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The Best Rain Boots for Women on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Whether you’re walking your dog on a stormy day, or tending to your garden during a light drizzle, it’s never comfortable to have wet feet. While we’ve written about lots of protective rain gear — including the best men’s rain boots, the best women’s raincoats, and the best stylish rain boots — here, we’ve rounded up the best women’s rain boots, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated women’s rain boot

Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot
From $40

“I was vastly unprepared for school in northern Wisconsin and bought these after a week of straight rain when my feet were consistently wet and cold which made me cranky and upset,” one reviewer writes, and says that these boots held up through “puddles galore, and every time I reached my destination with dry, happy feet.” Hundreds of reviewers agree that these rain boots can withstand even the most torrential downpours. “I used these in Texas, mid-October during massive rains,” one reviewer writes. “Not only were they leak-proof, comfortable and sure-footed, but they made me feel nearly invincible as I looked as other (less prepared) people around me, slogging through rain drenched grounds.” Many users also say that these work well in the snow, too. “I ordered fleece rain boot liners for them so I can wear them in the snow,” one customer writes, explaining, “Now my feet are warm and dry and I don’t have to worry about the snow (which being in Illinois there is a lot of!) ruining the boot.” As one user concludes, “After having these for a few months and wearing them through snow and rain, they are fairly comfortable, sturdy (no holes), attractive, and easy to clean (just wipe off).”

Best-rated (less expensive) women’s rain boot

NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie
From $30

“First and foremost, I have worn these boots twice and they keep my feet clean and dry,” one reviewer writes. “One time, I just wore them for a walk in the rain, and the next time, I wore them when I was mucking out horse stalls. Both times, my feet stayed dry, the boots rinsed right off and look as good as new.” Reviewers have tested these boots in a number of wet situations and they attest these boots really are waterproof. “These boots are great for a rainy Florida day, or just walking my dog really early in the morning without getting my shoes soaked from the sprinkler system,” one writes. Another notes, “They worked well in the rain and I wore them on a farm too.” To put them to the ultimate test, one reviewer writes, “The first thing I did when I got these was go out and puddle jump,” adding, “There was no water leakage, and they look great!” Dozens of reviewers also mention how comfortable these boots are and many call out the sole. “Lots of cushioning in the bottom,” one writes, while another says, “ The shoes have a very thick sole so mud and water do not seep in.”

Best no-chafe women’s rain boot

From $36

More than 1,200 reviewers give these rain boots five stars. Many fell in love with the pattern first, but as one writes, “More importantly these are very comfortable and very effective at keeping my feet dry.” They continue, “I’ve stood in up to 1-2 inches of both standing and running water. I’ve driven in these, walked through parking lot puddles, wore these while inspecting my partially flooded lawn in a rain storm, and did an hour of weeding in these the day after a week of heavy rain slogging through a wet lawn and plant beds. Comfortable in all situations and my [feet] were dry.” Others say that their favorite thing about these rain boots is the no-chafe lining. “The top of the boot is bound [in] a very soft material that doesn’t rub or irritate bare calves, making long term wear comfortable,” one user explains. Another says, “Top rims are covered in a soft fabric that doesn’t [chafe] your calves,” while another notes, “The top of the boots don’t rub my legs raw.”

Best women’s rain boots with zippers

Sperry Women’s Saltwater Rain Boot
From $53

“TL;DR: Yes, everyone and their sister owns a pair but for a reason,” one reviewer says. “They are literally the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn no joke. Do yourself a favor and get these. They are high quality and seem like they will last a long time.” Another calls these boots, “Just what I needed to wander the rainy, damp Pacific Northwest,” adding that they, “Kept my feet dry and warm. Has a side zipper I wasn’t expecting, but helps with getting them on and off.” Hundreds of reviewers were also pleasantly surprised by the zipper on these Sperry rain boots. “I like that they’re low, and I especially love the little zipper on the inside because they’re easy to get on and off,” one writes, while another says, “Zipper on the inside lets you still slip your foot in and out even though they’re more snug.” One even says the zipper comes in handy specifically when traveling: “I especially liked these boots because the zipper is convenient for going through airport security.”

Best women’s rain Chelsea boots

The general consensus among five-star reviewers is that these boots are both waterproof and stylish. “I’ve been wanting some Chelsea rain boots for a long time now, and these are PERFECT for the price,” one reviewer writes. “The rubber on these is super pliable and comfortable for day-long wear.” The sleek design also means reviewers wear them with a variety of outfits. “I am thrilled by these boots because they truly are waterproof and they work well for work,” one user writes. “I wear them with my work pants, jeans, and dresses with tights. I love the fact that they look like somewhat fashionable Chelsea boots while being rain boots.” At the end of the day though, users are impressed with how waterproof they are. One user who was admittedly hesitant writes, “I’ve worn them in the pouring rain and they have kept my feet dry,” while another concludes, “All in all — these boots were well worth the price and make a great staple to anyone’s [wardrobe,] especially anyone dealing with yucky parking lots, rain, slush, mud, or snow.”

Best women’s rain boots for wide calves

From $87

“Never wearing any other rain boots ever,” one satisfied reviewer writes. While many reviewers were admittedly drawn to these boots for the Hunter brand, they were pleased to find these short boots work with their large calves. “I have large calves and these come just to the high enough that they still look great with skirts,” one such customer writes, and they add, “I had wanted a pair for so long but thought they were too expensive. They are worth the money. When it rains out you are already bummed that you have to walk in the rain and look terrible as a result these boots lift my spirits because they are so cute while being practical.” Another user, who says they’re five-feet tall and struggles with “basically all boots that are taller than ankle boots,” calls these “the perfect fit in every way.” As for the whole weatherproof thing, one user confirms, “In addition to being stylish, they are SO handy for wet, spring weather. I can wear them with jeans tucked in or not. I wear them to walk the dog, out on the town on rainy nights, washing the car, even helping out all day with wet/sticky work making beer at the local brewery–then they clean up easily and beautifully.”

Best all-rubber women’s rain boots

Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot
From $36

Reviewers love that these boots are rubber inside and out for a number of reasons — one being they are easier to clean. “I have had some unfortunate experiences with contagious skin conditions in my life, which have taught me to appreciate things like leather couches, vinyl car seats, and rubber freaking boots,” one reviewer explains. “These are really just a blessing. They aren’t the most snug or the ‘cutest’ or whatever but if you want something you can clean in 3 minutes, sterilize, and walk around in in the deepest puddle, these bad boys are your ticket in.” Another says, “They are quite comfortable (I’ve walked several miles in them), lightweight for easy packing, and since they are rubber inside and out they are super easy to clean/sanitize between farms.” One says the all-rubber construction is so lightweight that they compare to tennis shoes: “I wore them around NYC two days in a row, no blisters or rubbing with my low profile socks. They were just as comfortable as my sneakers and kept my feet perfectly dry.”