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The Best Family Board Games on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Finding an activity for the whole family to enjoy can be a much harder task than you might think. But an actually fun board game can yield hours of entertainment for all ages (and maybe even bring your family closer together). We’ve written about a lot of such games before — including the best adult board games, two-player board games, and four-player board games — but here, we’ve rounded up the best family board games, as praised by the most enthusiastic Amazon reviewers. To make sure that these are fun family games, all of the listed options are kid-appropriate while still entertaining enough for adults.

How we pick each product

All of the family board games that we’ve included here have more than 100 reviews and an average rating of at least 4.1 stars, and are fulfilled by Amazon. That means that Amazon, not a third-party seller, will handle customer service and product returns if anything isn’t to your liking. Our best-rated pick is the family board game with the most reviews of any product in the category, and our best-rated (less expensive) pick is the one that meets all of our criteria at the lowest price in the category, in case you’re looking for an all-ages game night without spending too much money. The rest of the products are categorized based on what users are looking for and what reviewers are raving about.

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Best-rated family board game

Exploding Kittens Card Game

“It’s safe to say you’ve never played a game like this before,” writes one of the over 43,000 five-star reviewers of Exploding Kittens. One customer describes it “like Russian roulette,” while another reviewer writes, “The cards are hilarious and the pictures are completely inappropriately awesome.” And lots of reviewers appreciate that the cards are as “random” as Cards Against Humanity but less crude and more family-friendly. A mother who regularly brings this game on family camping and hiking trips says, “Kids can play on the same level as adults, and they love that.” She also says that it’s the perfect antidote to holiday small talk with extended family: “Instead of listening to Uncle Fred’s latest MAGA rant, or worse, I can bring on the Exploding Kittens.” And another parent who bought it for their teenage daughter calls it “a quirky, funny, and flexible game that provides actual interaction in a light and funny way.”

Best-rated (less expensive) family board game

Connect 4 Grab and Go Game

Reviewers love this affordable version of Connect 4 largely because it’s foldable. That makes it, according to one reviewer, the “perfect size for travel.” They explain, “The little token pieces slide nicely into the sides for storage or playtime [and] the bottom folds up to make it more portable.” Thankfully, other reviewers note that the portability doesn’t come at the expense of gameplay. One reviewer says they love this version of Connect 4 because it’s “an exceptional value and a lot of fun.” The fact that it’s “really well-made and pieces all store neatly in the foldable game” is just a bonus. In fact, while most reviewers travel with this, about a dozen reviewers say it’s a complete substitute for the larger version. One reviewer, who originally “bought this for [her] and [her] 5-year-old son to play on an airplane ride,” says they enjoy it so much that they “haven’t stopped playing it at home.”

Best fast-paced family board game


Almost nobody would describe regular, old Monopoly as fast, but reviewers say this ultimate version goes by way faster, and rounds can take as little as 30 minutes. “If you are tired of the never-ending original Monopoly, this is it for you,” one reviewer says. “Games can end quickly, sometimes way too soon and it makes you want to replay right away.” The differences don’t just stop at the speed of the game. Instead of cash, this version uses an electronic banking system, and some of the rules are modified from regular Monopoly. “For example, there are no hotels, and each purchased property gets 1 house,” one player explains. “The rent increases any time any player lands on the property. Instead of Chance and Community Chance Cards, there are Monopoly Cards (basically the same as the former) and Location spots that allow you to pay to move to any space on the board — you can go to a property you want to buy, a property you own to increase the rent, or move to a space near Go so you will collect on the next turn.” Even with the changes, lots reviewers say this game is just as fun as the classic. One even says, “It is one of the best purchases I have made for my family.”

Best portable family board game

Spot It! Junior Animals Card Game

Spot It!, a game where players match symbols and call them out, is beloved by over 3,300 five-star reviewers because it’s portable, fast-paced, and great for all ages. In fact, many adult reviewers describe this game as “fun” and “surprisingly challenging.” One reviewer, who initially bought this as a gift for someone else’s kids, liked it so much that they bought the game for themselves. “There are several different ways of playing to mix it up and keep everyone from getting bored,” they write, adding that it’s “a great portable game suitable for restaurants or anywhere else with a wait and a playing surface.“ And a reviewer who loves playing this with their daughter reports, “The cards are durable. The tin is compact and easy to carry with you … [it’s] great for times when you have to wait, like at restaurants, airports, etc.”

Best family board game for fine motor skills

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game (31 pcs)

When you mention fine motor skills, small children come to mind. But over 400 satisfied reviewers confirm that this game is “seriously great fun for all ages.” Several reviewers also describe it as a “learning tool,” with one explaining, “It takes a steady hand and a careful eye for balance.” A parent of three boys says “my 14-year-old can enjoy with his friends, my 7-year-old is doing very well with it, and even my 5-year-old is happily focusing on his fine motor skills.” She continues, “The quality and durability of it make it last in a house full of boys.” And a teacher writes, “It encourages players to think about weight and balance, because they have to carefully place the pieces to make sure they don’t knock anything over.”

