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64 Gifts for Every Type of Husband

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Coming up with a gift for your has-everything, doesn’t-want-anything husband is hard — whether you’ve been married for five months, five years, or five decades. To make things a little easier for you, I’ve scoured our archives to find the best picks — from the best coffee mugs to sweatersheadphones, and more — for all types of guys with all types of interests at many price points. Everything below has been vetted, either recommended by cool people like Brendon Babenzien, Jeremy Denk, T-Pain, and Danny Trejo, or by our picky staff of editors and writers. If you don’t have a husband, and you’re reading this because you clicked the wrong link, that’s cool too. There’s a lot of holiday gift inspiration here for all to enjoy.

Under $25

For the husband who does his best thinking in the shower …

For to-dos and must-dos, this waterproof notepad is essential.

… or the husband who relaxes with a shower beverage

This silicone can holder grips onto a shower wall (or mirror) and holds a standard 12- or 16-ounce drink.

For the husband who puts on concerts in the shower

Strategist contributor Rio Viera-Newton takes long showers, deep-conditioning her double-processed hair and moving through her body-care routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and shaving. She bought this speaker to stave off boredom. “The quality of the sound isn’t Sonos level or anything, but the SoundBot works in the ways you need it to. You can hear music or podcasts clearly, and it actually gets pretty loud,” she writes. And the buttons work well even with “slippery soapy fingers.”

For the husband with holes in his socks

I’ve been wearing American Trench socks for years now, and I like these retro pairs because they’re a little chunkier than your typical gym sock and the stripes give a sporty accent to outfits.

For the husband who’s a trekker (in the hiking sense)

Keep his toes toasty with these socks from Darn Tough, which “is a hilarious name for a brand but an apt description of their socks,” says Dan Small, who directs partnerships and special projects for Baggu. Former Strategist tech writer Jordan Bowman (who happens to be a menswear expert too) agrees: “They’ve survived multiple hikes, snow-shoveling expeditions, and winter storms as well as plenty of trips through the wash.”

For the husband who’s afraid of underseasoning

Gourmand-approved Maldon salt is just the thing to sprinkle on a mid-rare steak or a sheet pan of roasted vegetables. Vogue sustainability editor Tonne Goodman bought the bucket for her “salt fanatic” brother-in-law who happens to be a bit of a pro in the kitchen.

For the husband who hates chocolate

Marzipan “manages to combine kitsch (delightful), miniatures (also delightful), and candy (delicious),” says former Strategist writer Hilary Reid. These aren’t your grandparents’ desserts, so he’ll appreciate these highly realistic marzipan fruits’ cool factor, which are sweeter than actual strawberries and pears but not as sweet as a Godiva box.

For the husband who just joined an underground D&D club

D&D is back. For the role-playing novice, Dimension 20 cast member Ally Beardsley recommends spell cards. These will streamline the spell-picking process for your husband’s specific character.

For the husband who’s finally going on vacation

These space-saving packing cubes made New York associate editor Jenna Milliner-Waddell a believer. When Milliner-Waddell, a self-described chronic overpacker, moved into a tiny apartment, she had to embrace the “carry-on-only life.” These cubes allow her to take a few just-in-case outfits that she wouldn’t otherwise have been able to bring on trips.

For the husband who could use a little freshening up

I swear by this low-investment, high-return spray — which has subtle hints of citrus and cedarwood — because it makes me smell good without the typically overpowering notes of a formal cologne.

For the husband who likes to explore new cities on foot

Give his tired feet a break on the way back home. This sling lets him put his feet up, even when there’s little legroom to work with. Writer Alyse Whitney owns it and appreciates how “the straps are adjustable and hook around the tray table in front of you so that it becomes a foot hammock, rocking gently with the motions of the plane.”

For the husband who likes his coffee to stay hot for hours

We think the Yeti Rambler is one of the best travel mugs you can buy. Will Pratt, founder and owner of Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland, Maine, thinks there’s “nothing worse” than a mug that holds coffee flavor over time. Luckily, this Yeti tumbler is made of stainless steel, so it’s a breeze to clean — you can even put it in the dishwasher.

For the husband who’s a die-hard sneakerhead

Cleaning wipes aren’t the most romantic of gifts, but if he’s in love with his sneakers, he’ll love these, too. They come recommended by Joe Rocco of Jim’s Shoe Repair in Midtown. “They’re almost like baby wipes, but for sneakers,” he explains. “There’s no doubt. These will get the dirt off,” he says.

For the husband saving up for a vintage lowrider

Do yourself a favor and read Danny Trejo’s delightful list of things he can’t live without. Trejo tipped us off on the semi-romantic meaning behind these fuzzy dice that look like something you’d find in the middle of a vintage thrift haul. You’ll see them hanging on the mirrors of his “cherried out completely” lowriders.

