so we caught up with today’s bar-mitzvah boys to see what they’re all pining over (stay tuned for the bat-mitzvah edition). They weren’t all that talkative, it’s teenage boys we tried to engage here, but we were able to squeeze out a few hot tips.

William requested “signed sports memorabilia,” so we found a baseball autographed by Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

Jonah also replied “sports memorabilia,” so we found this Russell Westbrook collage that includes a piece of a team-used ball.

Jeremy brought us into the electronics zone, saying, simply, “a Segway.” This mini version is far more accessible, though definitely still extravagant. Get a group to chip in on it.

John answered, “electronic skateboard,” and then explained that he meant a hoverboard, so it seems these things are still having a moment.

The most detailed request came from Ben, who wants “an iPhone 7 Plus with lots of storage space, so I can download a lot of stuff.” Me too, Ben.

Jake: “Yeezys,” which are currently only available via resellers at wild markups. Any parent who makes this happen will certainly be remembered for a lifetime.

Yonah, a music lover, is looking forward to “a pair of Beats.”

Jeremy, the gamer, wants a “PS4.” For the uninitiated, that means PlayStation 4.

Dovi, perhaps the most mature of the group, says he wants “sterling-silver cuff links.” The above are a simple starter pair, but Paul Smith also makes can-opener and peace-sign cuff links for the more irreverent and adventurous 13-year-old dresser.

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The Best Bar-Mitzvah Gifts, According to 13-Year-Old Boys