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The 21 Very Best Slippers for Women

From waterproof and lightweight options to cozy cold-weather pairs.

Photo: Marcus McDonald
Photo: Marcus McDonald

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In the past few years, slippers have gone from strictly indoor shoes to almost any footwear you can easily slide on. And whether you’re continuing to work from home or not, a pair of slippers is convenient to have on hand for wearing around the house or quick runs to the bodega. To help narrow down the options, I spoke to a podiatrist and some stylish experts (including designers, stylists, and our own writers), dug through our archives of comfy-shoe content, and tested out pairs for myself. In my search, I found slippers for nearly any occasion — from cozy open-toe options for hot summer days to insulated fleece-lined slippers for colder temps.

What we’re looking for


Since slippers typically don’t come in standard shoe sizing, we tried our best to include pairs with a wide range of sizes. We’ve noted all sizing details, below, from whether they come unisex, include half sizes, or come in wide or narrow options.

Outsole material

Podiatrist Dr. Asim Sayed tells us that support and protection are two of the most important qualities to look for when shopping for slippers. He prefers anything with a rubber outsole because it offers more protection, stability, and control than softer materials, which are “pretty much like big socks.” This is especially important if you’re planning to wear slippers outside (even just to grab the mail). And if you have neuropathy or are shopping for someone who has it, a firm, hard sole (like rubber) is a must. “People with neuropathy don’t feel a lot of things that someone who doesn’t have neuropathy feels,” Sayed says. “They could have a Lego in their slipper all day long and they wouldn’t even know, which leads to wounds, and that can lead to amputations or worse.”

Upper and lining material

This mostly comes down to personal preference. When stylist Savannah White shops for slippers, she looks for “breathable materials that will still insulate and keep you warm.” Meanwhile, Sayed says anyone who has a bunion will want slippers made with a forgiving lining material (like a breathable mesh) rather than an irritating fabric (like leather). Other experts we spoke to prioritized the durability and weight of their slippers, choosing uppers in sheepskin, suede, or leather.

Design features

Because slippers is such a broad term, they come in variations from open-toe sandals to high ankle booties. Sayed tells us a lot of this comes down to personal preference, but he notes that if you have any Achilles-tendon pain or a Haglund’s deformity (an enlargement of the bony section of the heel), it’s best to stick with an open-back shoe.


The price of slippers runs the gamut from $20 to a couple hundred dollars, depending on the materials they’re made of. We focused on worth-it slippers and their more affordable options. Every pair is denoted as either $ (under $100), $$ (under $150), or $$$ (over $150).

Best overall women’s slippers


Sizing: 5 to 12 | Outsole material: Cork-infused rubber | Upper and lining material: Sheepskin with shearling lining | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $$

The brand UGG is a longtime Strategist favorite. I decided to try these slippers out for myself because they were recommended by other staffers, stylish folks, and even podiatrist Dr. Sayed. The Coquettes have become my go-to house shoes. I grew up in a “no shoes or slippers” household, but these have fully converted me. There’s nothing like slipping these on on chilly mornings when I don’t want my feet to touch the cold hardwood floor. They’re easy to slide on since they have an open back, but they don’t flop around because the lining is so fluffy. Because these have a structured, thick rubber sole, I have accidentally worn them out to grab mail or run to the bodega without noticing (until I get home and realize I need to wipe them down). After wearing them almost every day for about four months, they still look and feel brand-new.

Naomi Elizée, a market editor at Vogue and host of the podcast So … What Do You Do Again?, also likes this specific pair for its extra fluffiness. “Whenever I put them on, it feels like a hug, but for my feet,” she says. When we spoke to women about their favorite loungewear, writer and model Imani Randolph told us she has been living in her pair, echoing how cozy they are. And stylist Mecca James-Williams, who wears these around the house, appreciates the solid sole for its foot support.

Best less expensive women’s slippers

Sizing: 5.5-6 to 10.5-12 | Outsole material: Rubber | Upper and lining material: Faux fur | Design: Open-toe | Price: $

I was recently part of a friend’s bridal party, and on the day of the wedding, the bride gifted all of her bridesmaids these fluffy slippers. They were perfect for getting ready in the bridal suite and throwing on at the end of the night post-reception. What’s better is that they’ve become my go-to slippers at home. Once temperatures started to rise and my UGGs were too toasty for my feet, I switched to these. While they aren’t as supportive or cushion-y as the Coquettes, that’s to be expected, since these cost a tenth of the price. I wouldn’t wear these out, but as everyday house slippers, they’ve held up surprisingly well. The faux fur material is still cozy and the inner lining hasn’t rubbed off.