For the husband who’s in denial about needing readers

If he took the latest news from his eye doctor hard, these barely there reading glasses from ThinOptics’ will come in handy. Strategist contributor David Pogue raves about their thin, light frames. “You don’t feel it; these things weigh less than a nickel,” he writes.

Under $50

For the husband who’s a borderline prepper

Homesteader and actual prepper Morgan Rogue carries this pocketknife, which works just as well for “heavy-duty chopping and slicing and close-up, detailed work, like whittling.” (And just so he’s prepared for anything, we’ve also got a guide to everything the budding prepper needs.)

For the husband who wants to impress dinner guests

This electric corkscrew comes recommended by T-Pain, who is admittedly “bad at get getting cork out of wine.” It removes corks with the push of a button.

For the husband who’s always drinking water

You can’t go wrong with gifting a Hydro Flask bottle, especially if you pick his favorite color. We selected it as the best overall water bottle.

For the husband whose migraines wipe him out

If Excedrin, lavender essential-oil rollers, or a dark room don’t do it for him, maybe this will. Migraine sufferer and Strategist contributor Ariel Kanter uses this freezable hat, which she affectionately calls the “eggplant.” “It relieves pain better than any other icy tool I’ve used while I wait for the meds to kick in,” Kanter writes.

For the husband who’s a fitness freak

Foam rolling comes with a whole host of benefits, from helping to prevent injuries by loosening tight spots to soothing sore muscles after a tough workout. This TriggerPoint foam roller is “just the right density to be effective without bruising,” says Radan Sturm, founder of the strength-training studio Liftonic. “A lot of rollers are too hard and will bruise rather than release. It’s the perfect size that allows you to target all major parts of the body.”

For the husband who stockpiles Wet Ones

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Retailer

An episode of Inside Edition confirmed “irredeemable germaphobe” and Strategist contributor Alison Freer’s fears: Hotel sheets can be a hotbed for germs. This silk sleeping bag acts as her “clean cocoon,” a barrier between herself and bedding that isn’t her own. It’s “the perfect clean-freak travel accessory whether you’re staying at the Waldorf Astoria or roughing it in the wilderness,” Freer writes.

For the husband whose snoring keeps you both awake

In our guide to the best anti-snore pillows, nearly every sleep expert we talked to recommended going for a wedge pillow, which “helps prevent the lower jaw and tongue from falling back into the airway while sleeping on the back,” explains Michael Gelb, a dentist specializing in TMJ and sleep disorders. Sarah Riccio, a senior writer at sleep-product review site Sleepopolis, likes Xtreme Comfort’s for its not-too-high-or-low angle and supportive memory foam.

For the husband whose favorite part of the meal is the bread basket

Nuñez de Prado

Like bottles of wine, different olive oils have distinct notes — experts have explained to us that some are milder, while others are more peppery. This tin comes recommended by James Beard Award–winning chef Jonathan Waxman, who uses it for roasting meats and making marinades. And if you need even more reason to try this olive oil, New York City institution Zabar’s stocks it, describing it as “bright and fruity with just a hint of pepper.”

For the husband who never knows what day it is

The Hobonichi Techo will ensure he never misses a deadline or date night. The cult Japanese planner has been a favorite among Strategist staffers, especially for how well it holds up. The “light gridding on each page grants every day some order but still gives me the space to dash off notes, lists, and doodles,” says writer Dominique Pariso.

For the husband who’s a burgeoning skinfluencer

A dependable Dopp kit to contain his 12-step routine is a must. This Tooletries bag is a favorite of Kyle Bergman, former senior merchant at Birchbox and founder of Swoveralls. “It’s like an old-school Chevy Suburban inside with the amount of room it has for various products,” he says. And it’s leakproof and stain-resistant just in case something spills.

For the husband who consistently burns his fingers on the grill

These insulated gloves will protect your grilling newbie from any potential accidents as they learn their way around the grill. Writer Caitlin M. O’Shaughnessy mentioned that she was introduced to these gloves from her mother, who would use them to take a turkey out of the oven. These are “designed for true-blue barbecuers who have to handle hot meat on the smoker — that means they’re waterproof, stainproof, and (most importantly) greaseproof,” she explained.

For the husband who’s always on one percent

Anyone who’s frequently on the go knows the importance of a good charge — and this Anker portable charger provides just that. It’s a favorite of many a Strategist writer and comedian Jacqueline Novak, who told us: “It’s both the thing that plugs into the wall and the battery all in one … the wall charger is the battery.”

