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What Lando Norris Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: McLaren

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Formula One racing driver Lando Norris — who recently launched a campaign with luggage brand TUMI — about his favorite camera, comfortable beanie, and the nostalgic drink he freezes to make “ice lollies.”

I got these last year, and they are by far my favorite pants. I think I have three black-and-white pairs, so I can always wear them when another’s in the wash and leave another at home when I’m abroad. I pretty much wear them everywhere, especially when I’m traveling. They make me feel relaxed. And they have zippers down the side, so I can zip them down if I’m too warm. I know some people like dressing up and looking smarter for travel, but for me, all I care about is comfort. I mainly wear the black and white because they go with all of my shoes (I’m a bit of a shoe freak), but I also have them in blue, green, and purple, which I only wear at home. I’m not fashionable enough to wear colorful trousers outside.

I don’t usually shop this high end. But a friend recommended Loro Piana to me recently, and I went on a bit of a winter spree. I got this blue beanie and a Christmas version with reindeer on it. It’s the most comfortable hat I’ve ever worn. They’re just extremely soft and warm. I went to Finland recently, and this was the first thing I packed. It kept my head warm throughout the entire trip.


I don’t like wearing the same scent every day, so I travel with three or four different aftershaves and colognes. Always this one, and there are a couple of Louis Vuitton fragrances as well. I’m very particular about my scents, so when I find one that I like I normally buy multiples. I’m the type of person who buys everything in threes so I can have one at home, one in my suitcase, and a backup. I think I found Ombre Leather at the airport duty-free shop. I always stop there and test scents — I’ve probably smelled them all.

I love my Capri Suns. They bring back memories. When I was a kid, we used to travel a lot, and I remember me and my brother always had pizza and Capri Sun for dinner. Maybe it wasn’t the best thing at the time, but I loved it. I can’t have it for dinner every night anymore, but it’s one of those things I had as a kid that I don’t want to let go of. My fridge is normally full of them, and my friends love it. They raid my fridge and by the time everyone leaves, they’re usually gone. I really love them during the summer. I freeze them and turn them into a little ice lolly. They’re extremely tasty and refreshing. It gives me some energy and freshens me up after a race.

Same as everyone else, I really love music. When I’m traveling, I’m either watching a movie or series, or listening to music on Spotify. I’m a very chilled guy, so I generally listen to pop or hip-hop — stuff that’s more lo-fi. It’s usually to relax or sing along, not to get hyped up. I’ve been really getting into music more recently because I’ve met some really cool people in the industry, like Kygo, Martin Garrix, and Zedd, in the last couple of years. It’s given me a new respect for the music I already loved. Martin even got me to start DJ-ing myself, and I was able to do a show with Zedd last year.

I started golfing as COVID started. My teammate at the time, Carlos, and I would go to TopGolf often because it’s next to McLaren. After a while, he got me into proper golf on an actual course in Westby Fleet, and I found it even more fun than TopGolf. I started to really get into it, even taking lessons. Now, I golf all the time in Monaco, where I live, and I’ve been lucky enough to golf at Augusta. It’s one of the hardest courses in the world to get into and play, so a lot of people get extremely jealous when I tell them I’ve played there. Because I’m such a golfer now, I travel with my gear everywhere. TaylorMade is an iconic brand, and they make great golf balls. They have different ranges that I can choose from depending on how I’m playing at the time. Sometimes I’ll want a bit more distance, and other times I’ll want more spin. They somehow always end up in every bag. I find them everywhere.

I used to be into photography when I was a little kid. Probably as far back to when I was even 6 years old. My dad had a big camera that I’d use to photograph the garden and our horses, and I’d even take it out when I was carting. That interest kind of drifted away until last year. Ash, my photographer and videographer, got me into buying this Leica while I was in Singapore for the Grand Prix. It’s a beautiful camera. I don’t know what the magic is, but the color of the images comes out so clean. I’ve played around with a few other cameras but nothing matches the enjoyment I get from this one. I photograph for memories more than anything. I take photos at friends’ birthday parties, special occasions, going out, and traveling. When we went to the desert in Dubai, I took a bunch of pictures and they’re just nice to look back on.

$17 for 14

I’m a fidgety guy. I can’t sit still for very long. A lot of the stuff on my list are things that keep me relaxed, including my chewing gum. I always have to have it on me. Sometimes I’ll go for strawberry or tropical flavors, but I mainly stick with mint. It helps me stay calm, and it keeps my breath fresh at the same time.

Travel is my life now. I take basically everything I own with me half the time, so it’s important to have luggage that can withstand a lot. Tumi’s bags are very durable. I carry my work laptop, sunglasses, watch, and plenty of other valuables. It’s all very safe in this backpack because of all the pockets and protection. I never worry about it getting damaged. I also always travel with my gaming laptop, but it’s so big that I have to put it in my suitcase, which is also Tumi. I’m lucky that I have a lot of different bags from the brand, including this, my suitcase, golf bag, and even a shoe bag. I love that they all match in this silver-metal color. The other guys on my team all have McLaren bags, but I’m the lucky guy who gets to carry around Tumi.

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What Lando Norris Can’t Live Without