Best affordable house slippers

Sizing: S/M and L/XL | Outsole material: Plastic | Upper and lining material: Polyester | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

For a super-affordable pair of house slippers, Maricia Josephs, founding editor of Dream in HD and an associate public relations manager at UGG, turned us on to these from Ikea. She likes that they’re “cheap, easy, and great for travel.” They only cost a couple bucks, so they’re easy to stock up on as a backup pair or as slippers to offer guests. They come in two sizes and are made with cushioned EVA foam insole, a polyester upper layer, and a grippy outsole for added stability.

Best for wide feet

Sizing: 5 to 15.5 | Outsole material: 20% recycled EVA, 80% EVA | Upper and lining material: 51% cotton, 42% recycled polyester, 7% polyamide upper and 100% recycled polyester lining | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

Brunch, a New York–based start-up run by two brothers, launched two years ago and sells hotel-inspired shoes. Strategist writers Kitty Guo and Erin Schwartz tested the L’Essential last year to see how they measured up against other new house slippers. Both Schwartz and Guo like that they’re durable, warm but not stuffy, and supportive but not orthopedic. “I’d usually switch from house slippers to my Crocs for quick trips down to my apartment building’s lobby, but these seem sturdy enough for outside wear,” says Schwartz. Guo, who has wide feet, especially likes that they’re “really roomy,” she says. “I was even able to wear thick socks with them.”

Best breathable women’s slippers

Best overall breathable women’s slippers

Sizing: 5 to 11 | Outsole material: EVA | Upper and lining material: Recycled bamboo | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $$

If you prefer a closed-toe slipper that won’t lead to sweaty feet, turn to Lusso Cloud’s Pelli slippers. Guo, who owns a pair herself, says they’re more breathable than the aforementioned Brunch pair because of their construction and material. The upper is made from waffle-knit recycled bamboo stretched over perforated memory foam, promoting air circulation. And, the “Triple Stack Technology” footbed, which consists of three layers of foam, feels “like walking on a cloud,” says Guo. The Pelli comes in the widest range of options, including pairs made with suede, terrycloth, leather, and polyester upper materials, and others with shearling lining.

Best less-expensive breathable slippers

Sizing: One size | Outsole material: Rubber | Upper and lining material: Cotton | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

Hay produces plenty of Strategist-approved lighting, storage, and other home goods, so we weren’t too surprised to see that it also makes chic house slippers. Stylist Hannah Black says its waffle-knit cotton slides are her favorite inside shoes because they’re “comfy, lightweight, absorbent, and inexpensive,” adding that they make great gifts for houseguests. The machine-washable slippers come in two fun multicolor combinations that lean kindercore. Be sure to note before purchasing that these come in one size only (4 inches wide and 11 inches long). I’d recommend checking the dimensions of shoes you already own to ensure they fit.

Best waterproof women’s slippers

Sizing: 4 to 12.5 | Outsole material: EVA | Upper and lining material: EVA | Design: Open-toe with two adjustable straps | Price: $

Birkenstock’s waterproof version of its Arizona slipper has been a staple in my summer wardrobe for about three years now. They’re easy to throw on for quick errands and comfortable enough to wear out on longer park days and beach trips without any issues. “Despite being made of lightweight rubberlike material, they’ve held up remarkably well on New York City sidewalks,” says Ouisa creative director and personal stylist Bryn Taylor, who’s owned her two pairs for three years. “They feel like nothing on your feet,” she says of the shoe’s “unbelievably lightweight and comfy” EVA material. Senior graphic designer Hilary Pearson is another fan because she can throw them on post–sweaty workouts. “Getting home from the gym and taking off my sneakers to slip these on is honestly my favorite part of my workout ritual,” she says.