For the husband who still loves LEGO

Photo: Publisher

Through essays, interviews, and photos, this coffee-table book takes you on a guided tour of the LEGO house in Billund, Denmark, where the building brand was born. The house “features colorful zones dedicated to building skills like problem-solving, social interaction, and creativity,” says former Strategist senior writer Karen Adelson, and if he won’t be traveling there anytime soon, this book is “the next best thing to an in-person visit.”

For the husband whose Carhartt beanie is full of holes

Polo Ralph Lauren Extreme Bear Hat
From $32
From $32

If he’s bucket-hat shy and wants to stay in the beanie family, this Polo Ralph Lauren hat is a classic. It’s warm and made almost entirely of wool (instead of acrylic). The Polo pony is a subtly flexy touch, too.

Under $100

For the husband whose stir-fry is legendary

We’ve long loved the Lodge cast-iron skillet, which is both affordable and incredibly high quality. This one, with double handles and gently sloping sides, resembles a wok, and according to chef Daniel Cutler, it will last you forever.

For the husband who’s ready to dust off his barista skills

While some espresso makers can costs upward of thousands of dollars, this machine is more reasonably priced and gets the stamp of approval from Strategist contributor Siraad Dirshe, who called it “a game changer” for making coffee at home.

For the husband who’s a jet-setter

If he’s a frequent flier, he’ll appreciate this little gadget that allows him to pair wireless AirPods with the plane’s entertainment system as well as other A/V setups he might encounter on his travels. “It can be used with your gaming console; the stereo in, say, a rental car; and with any non-Bluetooth speaker where you want to play music or podcasts from your phone,” writes kitchen and dining writer Emma Wartzman.

For the husband who needs to relax

If he’s feeling a little on edge, he might appreciate the comforting embrace of a weighted blanket. Milliner-Waddell calls the YNM blanket a worthy dupe of Gravity Blanket’s (much pricier) option. “I now define my life as pre–YNM blanket and post–YNM blanket. Pre-YNM, it took me what felt like forever to fall asleep,” she writes. This blanket is cooling too. Dani Donovan, creator of ADHDDD, a community platform for adults with ADHD, told us that it “gently cools me off without being too cold.”

For the husband who’s decidedly not a sneakerhead

From $35

… Or into any fancy footwear, frankly. Serving the purpose of both a slipper and quick-errand shoe, these shearling-lined Crocs are perfect for the guy who would just rather stay in socks.

For the husband who dreams of RV living

Cliq Compact Outdoor Chair

When we asked picnic professionals for their essentials, one of their top tips was to make sure to bring an outdoor chair. This Cliq chair “basically folds up to the size of a Nalgene water bottle,” according to Julie Lindenman, owner of the eponymous event-planning company.

For the husband who moonlights as a Twitch streamer

These are “a gateway for many into the world of LED lights” — an essential piece of lighting equipment for any gamer (or gamer-to-be). Nintendo streamer jujube uses the strip to light up her Pokémon plushie collection.

For the husband with a bad case of tech neck

If he’s slouching and sore and your hands are tired of doing daily massages, here’s a solution. After Adelson struggled with hunching and slumping while working from home, she realized that a 15-minute session with the Resteck massager could soothe her stiff neck and shoulders. “The massaging knobs genuinely feel like hands, kneading aching muscles and working out sore spots,” she writes.

For the husband who’s perfecting Grandma’s pasta recipe

Italian company Marcato Atlas has pretty much solved the problem of pasta that’s prone to tearing — this machine, which comes recommended by two professional pasta-makers, can make lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliolini.

For the husband who’s perfecting Grandpa’s waffle recipe

This waffle iron is the only one that Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon uses to make her favorite grain-free waffles. She went through six other models before she found Cuisinart’s, which she says keeps her waffles fluffy and spongy so that syrup can easily seep through.

For the husband who needs a reminder to floss


There are some spots where a toothbrush just can’t reach. A water flosser can help keep pearly whites in tip-top shape. When we talked to dentists and dental hygienists about them, 23 out of 29 preferred flossers from Waterpik. “They are the holy grail of Waterpiks and flossers, and I recommend their product to all my patients,” said Brooklyn-based dentist Elliot Eskenazi. The brand’s Aquarius flosser got several shout-outs, especially for its ten different pressure settings and strong engine for cleaning in between teeth.

For the husband who always handles the aux cord

JBL Clip 4

Bowman initially believed there was no way a speaker this small could be good. To his surprise, its sound was clear even on a California beach with loud waves. Plus the design is perfect for commutes, walks, or just getting around. “The clip design allows you to attach it to nearly anything — it held just as well to a hiking pack as it did a bike basket,” Bowman writes. 

