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The 11 Very Best Men’s Cashmere Sweaters

Including classic cable-knits and far-out tie-dyes.

Illustration: Marcus McDonald
Illustration: Marcus McDonald

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Cashmere is buttery soft, nice-looking, and sometimes even seasonless. As I write this, it’s late summer and I’ve actually been reaching for my cashmere on chiller (below 70 degrees) mornings. I’ve been washing and wearing sweaters a lot during my search for the best men’s cashmere, and I’ve found that the fabric gets softer over time as long as you care for it properly (more on that below). All things considered, I prefer my cashmere to the average cotton sweater. But the best men’s cashmere sweaters do have a heftier price tag. The yarn comes from the fluffy undercoat of cashmere goats, which is both scarce and labor intensive to obtain but also makes for a softer and warmer fiber than sheep’s wool.

With more affordable brands cropping up, you can get cashmere for a pretty affordable price (like Naadam and Quince’s basic sweaters, which start under $100). Not all cashmere is created equal, though, so I tried out sweaters myself, testing their weight, feel, and durability. I also consulted stylish men for their favorites. Below are sweaters we think are worth their price and ones that don’t skimp on quality.

What we’re looking for


In our search for the best, we’re looking for sweaters with an inclusive range of sizing options.


As mentioned, the feel and weight are important when shopping for cashmere. The quality is reflected by grades: A, B, and C. Grade C is the lowest grade, measuring around 30 microns wide per cashmere hair. Grade B measures around 18 to 19 microns wide per cashmere hair. And Grade A, the highest, measures no more than 14 microns wide per cashmere hair. (For context, the average strand of human hair is about 70 microns thick.) All that is to say the best-quality cashmere is finer, resulting in the softest and best-constructed sweaters. And though all cashmere will eventually pill, lower-quality cashmere is prone to pilling faster and more frequently. We noted the grade if that information is provided by the brand.

Style and details

With cashmere, you might want to invest in something that won’t go out of style in a couple of seasons. Most of our picks are classic cuts and neutral colors, but we also included sweaters with bolder designs and patterns.


As we’ve mentioned, cashmere typically costs more than other natural fibers. Despite that, we’ve included a range of affordable options that don’t sacrifice quality. We denoted the recommendations below as either $ (under $150), $$ ($150–$250), or $$$ (over $250).

Best men’s cashmere sweater overall

Sizing: XXS to XXL | Quality: Grade A | Style and details: Crewneck with tubular stitching at the neck, cuffs, and hem | Price: $

Naadam is one of the aforementioned affordable cashmere brands that’s come up a lot with stylish women and men. I own its most standard option — the Original Cashmere Crewneck — in a women’s XS, and it’s super-soft (though it has a slight slickness to it). Mine arrived with minor pilling on it, but it hasn’t pilled any more after multiple wears. Joel Moore, blogger at Moore His Style, calls Naadam one of his “go-to brands for good quality cashmere” for its affordability and sustainability. Influencer Steven Sharpe Jr. calls out the brand’s dedication to sustainability and “ethical production from start to finish” as well. The Original comes in a wide variety of sizes (XXS to XXL) and colors (ten core and eight seasonal colorways).

Best less expensive men’s cashmere sweater

Sizing: S to XL | Quality: Grade A | Style and details: Crewneck with tubular stitching at the neck, cuffs, and hem | Price: $

Quince, known for its supersoft bed sheets, recently expanded into the cashmere space. Its most affordable men’s cashmere sweater comes at just $60. I have the women’s version of the sweater (though note that the women’s is $10 cheaper), and it arrived in perfect condition. And after about a year, it also has some pilling on the arms and waist. It has a similar feel as Naadam’s — supersoft with a slight slickness to it — but is a tad lighter in terms of weight. The biggest difference between Quince and Naadam are its range of choices. Quince’s sweater comes in sizes S to XL and 11 colorways. It’s also available in a V-neck cut that’s in the same size range and seven colorways.

Best lightweight men’s cashmere sweater

Sizing: XS to XXL | Quality: Grade A | Style and details: Crewneck with tubular stitching at the neck, cuffs, and hem | Price: $$

Everlane has a reputation for nailing basics, and its cashmere is no exception. A step up from Naadam and Quince, it feels a tad more substantial but still lightweight. It’s incredibly soft and has a bit more grit to it (though it’s not itchy by any means). It’s on sale for less than $150 right now, making it a great high-end affordable option in terms of price. Pittsburgh-based streetwear influencer Joe Watkins and content creator Steven Fingar both call out its affordability, with Watkins adding that “the quality is very evident.” It’s available in sizes XS to XXL and nine neutral colors.

Best V-neck men’s cashmere sweater

Photo: Retailer

Sizing: XS to XXL | Style and details: V-neck with tubular stitching at the neck, cuffs, and hem | Price: $$

State offers affordable cashmere sweaters, and the company has earned a reputation for its $150 option. Moore says they’re high quality and made from Mongolian cashmere. This V-neck, which Moore likes to wear when he wants a little less coverage, comes in 10 colors and goes up to a size XXL. And if you’re not into V-necks, the brand offers a crewneck at the same price.

Best less-expensive V-neck cashmere sweater

J.Crew Cashmere V-neck Sweater

Sizing: XS to XXL | Style and details: V-neck with tubular stitching at the neck, cuffs, and hem | Price: $

J.Crew’s cashmere has been recommended to us time and time again by contributors, celebrities, and our own editors. That’s because it’s both high quality and decently priced. When we spoke to J.Crew employees themselves for what’s worth splurging on, the men’s cashmere specifically was brought up for being thicker and better quality than the brand’s women’s cashmere. Chris Black, a menswear columnist here at the Strategist, is also a longtime fan recommending it as a “presentable” airport fit and a “must-have” wardrobe staple for all ages. I like the brand’s V-neck because the neckline hits right at the collarbone and doesn’t dip too low. (And of course, the brand makes a classic crewneck if that’s what you’re looking for. It comes in the same size range and in 16 different colorways.)