Best less expensive waterproof women’s slippers

Crocs Classic Slide

Sizing: 6 to 12 | Outsole material: Proprietary Croslite | Upper and lining material: Proprietary Croslite | Design: Open-toe with two adjustable straps | Price: $

For a more affordable pair, Black recommends these Crocs slides. “The easy-to-clean material means you’re good to go straight from the shower or even out the door when in a rush,” she says, adding that they’re perfect for the summer. Reviewers seem to approve of them too, including one regular swimmer who has “tried all kinds of slides.” They say these Crocs’ “superb” grippy soles are probably the best on the market, and the shoes last longer than similar brands. They come in 11 colorways, and as with the classic clogs, you can add Jibbitz charms for personalization.

Best babouche-style slippers for women

Sizing: Custom | Outsole material: Leather | Outer and lining material: Leather | Design: Round or pointed toe with open back | Price: $

Bathen co-founder Hannah Zisman first discovered babouche slippers in Marrakech years ago and now owns several pairs from Etsy. She likes that the lightweight leather can be worn during the summer without her feet sweating, and prefers a pointed-toe silhouette to “make any WFH outfit seem somewhat put-together.” Ghia founder Melanie Masarin bought her yellow babouches on a trip to Morocco and pointed us to similar ones on Etsy. This specific retailer allows you to request fully customized slippers, with 17 color options and round- or pointed-toe designs available.

Best warm women’s slippers

Best overall warm women’s slippers

Sizing: 5 to 13 | Outsole material: Rubber | Upper and lining material: Wool | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $$

Another perennial Strat favorite are these wool slippers by the northern Denmark–based company Glerups. Former Strategist writer Lauren Levy calls out the extra plushness and seamless design, while former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson says the wool feels “warm, soft, and not at all itchy.” Lisa Lucas, National Book Foundation executive director, is also a fan and appreciates the treaded rubber sole. “Because I am a grubby person, I regularly wear them outside of my home, like to the bodega — which is disgraceful but also one of my great joys,” she says.

Best less expensive warm women’s slippers

Sizing 4 to 12.5 | Outsole material: Latex | Outer and lining material: Wool with shearling lining | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

These Birkenstocks are made with a wool outer layer and lined with shearling, and are about $40 less than the aforementioned Glerups. After going through slippers from Amazon, Madewell, and other popular brands, kitchen and dining writer Emma Wartzman landed on these and declared, “I think I finally found my forever pair.” The “super-warm and super-cozy” shoes “provide the classic support I know and love, meaning my feet feel good even after I’ve been standing in the kitchen cooking for a few hours,” she says. Actor Tawny Cypress says they’re “everything a slipper is supposed to be: comfy, roomy, cute.” But her favorite part about them are their detachable soles, which can be washed on their own.

Best warm open-toe women’s slippers


Sizing: S to XL | Outsole material: Thermoplastic rubber | Outer and lining material: Sheepskin | Design: Open-toe | Price: $

These sheepskin slippers come at a fraction of the price of UGGs. And because they’re open-toe, Strategist associate editor Jenna Milliner-Waddell says they’re “cozy and warm without making your feet sweat.” They’re comfy year-round, and for a little extra warmth, Milliner-Waddell pairs them with Mother denim socks. She owns the light-cream shade, and despite heavy wear, they haven’t gotten stained yet.

Best women’s moccasin slippers

Sizing: 5 to 11 with regular and wide options | Outsole material: Thermoplastic rubber | Outer and lining material: Sheepskin, shearling lining | Design: Closed-toe | Price: $

Another cold-weather slipper option comes from L.L.Bean. Social-content manager Siraad Dirshe — who has been wearing them for years, “like a true basic New England chick” — says “the durable sole makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor wear, and the shearling lining helps to draw moisture away from your feet.” Plus, they’re made with a shearling-covered EVA memory foam insole for extra comfort.

Best women’s slipper boots

Sizing: 5 to 11 | Outsole material: Rubber | Upper and lining material: Suede and sheepskin lining | Design: Closed-toe with adjustable high ankle | Price: $

Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo’s cold-weather slippers of choice are these cozy booties from Minnetonka. “Because they’re sheepskin, I put them away in the late spring and usually bring them back out and into rotation in October or November,” she says, adding that they’re “extremely comfortable, soft, and very warm, but they don’t make my feet sweat.” While Corsillo exclusively wears them indoors, they’re made with a durable, thick rubber sole. And what’s better is that even after three years, they still look new.

