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The 9 Very Best Slippers for Men

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So what takes a men’s slipper from just okay to excellent? Because the line between slipper and outdoor shoe has become ever blurrier, they must be comfortable enough for, say, going to grab some milk at the deli downstairs, walking the dog, and — for an emboldened few — wearing them about their day. A warm slipper is wonderful; a hot slipper is not, so I looked for slippers that won’t make your toes sweat. And then, they must be handsome.

Slippers fall into the category of item that should bring a person some joy, which is why they’re such a popular gift. A tip for those who plan on gifting a man slippers: Get him a pair with a thick rubber outsole and treads so he can wear them outside. To make this guide, I polled many a stylish man (including designers, photographers, and our own writers) and dug through our archives of slipper content (we have a lot of it) before testing some out myself. Turns out the men’s slipper-verse is vast and wide! The market is, of course, saturated with your classic suede-shearling numbers, but so many designers are creating actually kind of cool guy slippers too.

What we’re looking for


I tried my best to include slippers in a range of sizes. Because they don’t typically come in standard shoe sizing, all sizing details are noted below, including if they come in unisex, half-sizes, or come in wide or narrow options.

Outsole material

Podiatrist Dr. Asim Sayed told me shoppers should prioritize support and protection. He recommends a rubber outsole for extra protection, stability, and control compared to other softer materials, which are “pretty much like big socks.” If you plan on wearing slippers outside (even to grab the mail), or if you have neuropathy, a hard protective sole is especially important.

Upper and lining material

This mostly boils down to personal preference, so I included a range of options. There are waterproof slides made with a lightweight material and shearling-lined cold-weather slippers. Sayed did note that anyone who has a bunion should look for slippers with a forgiving lining material (like a breathable mesh) rather than an irritating fabric (like leather).

Design features

As I mentioned, slippers refer to a broad range of footwear — from open-toe sandals to high-ankle booties. This comes down to preference, so I noted design features, like whether they have straps, an open back, or an open or closed toe. If you or the person you’re shopping for has any Achilles-tendon pain or a Haglund’s deformity (an enlargement of the bony section of the heel), Sayed says it’s best to stick with an open-back shoe.


Slipper prices are broad, ranging from $20 to a couple hundred dollars, depending on their durability and materials they’re made of. I included affordable options as well as worth-it slippers. Every pair is denoted as either $ (under $100), $$ (under $150), or $$$ (over $150).

Best men’s slippers overall


Sizes: 5 to 17 | Outsole material: Rubber | Upper and lining material: Wool | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $$

As I dug through our cozy-shoe content, these wool slippers from Glerups came up so much — in gift recommendations, Celebrity Shopping stories, and more — that I had to test them out myself. After almost two months of everyday wear, I fully get the hype. They tick all the boxes of an everyday house slipper: easy to slip on, warm but not suffocating, and durable. The break-in period is about two to three days, and after that, I found that these molded perfectly to my feet. I now find myself wearing them nonstop. Even on the chilliest days, these keep my toes nice and toasty, but thanks to the sweat-wicking wool material, I don’t have to worry about sweaty feet. I mainly wear mine indoors, but I’ve accidentally worn them on mail runs because I forget that they’re on. If you do want slippers that work for both indoors and outdoors, these would do fine. Just be sure to opt for the waterproof rubber sole instead of the leather sole, which artist Marcel Dzama told us wears out faster.

Best men’s slippers for wide feet

Sizes: 5 to 15.5 | Outsole material: 20% recycled EVA, 80% EVA | Upper and lining material: 51% cotton, 42% recycled polyester, 7% polyamide upper and 100% recycled polyester lining | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

Brunch is a New York–based start-up that sells hotel-inspired shoes. Several Strategist staffers tested these, and the consensus: The L’Essentials are durable, warm without being stuffy, and supportive without being orthopedic. Erin Schwartz says the thick EVA sole is sturdy enough for outside wear. As for their fit, Kitty Guo, who has wide feet, told me they’re especially roomy enough for her to wear thick socks with them. They come in a range of colors, including this classic navy as well as a really lovely hunter green.

Best shearling-lined slippers

Sizes: 6 to 17.5 | Outsole: Latex | Upper and lining: Wool with shearling | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

I first learned about these unisex shearling-lined Birkenstocks from our kitchen and dining writer Emma Wartzman, who likes hers so much that she’s gifted them. I’ve been testing them for about a month and can confirm they’re as cozy and supportive as she’s said. The shearling lining provides plenty of warmth without feeling stuffy, and these have slightly more arch support than the Glerups. These are also constructed with a removable inner footbed, which is great if you want to wash the rest of the slipper. I personally found the structure a little less comfortable compared to the seamless Glerups, however. If you’re looking for a cozy slipper that has the classic support Birkenstock’s known for, these are for you.

