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63 Gifts for Every Type of Husband

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist

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Finding the best gift for a husband who has everything (and says he doesn’t want anything) is hard, whether you’ve been married for five months, five years, or five decades. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve scoured our archives to find the best picks for all types of guys with all kinds of interests at many price points (including coffee mugs, sweaters, and headphones). I’ve been covering and reviewing tech since 2017 and have spent countless hours interviewing experts about the gear they use, so there are a lot of gadgets on this list that I love. For everything non-tech-related, I spoke with my colleagues across the Strategist and combed through our archives to find the best gifts for every type of husband. And husband or not, there’s a lot of gift inspiration here for all to enjoy.

$25 and under

For the husband who reads before bed

If he wants to read in the dark without turning on a big overhead light or ditching his paperback for a Kindle, this book light produces an amber hue that’s gentle on the eyes and won’t keep you up when he’s reading in bed.

For the husband who relaxes with a shower beverage

Give him a place to hold his beer without having to rearrange the rest of the shower caddy.

For the husband who’s in denial about needing readers

If he took the latest news from his eye doctor hard, these barely-there reading glasses from ThinOptics will come in handy. Strategist contributor David Pogue raves about the thin, light frames. “You don’t feel it; these things weigh less than a nickel,” he writes.

For the husband whose hands are always moving

He can keep this fidget cube handy to help him focus.

For the husband who consistently burns his fingers on the grill

These insulated gloves will protect your grilling newbie or pro from any potential accidents, and they’re waterproof, stainproof, and (most important) greaseproof.

For the husband who loves tracking his workouts

This fitness tracker is a must-have for many trainers and professional athletes, like Australian Open champion Aryna Sabalenka, because of the personalized feedback it gives on workouts and the way it measures stress, rest, and sleep. It doesn’t have a display and thus can’t offer real-time feedback, but that means it can keep him on his workout grind without adding another screen to his life.

For the husband who wants a better night’s sleep

Few things can put a damper on a day like neck or back pain. This wedge pillow, which has a removable bamboo cover for easy washing, should help give him some relief.

$50 and under

For the husband who wants to impress brunch guests

A super-powerful handheld frother that delivers a café-quality consistency, for better espresso (or hot chocolate or tea) drinks.

For the husband who likes to savor his White Claw

Maybe he’s the chatty type who spends a bit too long gabbing between sips and lets his beer get too warm. Even if he’s not, he’ll appreciate this bottle-cooler that can keep his drink chilled for hours.

For the husband who wants to impress dinner guests

This electric corkscrew can uncork 30 bottles on one charge, has a small footprint, and comes recommended by chef Chris Valdes, who’s the author of the cookbook One With the Kitchen.

For the husband who likes to hit the trails

These socks are a favorite of many Strategist staffers, and they’re durable enough to withstand multiple seasons of hiking or just wearing out and about. The merino will keep his feet warm, even when wet, and the cushioning makes the socks extra comfy.

For the husband who likes his coffee to stay hot for hours

Yeti Rambler 14-Oz. Mug
From $21
From $21

We think the Yeti Rambler is one of the best travel mugs you can buy.

For the husband who always loses his wallet

He’ll probably be less likely to do so if it’s hooked onto something he never forgets, like his phone — and MOFT’s faux-leather wallet attaches to the iPhone magnetically. It holds up to three cards and folds out to double as a kickstand.

For the husband who’s down to one glove again

A cool-looking pair that will keep his digits toasty.

For the husband whose favorite part of the meal is the bread basket

This tin of olive oil comes recommended by James Beard Award–winning chef Jonathan Waxman, who uses it for roasting meats and making marinades and says it has “hints of grassiness, almonds, and butter.”

For the husband who never knows what day it is

This cult Japanese planner has been a favorite among Strategist staffers, especially for how well it holds up.

For the husband who’s decidedly not a sneakerhead …

From $45

… Or into any fancy footwear, frankly.

For the husband whose stir-fry is legendary

We’ve long loved the Lodge cast-iron skillet, which is both affordable and incredibly high quality. This one, with double handles and gently sloping sides, resembles a wok and should last him forever.

For the husband who’s always on his phone

This stand folds into a wallet-size attachment that magnetically hooks to the back of an iPhone. Now he can keep his videos playing even while he’s typing away.

For the jet-setter husband

Twelve South AirFly Duo

He’ll appreciate this little gadget that allows him to pair wireless AirPods with the plane’s entertainment system as well as other A/V setups he might encounter on his travels.

$100 and under

For the husband who likes a multipurpose tool

For the husband who’s a borderline prepper

This pocket knife can work just as well for slicing and dicing veggies as it does for whittling, according to actual prepper Morgan Rogue.

For the husband who needs a break

He might enjoy a dive into the open world of Hyrule in the latest Legend of Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom. He can even build a mech if he’s feeling fancy.

For the husband who likes to stay hydrated

Because men can have an emotional-support water bottle, too.

For the husband who’s leveling up his grill game

For the husband who needs a reminder to floss


A water flosser can help keep pearly whites in tip-top shape and reach spots a toothbrush can’t hit. (And really, making sure he doesn’t get cavities is a gift for you too.)

For the husband who needs to relax

He might appreciate the comforting embrace of a weighted blanket. This one from YNM can keep him cool while making it easier to fall asleep, and he may even feel more relaxed when he wakes up.

For the husband who appreciates nice tools

A well-designed ratchet set from a German company that’s been making high-quality tools since 1936.

For the smoothie-obsessed husband

He can also use this personal blender to make salad dressings and smaller-batch sauces and emulsions.

