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42 Strategist-Approved Grooming Gifts for Every Kind of Man

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Whether they steal your cleanser or if they only have one cursed bar of shower soap, deep down, everyone likes to be pampered. But there are a few things to consider when choosing a grooming gift for the man in your life. The gift should be practical but luxurious — and it should also suit the person who’s getting it (don’t give a soufflé face mask to someone just getting to grips with moisturizing, for example). There’s also the question of tone. You never want to offend with a gift: Does this razor say “sort out that scruff”? To help you answer those questions, we’ve compiled a list of 43 grooming gifts we’re sure will delight any (and every) kind of man. If you have a budget in mind, use the menu to jump straight to that section. Otherwise, read on for a curated selection of our favorite purchases from across our grooming coverage.

Under $25

For the guy who uses a Ziploc as his Dopp kit

The olive-green color and gold zipper make this dopp kit a handsome upgrade to that bag he’s held on to for too long.

For the guy who needs an entirely new hair-trimming kit

This all-in-one kit has been a go-to for Lenny Kravitz since junior high.

For the guy who gets itchy in winter

If he’s full of excuses about not putting on lotion but complains about itchy skin, give him this very light and — crucially — fast-absorbing moisturizing body oil.

For the guy always borrowing your lip balm

The shea butter in these lip balms makes them go on smooth, not waxy, and the SPF 25 protects the lips from harmful UV rays, which are still a factor in the winter.

For the guy who has trouble waking up

This eucalyptus-scented energizing bodywash will help him feel less groggy while moisturizing his skin.

For the guy whose skin is dried out

Whatever his skin type, this tube of luxurious exfoliating scrub uses lemon peel and glycolic acid to gently remove dead skin cells without irritating sensitive skin for a brighter complexion. Plus it’s free of any parabens, phthalates, and plastic microbeads.

For the guy who wants a signature scent but doesn’t want a cologne

OffCourt comes recommended by Strategist writer Jeremy Rellosa, who praised this spray for its fresh, subtle scent. “I didn’t want to constantly smell like the aggressive scents of my teens or the formal notes that come with a typical cologne,” Rellosa writes. “OffCourt’s low-investment, high-return spray filled that void perfectly.”

For the guy who is a total beginner

Priority No. 1 for anyone new to skin care beyond soap and water is making sure to moisturize and protect skin from the sun. This affordable moisturizer, recommended by fashion designer Sid Mashburn, does both.

For the guy who spends all fall growing facial hair

Mustachio’d men will appreciate this pair of precision scissors. They come cosigned by writer David Notis, who included them in his list of everything he uses to keep his beard in check.

For the guy who feels the (razor) burn

Celebrity stylist Yvey Valcin says castor oil is the unsung hero of the aftershave world. It can soothe irritation and blend the appearance of shaved areas and non-shaved areas, leaving your face hydrated and smooth.

For the guy who practically sits on the AC

This light, moisturizing mist in a can will keep him cool (and do wonders for his skin).

For the guy who takes his shampoo (and conditioner) on vacation

I simply won’t travel without this handy set of toiletry bottles that includes toothbrush caps, leak-free squeezy bottles, and dinky tubs. If he’s ever had to give up a shampoo at security (or found it exploded in his bag on arrival), he’ll welcome these.

For the guy who listens to Dewy Dudes

If he’s in the know about skin care, he’ll be aware of COSRX and its culty, best selling snail mucin. If not, he’ll still appreciate an oil-controlling cleanser that simplifies a skin-care routine (simply use once in the morning and once at night.)

$11 at Dermstore
with code: BLACK

For the guy who loves to soak

A spalike perk-me-up for bathtime is a simple gift — but always appreciated.

Under $50

For the guy whose style is classic (but not fusty)

Tooletries Koby Bag

This charcoal bag has everything we look for in a dopp kit: a sturdy exterior, a roomy opening, and a handy hanging loop.

For the guy whose skin is stressed out

Whether you’re throwing them into his stocking or buying a bunch to wrap up, sheet masks make great gifts. This one combines cooling properties with charcoal to refine his pores and help him relax.

For the guy who keeps it neat

Not only is this our favorite nose and ear trimmer, but it has a stainless-steel finish and satisfying weight in the hand — making it eminently giftable.

For the guy who could use a deodorant upgrade

While there’s nothing wrong with a drugstore classic like Old Spice, there comes a time when some men may want something a bit fancier.

