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The Best Raincoats for Women on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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While we’ve written about lots of rain gear before — including rain ponchos, rain boots, and rain hats — here, we’ve rounded up the best raincoats for women, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated raincoat for women

From $45
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Hundreds of reviewers confirm that this raincoat does its job: It keeps you dry. But there are dozens more nuances that make it excellent. “It is light with a light mesh lining, not a winter-warmth type of lining. The length doesn’t quite hit mid-thigh; it’s more upper-thigh. The hood seems to have a protruding enough lip in the front to keep the hood in place and rain off your face,” explains one reviewer who calls this the most “adult” raincoat. She even predicts it’ll last a long time, a hunch confirmed by another reviewer who bought this raincoat in 2015. “I’ve been looking for a great rain jacket for probably 4 years, and this is the best I have found.” She came back this July 2019 to update us that her raincoat is “still going strong.” She still loves the jacket and actually bought another one because she craved “a change of pace for colors.” But even with the color switch, she describes the jacket as “perfect; warm, breathable, not too heavy, and durable.” And one more says it even lasted through “rainy conditions while hiking in Peru,” adding, “I can report back that it perfectly protects the clothes from getting wet, and keeps the warmth very well.”

Best-rated (less expensive) raincoat for women


This poncho-style raincoat is popular among reviewers who travel, because, says one, it “can be put into tote or backpack for use if suddenly it rains.” Another reviewer “took this on a trip to South America and got rained on … a lot. This held up really well,” she continues, “and kept me impressively untouched by the rain. It also packs up well, it’s heavy, and it comes with a mesh carrier bag that works nicely.” And although it looks like one of those throwaway ponchos you’d get at a tourist shop, the mesh carrier bag and heavy-duty plastic material make it a decidedly reusable option, even for everyday use. One reviewer who thinks umbrellas are useless says, “Now I wear a poncho, and this one in particular is really good … It sits halfway down my thigh and is very wide. I carry my laptop underneath and arrive to work or leisure dry.” It is one-size-fits-all, and it means it: “They have a very loose cut, so they will work for both smaller and larger people (I am usually a 2X, and I had plenty of room to spare).”

Best lightweight raincoat for women

Marmot Women’s PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket
From $75

Unlike the Columbia raincoat, this Marmot option does not have a mesh lining or insulation. It’s just a shield from the rain, but that seems to be what reviewers wanted. “This will not keep you warm but it will keep you dry,” says one reviewer who brought this with her to warmer climates. And many more reviewers think this would be particularly good for summer showers. But another customer disagrees, noting it can be used year round. “Lightweight so you do not get too hot in summer showers. Keeps you dry and you can wear as a shell over a fleece in the winter.” Plus, a third reviewer notes that because it’s so lightweight “you can roll it up super small in your suitcase when traveling or even scrunch it up and carry it in your purse when running errands.”

Best oversize raincoat for women

Photo: retailers

Some reviewers recommend sizing down in this raincoat, but many appreciate how roomy it is. “I layered with a fleece jacket and long-sleeved shirt, and there is ample room for another layer or two if needed,” one says, while another writes, “It is a little large but offers plenty of room to wear layers on colder days.” It’s particularly roomy in the arms, though one shopper notes, “You can adjust the size of the waist, hood, and wrists,” for a more fitted look. And because this raincoat is lightweight, it “doesn’t lead to sweating or buildup of moisture, which is amazing.” Reviewers are impressed with how water resistant this jacket is, too. “It kept me dry standing outside in the pouring-down rain for 30+ minutes,” one says, while another who wore this in an “atmospheric river” says, “This coat — with its perfect fit over warm clothes, water-resistant surface, great zippers that actually work, and numerous other features — kept me warm and dry.”

Best women’s raincoat that covers your butt

Columbia Women’s Splash a Little II Jacket
Photo: retailers

This isn’t exactly a long raincoat, but it’s a few inches longer than most others on this list, and that extra length makes it a favorite with many reviewers. “I am only five-foot-three, but I loooove the length,” one such shopper writes. “This was the main reason this jacket caught my eye. I wanted a jacket which covers my butt and also keeps it dry when I sit down on a wet seat/bench.” Another says, “I love how it’s a bit longer and covers my butt and cinches in a bit at the waist to flatter my figure.” This is also another roomy rain jacket, with plenty of room for layering. One customer says, “I was able to layer a T-shirt, thin sweater, thin vest, thin Rab three-season jacket, and a puffy vest under it, no problem.” In addition to being water resistant, it’s fairly wind resistant, too. One reviewer who took this on a bachelorette trip to Iceland says, “It blocked ALL the wind, which helped to keep me warm(ish).”

Best plus-size raincoat for women

Photo: retailers

About one-quarter of reviewers describe this jacket as lightweight. “I compare the material to a parachute material,” one says. “Soft, you can roll it up small, and put it in your purse.” The lightweight material also makes it great for layering, even if it’s not the warmest option out there. “While it is not lined, it is a great jacket for those slightly chilly days — like 50–55+ degrees,” another reviewer says. “The jacket also works well in light rain or drizzly weather and dries very fast. In fact, water droplets pretty much ran off the material without soaking in.” Other shoppers say this jacket could hold up to more than just a drizzle. One on the Oregon coast says that, even when she wears it in a downpour, the rain “does not leak through.” And best of all, this raincoat fits well. “I wear a 3X and ordered a 22, and it fits perfectly fine,” says one plus-size reviewer. “Everything is the right length, zipper runs up and down smoothly, and a hood if you need it.” Another notes that “understandably, there’s quite a bit of extra space up top, with just the right fit for the hip/booty area and waist.”

Best travel raincoat for women

This Charles River raincoat can fold into itself, creating a small square great for travel. “Turn the jacket over on its belly, and neatly and symmetrically fold it towards center, approximately the same size as the pocket. Hold one hand over the folded part and flip it over. Still securing it with one hand, turn the pocket inside out around what you have folded. It literally takes 20 seconds,” one reviewer explains. But another reviewer is a little less precious with packing it up. She writes, “You can fold this into itself by stuffing it in its own pocket.” She even notes that it comes with a strap, but beware people will mistake it for a handbag, she says. “I had to explain it was actually my jacket.” And one more “traveled to several continents with this windbreaker over the past 18 months,” reporting back that it “still looks and feels like new,” even “after being scrunched in a ball in the bottom of a backpack for several days.”