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The 66 Best Gifts for Every Type of Boyfriend

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As someone who has held the title of “boyfriend” for most of my 20s, I like to think that I know a thing or two about gifts that truly stand out. Like my colleague Tembe Denton-Hurst wrote in her roundup of the best gifts for girlfriends, choosing the right gift all comes down to specificity. The more you can pinpoint his interests and align them to the right product, the better the gift will be. If you need a little assistance discovering that special something for your special someone, I’ve put together this list of thoughtful gifts at a variety of prices. To compile it, I scanned our story archives for the unusual, useful, and occasionally splurgy items — the stuff your boyfriend wouldn’t normally buy himself — rounded up all the surefire hits, and included some picks of my own. And to make it even more convenient for you, all of the items on this list are available on Amazon.

Whether your boyfriend is a coffee snob, a bookworm, an aspiring grill master, or a guy who likes to golf, there’s a gift that will satisfy his specific hobby or obsession. I even have a few options for the guy you’ve recently started dating and don’t know much about yet. Everything is organized by price, so you’re bound to discover a gift for your boyfriend that he’ll find delightful, no matter how many dates you’ve been on. But if you do need more ideas, we’ve got dozens more gift guides for every type of person and every budget.

Under $25

For the boyfriend who craves competition

Get him a card game that, as my colleague Erin Schwartz says, “can get downright Machiavellian.” Saboteur also comes in different stand-alone versions: The Dark Cave and The Duel. Note: The original version of Saboteur is required to play Saboteur 2. (There’s also Dutch Blitz, if he would prefer something along the lines of a “very energetic solitaire.”)

For the boyfriend who wants to perfect his grilled cheese

This simple kitchen gadget will not only level up his sandwich game by weighing each one down for full-on toastiness, it’s also great for evenly cooking meats and veggies.

For the boyfriend who’s a light sleeper

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask - Purple

The memory-foam cups on this eye mask will conform perfectly (and comfortably) to his eyes, sealing out any light.

For the boyfriend who enjoyed Killers of the Flower Moon

Get him the book! You could couple it with one of David Grann’s other nonfiction works, including his latest, The Wager.

For the boyfriend who has every coffee accessory imaginable


If he loves caffeine (and all of its accoutrements), he might want to try yerba mate, which is traditionally prepared in a gourd and sipped with a bombilla, or a metal drinking straw.

For the boyfriend who’s smelling a little funky

It’s like a cool, upmarket Axe that smells fresh without being overpowering.

For the boyfriend who gets hangry

These celebrity-approved beef sticks aren’t just great snacks — they also come in handy during food emergencies. Now he won’t have a hunger-related meltdown ever again.

For the boyfriend who just moved to (or misses) New York

The Colossus of New York

This series of essays by Colson Whitehead features multilayered vignettes that capture the daily experience of living in the city.

For the boyfriend with impeccable rolling skills

These papers burn consistently (and slowly) and are easy to roll. Rapper Sen Dog approves.

For the boyfriend with holes in his socks

These socks offer just the right amount of stretch for equal comfort in a Chelsea boot or a trail-running shoe. Plus, their wool construction naturally cuts down on odor.

Under $50

For the boyfriend who sips coffee on his commute

From $30

This travel mug is my favorite because it has a double-lid system that prevents any dripping or leaks, and it keeps my coffee hot for hours.

For the boyfriend who liked Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

If he liked following Sam and Sadie’s adventures in video-game making, he’ll appreciate this similar tale of creative collaboration that takes place in the golden age of comic books in 1930s New York City. I’ve gifted this classic to many friends and it has yet to miss.

For the boyfriend who’s always tap-tap-tapping away on his phone

This Bluetooth keyboard will help him scratch that I-need-to-send-just-one-email itch and give his thumbs a break.

For the boyfriend who writes feverishly

If he finds the paper in his Moleskine notebooks too thin, this notebook — which is available with dotted, squared, and ruled lines or plain — will do the trick. It also has a table of contents and each page is numbered, so he’ll never lose track of his ideas.

For the boyfriend who’s the letter-writing type

This Strategist-favorite fountain pen will add an extra touch of refinement to his stationery (or allow him to sign his name like AOC or André Aciman) and has just the right amount of heft to feel satisfying to write with.

For the boyfriend whose phone battery is always at one percent

This charging stand snaps to the back of his phone and comes with a kickstand.

