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The 33 Best Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

At the Strategist, we’ve compiled gift guides for every wedding anniversary of note, from 1st to 50th, and for every kind of husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner. But giving gifts to the couples in our lives isn’t always about a wedding or anniversary. There are couples that just moved in together, couples that love to cook, and couples that are expecting their first kid; there’s also the easier-said-than-done task of giving shared gifts around the holidays. Ahead, 33 great gifts for all those occasions (and then some) for every kind of couple.

For the couple who could use a little help during date night

A card game filled with fun discussion prompts for the couple who thinks they already know everything about each other.

For the couple who excel at game night


If Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and Code Names are already part of their collection, try gifting them Bohnanza, an easy-to-learn game Strategist writer Lauren Ro loves because it exercises her negotiation skills. “It’s fun. It’s fast. The artwork is delightful,” she says.

For the couple who know the importance of good lighting

Strategist writer Liza Corsillo swears by fancy candles for the dining table. “During quarantine, we have gotten into the habit of watching TV while we eat dinner,” she says. “So to reinstate actually talking to each other over dinner, I bought a bunch of very nice-looking beeswax taper candles. They smell nice and they set a calming mood that helps us both decompress from our days and connect with each other.”

For the couple who are always on a staycation

While gift cards can feel impersonal, there’s something great about getting to buy exactly what you want on someone else’s dime — especially a vacation. They’ll be able to use this Airbnb gift card to get the change of scenery we’re all after right now, or use it toward one of Airbnb’s experience offerings, where they can explore something new without having to go anywhere at all.

For the couple on a health kick

When thinking about gift-giving, it’s good to consider the nice-to-haves that someone might find too extravagant to buy themselves. A Vitamix certainly qualifies for this category. It’s got a high price tag, but experts say it’s the best blender on the market and will last a long time, so it’s something your smoothie-loving (or juice, ice cream, soup, you name it) couple friends will be able to cherish forever.

For the couple who want to learn more about wine

This book on wine written by The Infatuation founder Chris Stang and sommelier Grant Reynolds. It covers all the basics, from terminology to guides on shopping your local wine store.

For the couple who are already obsessed with wine

When we asked wine experts about the best gifts for wine lovers, this decanter was called a “showstopper” and “the most elegant decanter in the world” by Roman Roth, winemaker and partner at Wölffer Estate Vineyard.

For the couple who are also new parents

It’s never too early to get a kid comfortable around vegetables, while also helping your favorite couple decorate their nursery.

For the couple who are newish parents

Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio dubbed these digital picture frames from Aura the best thing she bought all year. “These frames are simple to update, they look nice with just about any décor, and they strike a good balance between having physical photos displayed in your home and the undeniable convenience of the internet age,” she notes.

For the couple who are plant parents

If the couple in your life has a home overflowing with plants, a plant stand would be ideal for separating their pothos from their Monstera. This modern-looking plant stand can hold five plants, with each ledge capable of supporting an eight-inch pot.

For the couple who could use a bedroom refresh

There are few things you can buy a couple for their bedroom that won’t feel intrusive, but we think a nice new set of sheets is perfectly neutral territory. Linen sheets will keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so there’s never a bad time to gift them, and according to a former Strategist editor, this sheet set from Linoto has an “heirloom” quality.

For the couple who like to snuggle up and watch Netflix

From $199

Watching TV together is a big part of coupledom, and with the colder months fast approaching, blankets will be in high demand.

For the couple who like to do crosswords together

Photo: retailer

Anyone with intimate knowledge of the New York Times crossword puzzle knows that Wednesdays are challenging — but not too challenging — which makes this a perfect gift if you’re not quite sure whether your favorite couple does their crosswords in pen or pencil.

For the couple who always have the radio on

Copy editor Lief Nielsen told us that one of his favorite couples gifts came from his wife, who gifted him these speakers that work with both his decades-old turntable and (via Bluetooth) his Spotify account. “My old Denon turntable (and records) had been sitting around for two decades, and now I play them all the time,” he says.

For the couple who like the outdoors

“These solar-powered lights are great for the campsite or the backyard, providing eight to 20 hours of light on a single charge (depending on the setting),” explains Strategist contributor James Lynch.

For the couple with a seltzer addiction

If you want to see two adults cry, gift them this stylish Swedish-made sparkling water maker that will not only look great on their counter but will also put a kibosh on any arguments over who drank the last can of LaCroix.

