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52 Gifts for Every Type of Husband (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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It can be tough to find a gift for the man in your life. You’ve probably already gotten him a warm sweater and even those freezable whiskey stones. And he’s allergic to flowers. Instead of getting him yet another sports massage, let us help. Because all husbands are different — maybe yours is a passionate home cook, a lawn-game enthusiast, or a business traveler — we’ve rounded up picks for all types of guys with all types of interests. Even if your husband claims he doesn’t want anything on his birthday or your anniversary, one of these gifts (drawn mostly from our archive of useful and delightful products) will surely be appreciated and let him know you love him. Plus, they’re all available on Amazon for your one-click convenience.

For the husband trying to be more ecoconscious

Get him started with this (surprisingly nice-looking) compost bin that’s made from biodegradable bamboo fibers instead of plastic.

For the husband who can’t sleep

If he’s up all night tossing and turning, he might like the comforting embrace of a weighted blanket. We think this one makes a good gift because it has a crisp, clean look and is made from breathable cotton.

For the husband who’s a kid at heart

He can dock the Nintendo Switch, a favorite console of both kids and grown-up gamers, to the TV and then take his game on the go when it’s time for his commute.

For the handy husband

Leatherman Free K4X

Strategist contributing writer Dan Dubno tells us this Leatherman multi-tool (it has eight accessories, including a bottle opener and Phillips screwdriver) is the only one he’s ever owned that can be opened with one hand. It’ll motivate your DIY husband to finally make those little home repairs he’s been talking about.

For the former Eagle Scout husband

He’ll appreciate this trusty pocket knife that one writer has used to slice through apples, open packages, gut a trout, and butcher a 400-pound caribou on the Arctic tundra.

For the husband who travels for work


Anyone who’s frequently on the go knows the importance of a good charge — and this Anker portable charger gives just that. It’s a favorite of many a Strategist writer, and comedian Jacqueline Novak, who told us: “It’s both the thing that plugs into the wall and the battery all in one … the wall charger is the battery.”

For the husband who travels for pleasure

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

Even if he’s been everywhere, he’ll definitely find a new destination to add to his bucket list in this compendium of off-the-beaten-path attractions around the world. Released at the end of last year, the new second edition includes 12 city guides and a foldout map for an around-the-world journey.

For the husband who’s more of a homebody

We get it: Sometimes you just want to spend quality time on the couch. And we can’t think of anything better to wear while lounging than this fleece bathrobe that one Amazon reviewer calls “very luxurious-feeling.”

For the husband (and spouse) who are both homebodies

Cuddle up together under this throw blanket that’ll also look nice casually draped over the sofa.

For the husband who’s skin-care curious

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

You can’t go wrong with this lightweight moisturizer that dermatologists recommend for dry, oily, and mature skin alike.

For the husband who’s serious about skincare

This mask comes recommended by men’s grooming editor Garrett Munce, who says that it “comes in two parts (so you don’t have to use the bottom if you have a beard), is made from thick biocellulose that’s never left sticky paper fibers on my face (the way cheaper masks can) and imparts crazy amounts of moisture without feeling sticky.”

For the husband who’s a new dad

A full night’s sleep might be a thing of the past, but a strong cup of this dark-roast brew will give him the energy he needs to make it through the day. As one satisfied Amazon reviewer writes, “If you like coffee that kicks you in the butt, this is that coffee.”

For the husband who’s a cat dad

When we talked to cat behavioralists and pet store owners about the best gifts for cat lovers, several recommended this SmartCat scratching post. Nora Wood, adoption-event coordinator for volunteer cat rescue group and nonprofit Anjellicle Cats, says it’s a perfect gift because “cats can’t knock it over — very important! — and the cat can stretch out her back while scratching.”

For the husband who’s a plant dad

Marc Hachadourian, Senior Curator of the NYBG Orchid Collection, told us that he keeps this pair of lightweight shears on his belt “in a little holster practically all day long.” He uses them for everything from cutting flowers to slicing bamboo for staking — and if your husband has a green thumb, we think he’ll get plenty of use out of them, too.

For the husband who aspires to be a plant dad

Since it’s notoriously easy to keep alive, the snake plant — or sansevieria — is often recommended as a good starter plant. As one shop owner told us, it’s “pretty much indestructible,” so “it builds someone’s confidence and makes sure they’re gonna be set up for success.” This one even comes in a planter.

For the commuter husband

Kinto Travel Tumbler
From $22

Whether he’s making coffee at home or stopping by a café on the way to work, he’ll like how this stylish tumbler — a top pick among baristas and self-proclaimed coffee snobs — keeps his drink hot for hours.

For the husband who drinks iced coffee year-round

This stainless-steel straw set (which includes two straight and two curved) comes with a cleaner so your husband can keep his new, more sustainable straws in spotless condition.

For the husband who’s proud of his grilling skills

Did you know it was possible to monogram steak? This custom steak brander comes recommended by Strategist contributor Leah Bhabha, who says it was the best gift she ever gave her boyfriend — we’re fairly certain any grilling-obsessed husband will be into it, too.

For the husband looking to spice things up (in the kitchen)

Ted Lee, co-author of Hotbox: Inside Catering, the Food World’s Riskiest Business, recommends this cookbook that draws on African-American culinary traditions as one of his favorites to gift. “I’ve had Jubilee for just a few weeks and already the deviled crab, sweet-potato salad, and the okra rice are in regular rotation — these recipes work, they’re cookable, flavorful,” he says.

For the husband looking to spice things up (in the bedroom)

Packaged in a surprisingly tasteful glass bottle, this fancy lube is one of our readers’ favorites. We learned about it from Samantha Bard, co-owner of Brooklyn-based Shag, who says it’s “one the highest-quality silicone lubes out there.” Plus, it’s compatible with most sex toys.

For the husband who’s the neighborhood cornhole champ

Mölkky Original Game
Photo: Courtesy Molkky

If he’s looking for a new lawn-game challenge, introduce him to this Finnish game that Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder tells us is very popular among young Parisians.

For the husband who likes to sketch

Give him the sketchbook that illustrator Maira Kalman can’t live without — the pages are perforated, should he want to dispose of any drawings he’s less than pleased with.