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What Are the Best Men’s Sweaters?

Photo-Illustration: retailers

As any guy who has dressed for cold weather knows, having dependable base layers and jackets (or outerwear that offers even more coverage) often isn’t enough to get you through the most frigid months. That’s why no winter wardrobe is complete without at least one great sweater that can keep you warm both inside and out (and, ideally, look good on Zoom, too.) To help narrow down the endless options you can buy, we asked 20 discerning men to tell us about the best sweaters they’ve found — the ones they wear year after year (or plan to) because they hold up but also never go out of style. While we asked them to share sweaters of all styles, the majority of their picks, perhaps not surprisingly, take the form of crewnecks, which are arguably the most versatile style of sweater since they can easily be paired with both T-shirts and button-downs. But we heard about standout cardigans, turtlenecks, V-necks, and zip-ups, too, all at price points that run the gamut. (The more expensive sweaters we heard about were often described as sound investments when you consider how many years of wear they can provide.) Read on for all our cool guys’ favorite sweaters, which we’ve supplemented with a few Strategist-approved options for good measure.

Best men’s crewneck sweaters


Uniqlo’s affordable sweaters received three nods from our sources, which isn’t surprising given how consistently the brand ranks at the top of most every list of men’s clothing we put together. Creative producer Yale Breslin explains the appeal of the brand’s classic cashmere sweater simply: “The price is right and the fit is perfect.” His praise echoes Chris Black’s, who wrote earlier this year that he buys two or three Uniqlo cashmere crewnecks every winter. “It’s well priced and fits like it should, not too tight but not too baggy,” he says of the sweater, which comes in eight colors. (Photographer Christopher Fenimore is our third Uniqlo-sweater wearer, but his preferred sweater is, alas, not currently available.)