Best boot slippers

From $86

Sizes: 7 to 13 | Outsole: Rubber | Upper and lining: Sheepskin | Design: Closed-toe | Price: $

For an even warmer pair of shearling slippers, go with these booties from Maine-based brand Acorn. While I haven’t had the chance to test them for myself, former Strategist writer David Notis swears by their supportive memory-foam cushioning and generously fluffy sheepskin lining. The rubber outsole means you can throw them on to take out the trash without worrying about wear and tear, and the adjustable collar can be flipped up for extra chilly days.

Best insulated slippers

Sizes: XXS to XL (Unisex) | Outsole: Rubber | Upper and lining: Teflon-coated nylon upper with faux fur | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

I found Strategist contributor Lauren Adams’s ode to her Japanese Subu slippers extremely compelling. While they function almost like a sandal, they provide plenty of comfort and warmth in and out of the house in cooler weather. Dubbed the “puffer jackets for your feet,” the lightweight slippers come in classic black, other neutrals, and limited-edition collaboration designs with brands like the MoMA, And Wander, and End.

Best slipper socks

Sizes: M to XL | Outsole: Acrylic, nylon | Outer and lining: Wool and rayon blend | Design: Closed-toe | Price: $

I’ve been testing the Bombas Gripper Slippers since last summer. While they don’t offer as much support as the other slippers on this list (unsurprising, since they are hybrid sock-slippers), they do have a padded footbed. I’d compare these to wearing an ultracushioned pair of thick wool socks without the slipping and sliding, thanks to their grippy dots on the footbed. Because they’re so compact, I was able to travel with them — something I’ve never considered with slippers before because of precious cargo space. These fit in my carry-on and didn’t make a dent. I found the original Gripper Slippers plenty warm, but they also come in a sherpa-lined bootie option.

Best breathable men’s slippers

Sizes: 7 to 14 | Outsole: Rubber | Upper and lining: EVA | Design: Open-toe | Price: $

Recovery slides, while not your standard moccasins, were brought up the most when I polled stylish men about the best slippers. The men I talked to were so convincing that I called in a pair to test myself, and I agree: They are the most comfortable pair of slippers I’ve ever owned. They’re so lightweight and plush that I’ve found myself walking further on my morning strolls with my dog. I found that Hokas plus toasty socks strikes a perfect balance. Timothy Grindle, co-founder of Canoe Club, and Copper Terrones, a sales manager at Canoe Club, both told us they’re the most comfortable shoes they’ve owned, when we sought out stylish slides. Grindle likes that they’re substantial enough to run errands in and truly like walking on clouds.

Best less expensive breathable men’s slippers

Sizes: Small, medium, and large | Outsole: Plastic | Upper and lining: Cotton waffle weave | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

Months ago, I requested these waffle slippers from homewares brand Hawkins New York (makers of our favorite quilts, cloth napkins, and linen sheets) after designer Alex Crane told me how comfortable they are for year-round wear. They’re breathable and roomy, so I can wear them with thick wool socks, similar to my Hokas, for optimal coziness. While I wouldn’t necessarily wear them out on long walks, I’ve worn them to grab the mail without issues, and they have enough traction so that I’m not slipping on tile or hardwood floors. Another big plus: They are half the price of the Hokas above. They’re not as supportive or cushiony, but I think given that they are warm yet breathable and handsome as far as inexpensive house slippers go they’re an excellent second option. After months of wear, they still look brand-new, and I expect them to stay this way since they’re machine washable.

Best leather slippers

Sizes: 9 to 12 | Upper and lining: Leather and wool | Design: Closed-toe | Price: $

A.E. McAteer is a Queens-based leather-goods store I learned about from Mapate Diop, founder of clothing line DIOP. He loves its well-constructed leather house shoes, which are more supportive than Hawkins’s waffle slippers. Made with an eighth-inch of wool lining, these are cozy while still being quite breathable. And the leather is an elevated slipper material, which Diop says ages beautifully with a worn-in patina. While he wears his exclusively indoors, he’s confident that they’d hold up comfortably outside.

Some more men’s slippers we’ve written about

Our experts

• Lauren Adams, Strategist contributor
• Chris Black, former Strategist contributor
• Louis Cheslaw, former Strategist associate editor
• Alex Crane, founder and designer of Alex Crane
• Mapate Diop, founder of DIOP
• Timothy Grindle, co-founder of Canoe Club
Kitty Guo, Strategist writer
• Parker Hurley, founder of Keepr Wear
• Adam Klein, co-creator of footwear brand Season Three
Kevin Kwan, author
Malcolm McNeil, photographer
• David Notis, former Strategist writer
• Octavio Platon Akel, illustrator and creator of Monsieur Saturday
• Anthony Rotunno, former Strategist senior editor
• Dr. Asim Sayed, podiatrist
Erin Schwartz, Strategist writer
• Bryant Simmons, stylist
• Nick Sugihara, founder of Ijji
• Copper Terrones, sales manager at Canoe Club
Emma Wartzman, Strategist writer

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The 9 Very Best Slippers for Men