Best family board games for toddlers

“It is so gripping that after playing it FIVE times, my toddler cried when we finally said we would have to pack it up,” says a five-star mom reviewer. Other parents and grandparents report loving this six-foot-long puzzle game because “it doesn’t tax a toddler’s attention span or patience levels,” and “the quality and design is excellent.” Reviewers like that it’s engaging for kids and not annoying for adults. And this mom says, “So far, it has been the most enjoyable board game to play with my toddler.” Another appreciative reviewer, who works as a speech pathologist, writes, “The game presents many opportunities for conversation, counting practice, and event sequencing.”

Best board game for large families

Inspiration Play Double Ditto Family Party Board Game

One reviewer says Double Ditto is similar to Scattergories. “The basic principle is that everyone writes down two responses to a game card,” another reviewer explains. “The objective is to choose answers that others may choose so that one (ditto) or both (double ditto) of your responses are also responses that other players wrote down.” This game can be played with just two people, but reviewers say the more the merrier. “I had a dinner party for six, and we played this after dinner,” one reviewer writes. “We laughed and laughed at so many of the questions. My company kept asking if we could play it just one more time and hours flew by.” Another says, “It is great for large groups — and you don’t have to sit around a table to play.” There are also 400 cards to play so it’s nearly impossible to get through all of them in a night. One reviewer says this game is so fun that you will entice more people to join over time: “We went from four the first time, five the second time and now we have played with no less than seven people each time we set it up to play.”

Best collaborative family board game

Hasbro Gaming Mouse Trap Board Game

This is another classic board game that customers say is still as good as they remember from childhood. One mom has nothing but good things to say about this game, especially the collaborative element. “We worked together to build it. It’s not that a 7-year-old CAN’T do it; it’s just that it takes two people to figure it out together, so it was a great exercise in teamwork,” she adds. Another says it’s also just fun to play as a family. “Anything that makes preteens and teenagers put down their phones for over a half an hour is wonderful,” she says, adding, “This game gets everyone involved and laughing together, which is my favorite.” Everyone in her family played together — from 2-year-olds to 50-year-olds — and it’s the game everyone asks to play when they’re all together.

Best drawing family board game

Though drawing is a large part of this game’s appeal, lots of positive reviewers noted that you don’t have to be particularly good at drawing to enjoy playing it. One reviewer says, “The best part of the game is making fun of your friends and family for their poor guessing and drawing skills.” Another five-star reviewer writes, “What makes this game extra special to me is you get to actively participate the whole time. Also awful drawers aren’t really a drawback because their attempts add a whole new level of hilarity.” And this father who wasn’t sure he would enjoy a drawing game says, “I could describe this as ‘Telephone’ with a drawing twist. But that is a serious undersell. By the time I was done with my first game, I was crying from laughing so hard.”

Best singing family board game

Spontuneous - The Song Game

Reviewers love this board game that involves singing because it’s fun for the whole family. That might sound a little cliché, but over 900 reviewers use that exact phrase to describe the game, including one purchaser who played it “at a Thanksgiving gathering with 20 family members ranging in age from 7 to adults.” They say it’s “one of just a very few games where you could involve young children, adults, and grandparents and all have a good time.” The game, in which players write down Trigger Words and other players sing songs containing the Trigger Words to advance, is great for “any family who wants to have a good time, is willing to laugh at each other, and can think fast on their toes,” according to another reviewer. After playing with their own family, they report, “The game brought laughs and tears running down our cheeks as the whole table would break out into a song.” A third reviewer agrees, noting that “this game was a riot” because everyone can play and have fun: “Half of us are not anywhere near decent singers, my dad actually can’t hold a tune to save his life, however, he belted out songs like no one’s business. It was hilarious, and we are looking forward to playing it again.”

Best thriller family board game

Wizards of the Coast Betrayal at House on the Hill

“This is a good spooky board game to play with a small group of friends on a stormy night,” says one five-star reviewer, who describes the game as “incredibly immersive and detailed.” Over 200 five-star reviewers use the words “spooky,” “scary,” or “horror” to describe the game’s vibe, and lots of reviewers like that each time they play Betrayal at House on the Hill, it’s a little bit different. One reviewer, who leads a group game night, says that it’s the most fun he has ever had and that the artwork and design elements are “nice and spooky, while keeping a fun, playful atmosphere.” He says it would be “great for a Halloween game night, obviously.” And another gamer writes, “If you like horror movies or general spooky stuff, this is definitely the game to get.”

Best strategy family board game

Ticket to Ride

Nearly 300 five-star reviewers say this strategy board game is great for the whole family and friendly for family members of all ages. (It’s also been recommended by board-game experts as an excellent four-player game.) “It’s rare to find a game that everyone in the family loves,” writes one parent with a young daughter and older sons, “but with Ticket to Ride, we have a real winner. There’s enough strategy in it that you can make or break your game on your own merits, but there’s also enough element of chance in it that younger kids will enjoy it too.” Another reviewer, whose “family is huge into board games, especially strategy based games,” likes that in this game “the more players there are, the more challenging it becomes … the board gets crowded, making it a challenge to connect your cities, which is a lot of fun!” For another reviewer, “what makes it especially fun is that it can be played by fairly young children, right through older adults,” and that it “offers thrills and excitement … it’s very difficult to become bored; you can play for hours on end and never lose interest.” Their only con is that it’s “Very addicting.”