For the husband with sore feet


Even if he’s more likely to give a foot rub than request one, we can guarantee he’ll enjoy this heated foot massager that’s been a hit among Amazon reviewers and Strategist readers.

Under $200

For the husband who only needs one pair of gloves

Give’r 4 Season Gloves

It’s hard to think of a piece of gear that I’ve beat up more than my pair of Give’r gloves. These are my main winter gloves, ski gloves, and work gloves. Strategist contributor James Lynch likes the original Give’r gloves, but I prefer the four-season version, which is a little warmer. The best part? Give’r can brand custom initials on each pair.

For the husband who starts his day before you

Loftie Clock

The Loftie is not just a digital alarm clock — it’s more like a calming bedside companion that encourages you to keep your phone away from the nightstand. It comes with soothing wake-up tones, an entire playlist of ambient noise, meditation guidance, breathing exercises, and a soft nightlight.

For the husband who’s always working out a knot in his shoulders


Thanks to the power it packs in its portable size (it’s less than six inches wide and weighs less than 1.5 pounds) the Theragun Mini is one of the most frequently recommended massage tools on the Strategist. “Anytime I feel a pinching or tension, I reach for my Theragun, and within minutes it alleviates my pain,” writes Strategist contributor Rio Viera-Newton in her review.

For the husband who could use a stylish, comfy shoe upgrade

In a world of constantly out-of-stock Birkenstock Boston clogs, senior Strategist writer Liza Corsillo argues that the Tokio Super Grips are the best clog you can get from the brand, calling them “a sleeker, less expected shoe and therefore a less basic, more status-y choice.”

For the husband with a bad back

Strategist contributing writer Alice Gregory turned us on to this kneeling chair as an alternative to the standard desk chair that’s probably contributing to your husband’s bad posture. “Unlike a regular chair, the shape forces you to engage your core and naturally keeps your spine upright,” she says. “Your back muscles strengthen, and circulation improves.”

For the husband with wrinkled photos in his wallet

A digital frame will hold more photos anyway. Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio has purchased multiple Aura frames as gifts for her parents, faraway family members, and her mother- and sister-in-law. She also keeps one on her mantel. The best part? “I regularly see some of the thousands of photos that would otherwise be squirreled away in my and my family’s iPhone photo libraries,” Trolio writes.

For the husband who just can’t play another round of Catan


In the immortal words of Stefon, this game has everything: “It feels like a combination of Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, HeroQuest, and Choose Your Own Adventure books,” says Brad Driscoll, a.k.a. “Dinky Dana” to his YouTube and Twitch followers. Driscoll recommends it instead of giving a video game in our guide to gifts for gamers.

For the husband who prefers Polaroids to Instagram posts

This old-timey camera (which one trend forecaster named a very right-now gadget to have) comes with enough film for 20 photos and more modern features like a selfie mode for when the mood strikes.

For the husband whose beard care is self-care

We talked to more than a dozen experts to find the very best beard trimmers, and seven of them pointed to the Wahl Cordless Magic Clip as the best overall trimmer. The grooming professionals we spoke to said the Magic Clip “might be the most powerful, sharp, and capable beard trimmer on the market.”

For the husband who wants to start a podcast

An actual professional microphone might increase the chances of his “super-original idea” taking off.

For the husband who’s a routine outfit repeater

Somehow, it seems he only owns one sweater. So replace his decades-old cashmere with a sweater from State, which has “earned a reputation” for its quality and reasonable price point, according to style blogger Joel Moore. Moore especially likes this timeless turtleneck.

For the husband who’s the rise-and-grind type

The Baratza Encore rose to the top of the pack in our guide to the best coffee grinders. When Elliott Foos, director of coffee at Daymoves in Brooklyn, used to run a coffee shop, the Encore was a workhorse, “grinding from fine espresso to the most coarse setting for French press or cold brew.” And it’s just as powerful for home use. “It’s simple to use and super-consistent,” according to Joanna Lareau, café manager at Stumptown Coffee.

For the husband who’s more the cuppa type

From $170

“The Fellow Stagg EKG is, without question, the gold standard of electric kettles,” says our kitchen and dining writer Emma Wartzman. It has a loyal fanbase for its precise pour, power (heating up super-quickly), and looks. “For an object you’re going to have sitting on your countertop day in and day out, there is no one else that really touches Fellow in terms of looks,” says Marco Suarez, one of the owners of Methodical Coffee. It’s also one of the nine things that classical pianist Jeremy Denk can’t live without.

Over $200

For the husband who wears his sweaters into the ground

The Shaggy Dog is classic and versatile — Bren