Best insulated slippers for women

From $53

Sizing: 5 to 11 | Outsole material: Rubber | Outer and lining material: Recycled P.E.T. outer with fleece lining | Design: Closed-toe with elastic collapsible heel | Price: $

My personal cold-weather slippers are these insulated North Face ones with a fleece lining. My sister gifted them to me for Christmas during our first New York winter, after she months of watching me fumble around in half-slipped-on tennis shoes to grab the mail or run to the bodega. They’re not my house slippers because we’re a shoe-free household, but they made quick trips to the store a much more pleasant experience, especially on frigid days. Stylist Lilli Millhiser also owns a pair and wears them mainly indoors (with the occasional bodega trip); she appreciates that they’re cozy and don’t attract her dog’s hair thanks to its outer P.E.T. material.

Best women’s slippers with arch support

Best open-toe slippers with extra arch support

Sizing: 5 to 16 | Outsole material: Proprietary OOfoam | Upper and lining material: Proprietary OOfoam | Design: Open-toe with one strap | Price: $

I’ve had these Oofos slides for almost a year now, and they’ve become my favorite slippers to date. They’re as comfortable as everyone has told us in the past, and as much as people gripe about the design, it doesn’t bother me personally. I wear them out casually in the warmer months, usually on trips to the beach, and I feel as if I could walk for days in them. This is probably chalked up to its design and its proprietary “OOfoam”: The slippers are made to reduce stress on joints and absorb more impact. SuChin Pak, who wears hers at home exclusively, adds that the extra-thick sole makes walking a little wobbly at first and forces “you to put pressure on different points of your foot,” which in turn reduces stress on sore feet, knees, and lower backs. Two other folks who’ve recommended the slippers in the past — photographer Erin Patrice O’Brien and Strategist columnist Chris Black — say these are great for people with plantar fasciitis and high arches. “They mold to the foot, and the arch support is excellent,” says Black. “Your gait will thank you!”

Best closed-toe women’s slippers with extra arch support

Sizing: 5 to 11 | Outsole material: Rubber | Upper and lining material: Wool | Design: Closed-toe with open back | Price: $

Giesswein, an Austrian heritage brand that’s been around for over 50 years, is known for offering generous arch support. Former Strategist writer Karen Iorio-Adelson, who tried a pair of its best-selling Veitsch slippers, confirms that the arch is “extremely high-profile.” This makes it ideal for anyone who likes an exaggerated arch. The rest of the slipper is made of “very soft” virgin wool and a thick rubber sole that’s “durable enough for venturing outdoors — before retreating back to the couch.” It comes in four colorways: black, red, gray, and blue.

Best clog slippers with extra arch support

Sizing: 4.5 to 13 | Outsole material: Polyurethane | Upper and lining material: Leather | Design: Closed-toe | Price: $$

Dansko’s clogs have been on our radar since 2017, when author Stephanie Danler praised the fugly shoes for “instantly creating better alignment, better posture — things that deteriorate in normal shoes.” Artist and writer Jo Rosenthal agrees and likes her pair so much that she wears them at home. “I wear them around the house because they give me support and are super-comfortable, and I feel like they are ugly-cute in the best way,” she says, adding that they’ve “saved me from so many backaches.”

Some more women’s slippers we’ve written about

Our experts

• Dr. Asim Sayed, podiatrist
Savannah White, stylist
• Naomi Elizée, a market editor at Vogue and podcast host
• Mecca James-Williams, stylist
• Imani Randolph, model and writer
• Kitty Guo, Strategist writer
• Hannah Black, stylist
• Ambar Pardilla, Strategist writer
Maricia Josephs, founding editor of Dream in HD and associate public-relations manager at UGG
• Indie McFarlane, Indy Sunglasses designer
• Jenna Milliner-Waddell, Strategist associate editor
• Bryn Taylor, Ouisa creative director and personal stylist
• Hilary Pearson, senior graphic designer
• Hannah Zisman, Bathen co-founder
• Melanie MasarinGhia founder
• Jo Rosenthal, artist and writer
• Lauren Levy, former Strategist writer
• Lisa Lucas, National Book Foundation executive director
• Karen Iorio Adelson, former Strategist senior writer
• Emma Wartzman, kitchen and dining writer
• Siraad Dirshe, social-content manager
• Liza Corsillo, Strategist senior writer
• Lilli Millhiser, stylist
• Janessa Leoné, founder of Janessa Leoné
• Lauren Stephens, founder and CEO of Dudley Stephens

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The Very Best Slippers for Women