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The 17 Very Best Slippers for Women

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

Since the start of the pandemic, slippers have gone from strictly inside shoes to almost any shoes you can easily slide on your feet. And whether you’re continuing to work from home or not, a pair of slippers is convenient to have on hand for wearing around the house or quick runs to the bodega. To help narrow down the options, we spoke to stylish experts — including designers, stylists, and our own writers — and dug through our archives of comfy shoe content to find the best slippers for nearly any occasion.

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What we’re looking for

Size ranges: Since slippers typically don’t come in standard shoe sizing, we tried our best to include pairs with a wide range of sizes. We’ve noted all sizing details, below, from whether they come unisex, include half sizes, or come in wide or narrow options.

Material: When stylist Savannah White shops for slippers, she looks for “breathable materials that will still insulate and keep you warm.” Other experts we spoke to prioritized the durability and weight of their slippers. What you’re looking for depends on your preference and what time of the year you’re wearing the slippers. To help, we’ve listed the outer and lining materials that each pair is made of.

Design features: Because slippers is such a broad term, they come in variations from open-toe sandals to high-ankle booties. Here, we’ve noted design features like whether they have an open or closed toe, straps, open back, or added accoutrements.

Price: The price of slippers runs the gamut from $20 to a couple hundred dollars, depending on the materials they’re made of. We focused on worth-it slippers and their more affordable options. Every pair is denoted as either $ (under $100), $$ (under $150), or $$$ (over $150).

Best overall women’s slippers

UGG Coquette
From $120
From $120

Sizes 5–12 | Sheepskin with shearling lining | Closed-toe with open back | $$

The Australian brand UGG is a longtime Strat favorite and continues to top stylish people’s lists of cozy footwear. Naomi Elizée, a market editor at Vogue and host of the podcast So … What Do You Do Again?, likes that this specific pair is easy to slip on and has extra fluff. “Whenever I put them on, it feels like a hug, but for my feet,” she says. When we spoke to women about their favorite loungewear, writer and model Imani Randolph told us she has been living in her pair, echoing how cozy they are. And while stylist Mecca James-Williams likes to wear these around the house, she appreciates the solid sole for its foot support.

Best less expensive women’s slippers

Sizes XS–XL | Cotton terry | Open-toe | $

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet supportive pair under $50, Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla recommends Parachute’s cotton terry slippers. “I hate, hate, hate flat slippers, since they do very little in the way of support. So while these look similar to those you’d get gratis from a spa, they have the one thing I’m always in search of: a cushioned footbed,” she says. “Even when I’m just standing around doing little chores around the house, I don’t end up with achy feet.” The open-toe design can be worn year-round, since Pardilla pairs socks with them in the winter and wears as is in the summer. And as someone with wider feet, she notes that she can “actually slip these on without a problem.”

Best affordable house slippers

Sizes S/M and L/XL | Polyester | Closed-toe with open back | $

For a super-affordable pair of house slippers, Maricia Josephs, founding editor of Dream in HD and an associate public relations manager at UGG, turned us on to these from Ikea. She likes that they’re “cheap, easy, and great for travel.” They only cost a couple bucks, so they’re easy to stock up on as a backup pair or as slippers