For the husband who could use a razor upgrade

Many professional barbers recommend a safety blade in lieu of a standard razor. Not only is it less likely to cause irritation or pesky cuts, but the replacement cartridges are significantly cheaper, too.

For the husband who’s perfecting Grandma’s pasta recipe

Italian company Marcato Atlas has pretty much solved the problem of pasta that’s prone to tearing. This machine, which comes recommended by two professional pasta-makers, can make lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliolini.

For the husband who’s perfecting Grandpa’s waffle recipe

This waffle iron is the only one that Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon uses to make her favorite grain-free waffles. She went through six other models before she found Cuisinart’s, which she says keeps her waffles fluffy and spongy so that syrup can easily seep through.

For the husband who always handles the aux cord


The Clip 4 has quickly become one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers. It’s tiny enough to take on a trip while producing enough sound for a good listening session, and its clip makes it easy to attach to a showerhead or backpack.

For the husband who keeps dropping his phone


I’ve been using an iPhone 14–friendly version of this case for nearly a year, and it’s kept my phone safe from drops while also earning plenty of compliments. Even if he’s picky about his cases, the company offers countless designs, so he’s bound to find something he likes.

For the husband whose feet could use a break

These comfy slippers are a favorite of many stylish men who praise their breathable design and say they’re just as great for running errands as they are for pacing around the house.

For the husband who games late at night

He can play all he wants without disturbing anyone else.

$200 and under

For the husband who’s ready to dust off his barista skills

This super-compact manual espresso-maker would make a fun addition to his next camping trip or the next family vacation and would work equally well at home.

For the husband who likes a cordless setup

These speakers are great for anyone who likes to spin a record or two from home but doesn’t want the hassle of managing cables.

For the husband who dreams of RV living

This camping chair folds down small enough to drop in a bag or tote and even has a reclining feature that will let him adjust his position for maximum coziness.

For the husband who loves to season everything

Männkitchen Pepper Cannon

Strategist kitchen and dining writer Emma Wartzman spotted a handful of chefs and a former Bon Appétit colleague using this pepper mill, which they praised for its burly construction and the sheer amount of pepper that gets dispensed with each twist.

For the husband who starts his day before you do

The Loftie is not just a digital alarm clock — it’s more like a calming bedside companion that encourages you to keep your phone away from the nightstand. It comes with soothing wake-up tones, an entire playlist of ambient noise, meditation guidance, breathing exercises, and a soft nightlight.

For the husband who’s always working out a knot in his shoulders

Theragun Mini

Thanks to the power it packs in its portable size (it’s less than six inches wide and weighs less than 1.5 pounds), the Theragun Mini is one of the most frequently recommended massage tools on the Strategist. “Any time I feel a pinching or tension, I reach for my Theragun, and within minutes it alleviates my pain,” writes Strategist contributor Rio Viera-Newton in her review.

For the husband who’s the rise-and-grind type

The Baratza Encore rose to the top of the pack in our guide to the best coffee grinders. When Elliott Foos, director of coffee at Daymoves in Brooklyn, used to run a coffee shop, the Encore was a workhorse, “grinding from fine espresso to the most coarse setting for French press or cold brew.”

For the husband who’s more the cuppa type

From $156

“The Fellow Stagg EKG is, without question, the gold standard of electric kettles,” says Wartzman. It has a loyal fan base for its precise pour, power (heating up super-quickly), and looks.

For the husband who joined a pickleball league

This set is popular among pickleball players and comes with a handy bag to keep his gear from getting lost.

For the husband who mans the grill and the s’mores station

BioLite FirePit+

You don’t have to blow on the fire in this pit to keep the flame alive — the built-in fan takes care of that. “With all of that oxygen, the fire burns more efficiently, which means you basically get no smoke,” writes Strategist contributor James Lynch.

Over $200

For the husband with a growing wine collection

We named this 12-bottle fridge the best less expensive model in our roundup, and it comes recommended by Katie O’Byrne, the director of recruiting at Kitchen Culture and former sommelier at Otium in Downtown Los Angeles, who described it as “quiet, compact, and super-easy to set up.”

For the husband with no outdoor space to grill

This smoker comes recommended by champion griller Myron Mixon. It can do anything from grill a hot dog to smoke a full ham.

For the husband who just can’t play another round of Catan

In the immortal words of Stefon, this game has everything: “It feels like a combination of Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, HeroQuest, and Choose Your Own Adventure books,” says Brad Driscoll, a.k.a. Dinky Dana to his YouTube and Twitch followers. Driscoll recommends it — instead of gifting a video game — in our guide to gifts for gamers.

For the husband with wrinkled photos in his wallet


A digital frame will hold more photos anyway. Skylight makes it easy for him (or anyone he gives the upload email to) to add all his favorite shots of his loved ones, and the photos render crisply on the large well-lit 15-inch screen.

For the husband who likes his brownies with some green

Lēvo II

A cannabis infuser can give him a way to make space brownies more easily than by stovetop. I’ve gifted this to a few mellow family members, and they’ve all become better bakers since.

For the husband who wants to “hear” the silence in every A24 movie

A good soundbar can make it easy to hear a show’s muffled dialogue or just give action scenes an extra, bassy oomph. Sonos’s Beam soundbar packs excellent sound into a slick, elegant package that works with the rest of Sonos’s speakers, so he can build a better system over time.

For the husband who’s still using a workout journal

Apple Watch Ultra 2

In addition to all the health-tracking features stuffed into the new Apple Watch Series 9, the Ultra has water-temperature sensors for swimmers and a brighter display for better visibility outdoors. It’s also more durable than the standard Apple Watch, making it a great option for the mishap-prone man in your life.