For the boyfriend who’s happiest at the grill

Whenever I get stuck while brainstorming gift ideas, I know I can find something from Snow Peak my recipient will like. Everything the brand makes — from a nice set of chopsticks to a titanium camp mug — is high quality, well designed, and built to last.

For the boyfriend who prefers to make his coffee at home

With these clear, double-walled glass mugs, his morning cup of joe can finally look like it does in commercials.

For the boyfriend who likes sipping espresso at camp

These stackable ceramic-lined cups have the durability and heat retention of the larger Rambler mugs we love, but in a more packable, four-ounce size.

For the boyfriend who has, yet again, lost his gloves

These are the best liner gloves I’ve tested. And when worn by themselves, they’re thick enough to take the bite out of cold wind.

For the boyfriend whose toiletry bag has seen better days

This is one of our favorite men’s dopp kits because it’s deceptively large yet can squish into squish into an overnight bag.

For the boyfriend who dreams of competing on The Great British Baking Show

If he wants to impress Paul Hollywood, his measurements need to be precise. This digital scale comes recommended by Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio, who likes the display when baking or using large mixing bowls.

For the boyfriend who is still working on that 1,000-piece puzzle

This handy mat will let him save his progress, thanks to a grippy rubber bottom and foam tubes that provide an even roll.

For the boyfriend whose beer has taken over the fridge

He can keep his six-packs in the pantry, and when he’s ready for one, ding! It’s cold.

For the boyfriend who’s really into Steely Dan

This book not only dissects Steely Dan’s lyrics and dives deep into the imagery of their discography, it also steps back and provides helpful context about how the band’s music was written.

For the boyfriend with “creative director” ambitions

In this inspiring collection of essays, legendary record producer Rick Rubin intersperses poetic meditations on creativity with more practical advice on how to approach the creative process.

For the boyfriend who likes to camp

This inflatable solar-powered lantern emits warm, ambient light.

For the soccer-loving boyfriend


These classic soccer shorts will be a staple in his warm-weather clothing rotation.

For the boyfriend who just got into golf

If he golfs, there’s a high chance he’s lost a few balls on the course and could use a restock. Rob Lowe calls these balls the best for their distance and control.

For the boyfriend looking to improve his short game

This collapsible net makes practicing chip shots more like a fun Skee-Ball-like game.

For the boyfriend who’s an actual prepper

When he needs to make a fire — whether that’s during the apocalypse or at the state-park campsite — he’ll be ready with this knife.

For the boyfriend who just realized he has dry skin

This moisturizer is lightweight, vegan, not too perfumy — and doesn’t leave a heavy residue.

For the DIY boyfriend

The ideal starter kit for the guy who wants to build more than Ikea furniture (though it would be good to have on hand for that as well).

For the boyfriend who has always wanted to grill on the patio

This compact yakitori grill is great for tight spaces and holds heat very well — perfect for kebabs or a few steaks.

Under $100

For the boyfriend who prefers a date night at home

Crafting is a fun way to change up date night, but trying pottery together often requires booking a studio class (and access to a kiln). This kit — which comes with air-dry clay — allows you to craft mugs, bowls, or small ceramic projects at home.

For the boyfriend who keeps losing his AirPods

These noise-canceling Anker headphones deliver supremely good audio quality for just $60. (I recently bought a newer version of the Q20, the Q20i, but have heard this pair is just as good as, if not better than, the pair I own.)

For the boyfriend whose old pair of gloves isn’t cutting it

This is the one pair of gloves I recommend for cold weather. They’re touchscreen compatible and just thick enough to keep his hands warm for most activities.

For the boyfriend who has watched every season of Top Chef

If they want to cook meat with true precision, they’ll need a meat thermometer. Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio says this thermometer from Meater is the best one he’s ever used.

For the boyfriend who hates flossing (but hates the dentist more)


We like this water flosser for smaller bathrooms because it’s cordless and doesn’t take up much space on the bathroom-sink counter or medicine cabinet.

For the boyfriend who wants to make Chinese takeout at home

A wok will expand his cooking repertoire, including the stir-fry dishes he loves. Artist Andrew Kuo uses this lightweight pre-seasoned carbon-steel wok, which he says conducts heat well.

For the boyfriend who makes a killer margarita

This insulated stainless-steel shaker will keep cocktails cold for hours. John Varvatos calls it the best cocktail shaker he’s ever used.

For the boyfriend who’s always finishing a level of Candy Crush