For the guy who wants to age backward overnight

Poet Hanif Abdurraqib told us he has a pretty elaborate skin-care routine that includes this firming antioxidant night oil. Even though it’s an oil, it won’t clog pores, and it gently exfoliates as you sleep.

For the guy who wants to get rid of flakes in his hair

Photo: Retailer

The shampoo’s antifungal and antibacterial zinc pyrithione, along with the conditioner’s vitamin E, helped Strategist contributor Steven John tackle his years-long battle with dandruff.

For the guy whose post-shower hair is really puffy

For the guy who’s a beard-competition hopeful

Bearded men fricking LOVE beard oil because it adds shine, but also because it makes their beards smell good and feel less itchy. This one is our favorite thanks to its mixture of soothing oils.

For the guy who likes to streamline his routine

This moisturizing rose oil is actually a twofer: It can be used as both a fragrance and an anti-aging facial oil.

For the guy who steals your face masks

This biocellulose mask perks up the skin with ingredients like seaweed and algae, and has a very non-offensive subtle minty scent.

For the guy with green fingers

We may still be a way off from spring, but at least the living room will smell gorgeously herbaceous with this candle from Boy Smells.

Under $100

For the guy who hates flossing

There’s nothing more exciting than unwrapping a brand-new gadget or appliance, especially if that appliance also gives you an excuse to put down the floss.

For the guy who’s yet to find his signature scent

Let him dabble with a new trial-size fragrances each month (for just $16 per delivery).

For the guy who gets dolled up

Writer and stylist Alexander Julian uses this deeply moisturizing mask any time he has to go to an event or get in front of a camera. Give this to any man who loves a quick fix as much as he loves getting compliments.

For the guy who wants a nice cologne from a high-end brand

This clean scent from YSL has notes of bergamot, sage, and cedarwood. It’s one of our favorite gifts from expensive brands.

For the guy who’s worried about wrinkles

If he’s been dropping hints about retinol or DMing you Dewy Dudes posts, get him a tube of this night cream. It’s strong enough to make a difference fast but gentle enough to keep his skin from looking like a plate of Lox.

For the guy who’s up all night with a new baby

Nobody wants to look tired, even when they have a perfectly good reason for getting zero sleep. This creamy balm firms and protects delicate eye skin with ingredients like Persian-silk-tree bark and macadamia, olive, and jojoba oils.

For the guy who loves to flip his hair

You’re about to make the problem ten times worse with this protective hair oil, which gives “shampoo-commercial shine” according to Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla.

For the guy who gets his steps in

I was skeptical that you could find a great-quality shiatsu foot massager for less than $100 until Strategist writer Kitty Guo tracked down this slim, inexpensive model. It has three settings (including a heated massage) and slips under the bed when not in use.

Under $200

For the guy who wants a new everyday cologne

As a Formula One racing driver, Lando Norris is a frequent flier, which means he often stops by airport duty-free shops to test scents. He swears by this cologne from Tom Ford, which has a woody scent with notes of leather, violet, and jasmine.

For the guy in a hurry

If he needs his shaving routine to be fast, this Philips Norelco self-cleaning electric shaver is a stellar gift. (We picked the 7700 as the best overall model in our roundup of the best electric razors.)

This teeny Theragun (it’s less than six inches wide) will help work on those arm-day-induced aches and pains. 

Gifts over $200

For the guy who keeps stealing your Foreo brush

We’ve praised the Foreo brush for being an excellent skin-care tool. The men’s version has thicker silicone bristles for massaging his face and beard.

For the guy who is tired of smelling like everyone else

If he’s looking for a nonobvious fragrance but is still a fan of woodsy scents like Santal 33, this may be the next cologne for him. Actor Patrick Vaill likes how it’s surprisingly subtle and unassuming yet quite unique.

For the guy who wants a salon-quality hair dryer

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

It’s hard to beat the Dyson Supersonic, which we crowned as one of the best hair dryers.

For the guy who’s truly analog

Photo: retailer

We named this safety-razor set as the most giftable item in our razor guide: Ideal for the guy who’s attracted to the romance of a classic shave.

For the guy who’s always borrowing your hairdryer

Two stylists recommended Parlux hairdryers to us for their resilience and power — powerful enough to convince him to stop stealing yours.

Additional reporting by Liza Corsillo and Jeremy Rellosa.

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42 Strategist-Approved Grooming Gifts for Every Kind of Man