Best men’s cashmere turtleneck sweater

Sizing: S to XXL | Style and details: Turtleneck with tubular stitching at the neck, cuffs, and hem | Price: $$

Moore is also a fan of State’s turtlenecks, which are just $10 more than the aforementioned V-necks. These reasonably priced cashmere sweaters are “easy to dress down while still looking polished,” Moore says. The brand’s turtleneck, which I’ve had for a little under a year, is soft and lightweight while providing lots of warmth. Since wearing it through part of last winter, it hasn’t pilled or stretched out. The sizing runs a little small, so if you like your sweaters on the looser side, consider sizing up.

Best men’s sweater made with recycled cashmere

Photo: Retailer

Sizing: XS to XXL | Style and details: Crewneck with tubular stitching at the neck, cuffs, and hem | Price: $$

“Any color of this simple sweater, with a pair of dark jeans, will make you look pulled together even if you don’t feel it,” says Nick Axelrod-Welk, co-founder of Necessaire. After hearing about Tricot’s more-sustainable practices (its sweaters consist of other wasted cashmere garments that are respun with virgin cashmere fibers and knit in Italy), I reached out to test a sweater out for myself. After just two months of wearing it, it’s become one of the sweaters I reach for most. It’s thicker and has a more natural-feel to it and hasn’t pilled yet. I especially like the structured fit compared to Naadam and Quince’s sweaters, which cling to my body more. To boot, the ribbing at the neck, hem, and sleeves are longer and thicker than the rest, giving it a more put-together look. It comes in a wide range of 20 colors and sizes XS to XXL.

Best men’s cable-knit cashmere sweater

Sizing: XS to XXL | Style and details: Cable-knit crewneck | Price: $$$

“Have you ever touched this sweater? It’s obscenely, almost immorally soft,” says Andrew Favorito, public-relations manager for Tatcha, who adds that the feel makes it worth the price tag. He calls it “substantial enough,” meaning it’s “not too thick or bulky, and it feels light as air,” but it’ll still keep you warm. Photographer Malcolm McNeil says this “truly iconic” sweater is his go-to because it’s “soft as butter” and the cable-knit detailing “adds an extra dimension and bring home the aesthetic.” It comes in unisex sizing ranging from XXS to 5XL and 15 colorways. Note: The sweater’s price has gone up $100 since I last updated this story, so I plan to test this out and find a suitable cheaper alternative for a future update.

Best men’s cashmere hoodie

From $428

Sizing: XS to XXL | Style and details: Drawstring hoodie with tubular stitching at the cuffs and hem | Price: $$$

This Todd Snyder drawstring hoodie is a favorite of Kenger, who loves cashmere’s “ability to elevate the look of a more casual item.” While still on the expensive side, it’s more than $100 cheaper than the aforementioned Vince hoodie and comes in a wider variety of colors. Kenger adds that it’s lightweight and easy to wear year-round.

Best less-expensive cashmere hoodie

Sizing: S to XL | Quality: Grade A | Style and details: Zip up hoodie with tubular stitching at the cuffs and hem | Price: $$

I sought out to find a cheaper cashmere-hoodie alternative and landed on Italic’s zip-up option. I don’t have the Todd Snyder one to compare it with, but Italic’s hoodie is incredibly cozy and lightweight. I’ve worn it lounging around the apartment because it’s easy to throw on but has a luxe feel comparable to Everlane’s cashmere (supersoft without the slippery feel). After many wears, it hasn’t pilled, and its cuffs have maintained their shape nicely (minor stretching, but not enough to concern me). The only potential downside is that sizing is more limited than Todd Snyder’s and it’s only available in gray, navy, and black.

Best splurge-worthy cashmere sweater

Photo: Retailer

Sizing: XS to XL | Style and details: Crewneck with striped design | Price: $$$

Another pricey cashmere-sweater brand on our radars is Leret Leret (which also came up in our article on women’s cashmere sweaters). “It’s often hard to tell why good cashmere costs as much as it does, but not with Leret Leret,” says former Strategist associate editor Louis Cheslaw. “On top of being one of the few brands stretching the limits of how cashmere can look — with over 38 wild prints, including clouds and hemp leaves — they also pay attention to the small stuff like how tightly ribbed their cuffs are and where the sweater drapes.” Cheslaw has had his for six months (“I was gifted it after befriending one of the founders while playing soccer,” he says) and reports “zero pilling.”

Some more men’s cashmere sweaters we’ve written about

Our experts

• Joel Moore, blogger at Moore His Style
• Steven Sharpe Jr., influencer
• Joe Watkins, a Pittsburgh-based streetwear influencer
• Steven Fingar, content creator
• Patrick Kenger, men’s personal stylist at Pivot Image Consulting
• Jared Johnson, Season Three co-founder
• Rob Kirkland, actor
• Bryant Simmons, stylist
• Andrew Favorito, public-relations manager for Tatcha
• Malcolm McNeil, photographer
• Nick Axelrod-Welk, co-founder of Necessaire
• Jacob Gallagher, men’s fashion editor at The Wall Street Journal
• Devan Anderson (a.k.a. DevanOnDeck), creative director and fashion influencer
• Louis Cheslaw, former Strategist associate editor

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The 11 Very Best Men’s Cashmere Sweaters