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The Best Body Pillows, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Whether you’re pregnant or just a side sleeper looking for more support, a body pillow can probably do you a world of good. Depending on the shape, it can cover both back and stomach support if you’re slumped over on your side (or carrying an eight pound baby), and customers even think the feeling of hugging something in their sleep is particularly cozy. To help you find the right body pillow, we consulted thousands of Amazon reviews and picked out a few recommended by the most enthusiastic reviewers we could find. And if you decide you need some other pillows while you’re at it, we have roundups for pregnancy-specific pillows, travel pillows, and bamboo pillows for you to check out.

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Best-rated body pillow

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

“This pillow has to have been made by elves from Narnia, and it has to have been filled with downy fluff and the fibers of unicorn hide,” writes one reviewer, and many others agree that this is comfortable. This U-shaped body pillow has over 1,700 positive reviews, and though there’s lots of not-pregnant owners, more than a quarter of them are from pregnant women. “It supports my legs/hips and belly completely, the head support is great and it’s wonderful to be able to roll over to my other side without having to re-arrange four pillows,” one writes. Another says, “ I couldn’t sleep without this pillow during my pregnancy it’s very soft and just makes you feel protected and comfortable it’s nice to be able to roll over all through the night and not have to reposition the pillow.” It even helps out postpartum, according to one user, who says they used it to mitigate back pain “even after giving birth when sitting in bed or laying down.” It comes in three different sizes to help you get the perfect fit for maximum comfort. One five-foot-tall user got the 55-inch and described it as “the perfect fit.” One user who is five feet, seven inches writes, “I purchased the 61-inch-long pillow and I’m glad that I did.” A third reviewer says, “The 65-inch size is perfect for me because I am six feet tall.”

Best-rated (less expensive) body pillow

WhatsBedding Full Body Pillow Insert

Customers say this body pillow is totally worth it, especially for the price, which one describes as “unbelievable” because it’s “just so awesome.” She goes on to say that she has bad back pain, and she read that a body pillow could actually help. Long story short, it did. “Since I got this pillow the back pain is much better. I am having a very good and long sleep at night as well,” she explains. The pillow has a microfiber filling, and it’s machine washable, which reviewers think is a major perk since not many pillows (with or without covers) can be thrown in the washer. One person, who says she and her family are “pillow people” because they’re always looking to “prop ourselves in comfortable positions,” describes this as a keeper, especially after putting it in the wash. “It is easy to wash. I love that this is soft, cozy and comfortable, and it seems like it should hold up for a while.”

Best firm body pillow

Utopia Bedding Soft Body Pillow

“I can’t believe the softness and support in this pillow,” says one reviewer. And dozen more reviewers rave about the support this pillow gives, especially for side sleepers, with one customer writing, “It gives support while I sleep and gives me something to hold onto at night.” She says it prevents her from “clinging onto [her partner] like a koala bear” while sleeping, but it’s just as comfy. Many credit it’s supportive nature to how firm it is. One customer describes it as “firm enough to give good support but also soft and comfy.” He also adds that it’s also very large, which is great for those looking for something oversized. It comes deceptively small vacuum-sealed pack, but according to one reviewer, “Once the package is removed and you hear the air escaping, give it a few hours to reach nominal size but once it does it almost quadruples the packaged sized.” Another even compares it to “wrestling a bear while trying to get comfortable in bed, but once I get situated, I sleep like a baby all night.” Once all settled, reviewers describe how soft this pillow is. One even says, “I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud now,” and about 10 percent of reviewers also mention how comfortable it is for side sleepers. Many appreciate that it is machine washable, too, which helps with how long it can last: “It’s been 30 months since I got this. And it’s still overstuffed and awesome.”

Best hypoallergenic body pillow

Shoppers with allergies turn to this AllerEase hypoallergenic body pillow. As one reviewer explains, “Being a person with horrible allergies, I was skeptical as to whether or not this would actually work. To my surprise, it does! Great investment.” Another says it’s “comfy, cozy, and awesome, not to mention the great allergy protection against dust mites, mold, pollen, and small particles.” Many spotlight the pillow’s low price and general comfort, while some simply can’t hide their enthusiasm about finding something hypoallergenic that works. One reviewer who bought this for a daughter who suffers from allergies writes, “The pollen and pet-dander barrier is a must-have in our household. I think she uses it every night in some way. She could not be happier.”

Best shredded-memory-foam body pillow

Purchasers say the shredded memory foam in this body pillow gives it a unique feel. “You sink into it, much like any other memory-foam pillow, but it doesn’t feel like a brick, because of the way the memory foam inside is almost shaved. Touching it is sort of surreal, and it makes you want t