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Side Tables With Animal Feet Are Now Officially a Thing

It’s like having a pet — but you can rest your remote on it.

Animal furniture hasn’t been popular — mainstream popular, anyhow, for a while. A long while. Since the Victorian Era, really, some 120-years ago, when an article called “Animal Furniture” was published in a then-popular magazine called The Strand. The essay was accompanied by photographs of furniture made by, and made to look like, real animals: a liquor stand made from an elephant’s foot, a doorstop made from an ostrich’s claw, and a plush chair with tigers skin for upholstery and tigers paws for feet. Now it’s 2017, Donald Trump is our president, and animal furniture is back — albeit, for the most part, more faux and less anatomically correct. (It seems like we might have the Haas Brothers to thank for this.) So you can get in on the (occasionally off-putting, but mostly charming) trend: some animal-footed tables to liven up your living room.

This copper table is the perfect animal-foot starter piece: small, circular, and plain on top. Its legs are sweetly ribbed, and its feet are, happily, cartoonish and unrealistic. Plus, it’s affordable!

This feathered side table is handmade in Mexico from paper-mache — and is available in 12 cheerful colors, like Bahaman sea blue and Pumpkin Blush orange. Its feet are satisfyingly realistic: leathery and jointed with sharp-looking nails.

If a flamingo could magic itself into a table, this would be that table: a lacquered, Palm Beach–pink tray held by three sturdy brass legs and three, perfectly splayed, webbed feet.

With it’s aluminum legs, ivory-fabric-wrapped seat, and elegant equine-shaped legs, CB2 is correct: This stool will bring “sophisticated whimsy” to your home.

A modish take on the trend, this white, lacquered piece looks like your average table, until your eyes meet its three shiny hooves.

This Moooi table is not for the minimalist: It is large, five-feet wide, and three-feet tall. It is jet black, with a curled tail and an upturned snout. It is, however, for a person who appreciates attention to detail: The pig arrives coated in what is described as “life-like fur and beauty spots.”

Perhaps you’d like to give your (presently dull-footed) table some claws. There is, as it turns out, a way to do just that! Slide these brass, claw-foot toe caps onto your table’s plain feet. Quick whimsy for only $10 a claw.

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Side Tables With Animal Feet Are Now Officially a Thing