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The Best Clothes-Drying Racks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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We’ve written about lots of things that help you do your laundry — including the best laundry bags, best laundry baskets, and best portable washers — here we’ve rounded up the best clothes-drying racks, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated (least expensive) clothes-drying rack

AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack

With over 70 percent of reviews being five-star ratings, this clothes-drying rack was a favorite among shoppers for its durability, sturdiness, and how easily it folds and unfolds. One reviewer, who says it’s sturdy “like a tank,” writes, “I’ve had this drying rack for a few years now and keep meaning to write a review of it because I love it so much. I know—a drying rack. How can you love a drying rack? But I use this almost every day to hang dry delicates and synthetic-fabric athletic wear and it is really the best.” And more than one reviewer wishes they’d found this rack earlier. One says, “My only regret with this purchase is that I didn’t do it sooner. My apartment’s dryers are terrible at drying anything, so it is almost a guarantee that I will still have some of my laundry that is damp/wet after a cycle. This rack makes that painful experience a little easier now that I don’t have wet clothes hanging all around my house. I can finally have people over on laundry day!” Another late adopter praises the rack highly, saying, “It’s taken me 40 years to finally own a folding drying rack, and damn, you can cram it full of items. The rack stands proudly, a sturdy white beacon of steel, rivet and pride, and hope … and an overall more sensible way for a man to do his own laundry on the fly.”

Best stainless-steel clothes-drying rack

Shoppers praised the sturdiness of this rack, and many called it “heavy duty.” The stainless-steel frame was a big selling point, too. One reviewer says, “I love the fact that it’s stainless steel and there’s no chance for the slightest bit of mold to grow on it.” And reviewers liked that they could use the rack outside without worrying about rust. “The stainless steel and plastic construction is all-weather durable: it won’t mildew or rot like some wood racks can,” says one shopper. Another writes, “The stainless steel makes it great for using outside and it’s really sturdy — haven’t had it fall over or get pushed at all in the wind.”

One-fifth or reviewers describe this stainless steel clothes-drying rack as sturdy. “Very sturdy and has plenty of room for a full load of laundry,” one writes, while another reports the they, “Currently have 5 hoodies, 15 tee shirts and 9 pairs of jeans hanging on it.” One says it’s, “A little hard to close, but I don’t mind that — better too sturdy than not.” But its size also makes it a nice choice for larger items, like sheets and blankets. And it’s surprisingly multifunctional. One reviewer “used it as a temporary closet space while we redid our closet/bathroom,” while another sets up three of these “for displaying my wind chimes at craft show.”

Best bamboo clothes-drying rack

Another rust-free option is bamboo, and shoppers loved how low-key and reliable the material is. “I would recommend bamboo over any other material,” says one shopper. “It gets wet, then it dries; no big deal. I know I’ll have this for a long time without having to worry about it rusting or getting gross. It’s exactly what I wanted.” And the design is so good that even an architect praised it: “I LOVE this bamboo clothes drying rack, so much that I custom built its own cabinet in my laundry to hold it,” she writes. “It folds up to a small size, but opens up to hold an entire load of clothes. As an architect, the thing I love about it most is that the drying rods also serve as the structural support of the rack. I’ve had it for 2 years, and it’s very durable.”

Best hardwood clothes-drying rack


This drying rack is made “of the highest-quality hardwood and is beautifully finished,” says one reviewer, and more than 40 percent of users describe this as sturdy or heavy duty. Another calls it a “wooden dryer on steroids … Very sturdy. NO TIPPING and lots of room for items to air-dry.” It’s even strong enough for use outdoors, according to one user who says, “Unless you have a naughty child or an angry raccoon climb on this thing, it’s not going anywhere, even in stiff outdoor breezes.” Its strength, along with its extra-large size, means this drying rack can hold a lot, including “heavier items such as small rugs, dog beds.” And even though this is made of wood, one reviewer says they haven’t had any issue with mildew: “So we took our chances and, now, after nearly a year, I can tell you that this is used in South Dakota with all climates, and we have never had a single issue of any kind with it.”

Best clothes-drying racks for small spaces

Minky Homecare Trio Concertina Drying Rack, 49’

“Can a drying rack change your life?” asks one reviewer, who then answers their own question. “This might be the best thing I have ever purchased. It opens and closes so easily. Holds a full large load of clothing with enough space in between for everything to dry quickly. It also folds up flat so it easily fits under my bed in my small Brooklyn apt.” Many others mention that it’s the right size for their small space. One customer, who recently downsized from a laundry room to a laundry closet, says, “I use this drying rack to air dry jeans, sweaters, blouses and delicate items. It’s extremely well made and folds at the touch of a button for easy storage.” And while it’s small, it can hold a lot of clothes. “I have used it with some pretty heavy sweaters and did not see a big issue with weight distribution, which is nice,” one writes, while another says, “So far it’s held up to multiple blankets full of water, my two dog’s kennel mats, and my clothes and towels.”