For the couple who fight over whose turn it is to clean

Another recommendation from Strategist writer Liza Corsillo is this robot vacuum, which she says saved her from spending money on couples therapy. “When we first moved in together we were bickering so much about household chores, specifically how often the apartment needed vacuuming,” she says. “I love to watch it roll around our living room eating up dust and crumbs, and two years in, it still works just as well.”

For the couple interested in veganism

If you know a couple that’s been thinking of giving up meat, consider gifting them the Veganomicon, the vegan equivalent of a bible. “This book taught me how to cook,” says Candice Hutchings, author of The Edgy Veg. “It includes basic vegan cooking techniques and a wide range of recipes to suit every dish, flavor, ethnicity, and skill level. I have never had a dinner flop, and I refer to it whenever I am asked for my go-to cookbook recommendation.”

For the couple with a lot of books but not a lot of space

Couples just starting out may not have an ideal amount of space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out beloved books to make room. This bookcase has a small footprint but plenty of space.

For the couple who like to cook together

New York editor Christopher Bonanos told us one of the best gifts he received as a couple was this cutting board, given as an engagement gift in 2007. “It seems boring on the surface, but it’s not,” he says. “It’s the kind of gift you keep on the counter for decades, and it literally has been used every single day since.”

For the couple who like to cook (but are accident prone)

This set from Lodge includes a mitt and pot holder to prevent unfortunate cast-iron burns.

For the couple who think of themselves as homesteaders

Whether they like to buy grains in bulk or make their own applesauce, couples that style themselves modern homesteaders will love this hand cranked food mill. Strategist contributor Joseph Truini says he uses it when he makes tomato sauce, jams, jellies, and riced potatoes and can even see it as a perfect device for parents who want to make their own baby food.

For the couple who are known for their dinner parties

Take a page out of chef and writer Natasha Li Pickowicz’s book and bring friends together with a festive and delicious hot-pot party. Pickowicz notes that a “double-chambered pot is useful for vegan or vegetarian guests,” allowing them to keep their broth separate from the meat eaters’, and recommends allocating one pot per three to four people.

For the couple who like to do skin care together

They can take turns using this light-therapy mask, which uses two different wavelengths of red light to firm and tone the skin.

For the couple who really love their dog(s) …

Embark Dog DNA Test

If the couple you’re shopping for can’t stop talking about their cute rescue dog, then they will be thrilled with the gift of Embark. The saliva-based test will tell them what breeds their pup is most closely related and spotlight any diseases they might be susceptible to.

… and will spare no expense for their fur babies’ comfort

The design of this extra-large dog bed incorporates durable and supportive foam, which can help ease joint pain. Big Barker guarantees the bed will hold its shape for ten years, and the machine-washable cover makes it convenient to clean should any accidents occur.

For the couple who make art together

Photo: retailer

Patti Smith’s gorgeous 2010 memoir about her years as a struggling artist living in 1970s New York City alongside her best friend (and, at one point, boyfriend) Robert Mapplethorpe is a beautiful ode to the power of art.

For the couple who work out together

Strategist contributor Jason Stewart calls this battle rope a dream buy for the respectable home gym he’s been putting together. “The simple but explosive activity of repeatedly whipping the thick ropes helps work out muscles you never even knew you had,” he says. Any workout-loving couple that hasn’t been able to go to the gym in a while will appreciate these ropes.

For the couple who doesn’t own a dishwasher

This countertop dishwasher can help reduce chore-based arguments. With a relatively small footprint (roughly 21 by 22 inches), this appliance won’t take up much counter real estate, and it has a built-in five-liter tank so you don’t need a hookup to a water source.

For the couple who can’t function without coffee


Whether they’re fans of drips, pour-over, or machine-made coffee, any couple that never fails to make coffee at home will appreciate this conical burr grinder. It always manages to pull off a consistent grind and features controls that allow users to program according to the cup, grind size, and grind time.

For the techy couple

Gift them a few of these smart plugs and they can transform their apartment into a smart home.

For the couple who runs hot and cold

This water-powered mattress pad will allow them to cool or warm their side of the bed to their preferred temperature. “This device could save a marriage,” says former Strategist columnist Chris Black.

For the couple with a new apartment

Nothing beats an easy-to-install bidet with a heated seat, a built-in air dryer, and an LED night-light.

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The 33 Best Gifts for Every Kind of Couple