Best abstract-strategy board game

Blokus Strategy Game

Abstract strategy games like Blokus are entirely based on the placement of their game pieces. That means there’s no luck or chance involved (unlike Battleship, above), so it’s nice for those who like to stay in control. “The beauty of Blokus is that the rules are incredibly simple so a young child can learn them quickly, in under two minutes, and yet the strategy and thinking levels needed to get increasingly better at this game are quite complex,” writes one parent. Another parent found it to be an “excellent game” for kids as young as 6, noting that there are “layers and layers of strategy,” and that it teaches “so many skills related to visual/spatial acuity, math, and strategy, all within a really enjoyable game.” Other reviewers liked that the games themselves are fairly short, often completed within 20 to 30 minutes, and can be played with two to four players. They’re so quick, “In that two-hour time span, we can average four to seven games,” writes one reviewer with a 15-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter.

Best luck-based family board game

Sorry! Game

Reviewers say Sorry! makes for an entertaining game because of the combination of luck and strategy. One reviewer especially likes this because “our son does not seem to be upset if he loses, as there is a lot of fun and ultimately luck that plays a big role.” This means “fun and intrigue are maintained until the last minute, while with other games it is clear who wins early in the game, and fun is lost.” Another who calls it a “staple for every board game collection” likes that it’s a “good balance of skill and luck” and that all ages can easily play. “Kids 6+ can learn the rules and enjoy it, but it is entertaining enough for adults too.” And one parent who bought this to play with their four-year-old daughter says the game was even educational. “She loved the game and learned the rules easily… [it lead to] lots of family fun and learning (adding, subtracting, fine skills, turn taking, board game dynamics).”

Best tile-laying family board game

Calliope Tsuro

Shoppers looking for a family-friendly tile-laying game praised Tsuro highly. “I’ve played this game with my 5-year-old and my 10-year-old, and they both love it. It’s not a hard game to pick up, so if you’re looking for a game that the whole family can play, I highly suggest this one,” one reviewer writers. Players loved that you used tiles to build paths, and that you could try new paths in each game. One shopper, who says this is a great game to “break the ice in a gaming-night event,” explains, “The game is a tile-placement game. Simple as that. Each tile has a set of paths on it. When you place a tile in front of your dragon marker, you follow the path you create.” And plenty of reviewers enjoyed the game so much they’ve played again and again. “This has become a family favorite. It is also a game we know we can break out at any time, with any crowd anywhere, and have fun with,” says one satisfied shopper.

Best block-based family board game

Jenga Classic Game

The whole concept of Jenga is pretty straightforward: Build up a tower, and then each player takes a turn of removing a block until the whole thing topples. Its simplicity is exactly why lots of reviewers find it’s the perfect game for the whole family. “This game has suspense with no real danger, appeals to all ages, is simple to play, and lasts forever,” one says. For adults it’s just fun, but one reviewer points out there is an educational aspect in it for kids: “If you want to work on their fine motor skills, the action of trying to push out a brick is very helpful and builds their concentration skills too.” Ultimately though, “It’s a fun game to play with large groups and definitely goes fast or slow depending on who you’re playing with.” And it’s one that’s nice for non-games, too, as “you can still converse and cavort while playing.”

Best beginner board game

Hasbro HiHo! Cherry-O

Shoppers with young children said HiHo! Cherry-O made a great entry point into the world of board games. One parent of a child who particularly loves the game writes, “If I have to play this game one more time, I’m going to commit myself to a mental ward. That’s how I know it’s a good game. My kids want to play it over and over and over. It’s a great first board game for kiddos, and my 2-year-old can play.” Lots of reviewers noted that the game helped teach their kids how to count. “My 2-year-old loves it and plays it everyday,” writes one reviewer. “It’s great to teach counting and sorting colors. She also loves putting the small puzzle together which is small enough for a 2-year-old to do on their own.” And one shopper notes that the game appeals even to slightly older kids: “It’s taught my 2-year-old to count, yet my 8-year-old enjoys playing it … not too babyish. Makes for fun on a rainy day or for family game night.”

Best replayable family board game

This game goes quickly, so reviewers say it can easily be replayed — and each turn is a little bit different. “I recommend this game mainly for families, as it is quick but challenging and fun. It is certain to build family rivalries, especially if one person seems to understand the strategy of the game more quickly than others,” says one reviewer. “It’s probably the most fun kids’ game that we’ve found so far,” says one who bought it to play with her 4-year-old. “It has tons of replay value and is pretty unique as a game. One of the great things about it is that the board/maze is always unique and changing, so everyone is always engaged in finding new routes to their destinations as the play goes on.” She concludes that this game is “a fun way to work those little brain cells” for her kids.

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The Best Family Board Games, According to Amazon Reviewers