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What Avril Lavigne Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Getty

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Avril Lavigne — who recently released her seventh studio album, Love Sux — about the boots she has worn on the red carpet, the one junk food she always has on hand, and the tea she drinks onstage and off it.

I’ve been wearing Docs for about the past 25 years. I have them in almost every color and every style. My collection takes up an entire wall of my closet. They’re the most comfortable shoes, and they’re just cool. I feel like they match anything. I wear them onstage, offstage, in the studio. I’ve even worn them on a red carpet with a dress because I don’t like wearing high heels. I basically live in them. At the moment, I’m wearing the newest platform ones in black.

A lot of makeup brands are inconsistent and change their formulas or discontinue products soon after releasing something, but Mac has been very consistent. I’ve been wearing their “Smolder” eyeliner since day one. I like to do a smoky eye because I have blue eyes. It has always been my go-to look. Sometimes I change it up, but only rarely. If I had to choose just one makeup product that I could keep with me, it would definitely be this.

I’m Canadian and a beer girl. I love doing keg stands. And Canadian beer just tastes totally different from American beers. I don’t know why, I just like it more … I’m opening my fridge right now to look at my Labatt Blues. I’m gonna drink one right now, actually. Is it too early?

There’s something about this dip that makes it impossible to stop eating once it’s open. It’s cheesy and spicy, but none of the flavors overpower one another. I eat so healthy most of the time, and this is the junk food I have to have in my house: Tostitos thin chips and this queso dip.

This exfoliator is from a safe, clean brand that I overall like. I’ve used their exfoliator on and off for a while, but for the past year, I’ve been using it every day because there aren’t a lot of harsh chemicals in it and it makes my skin feel really smooth. A lot of other exfoliators are harsh or feel grainy and can hurt a little. This one’s gentle and has natural ingredients, so it definitely feels clean. In terms of smell, it doesn’t really smell like anything, a lot like oatmeal.

Throat-coat tea keeps my voice clear and from getting dry. It helps me perform my best. When I’m in the studio, I bring a thermos filled with this. As a singer, you have to drink something in between takes. I’m constantly walking around with a little paper cup with a teabag — on my way to the stage and between every song. Now, I even drink it when I’m doing interviews back-to-back because I cough sometimes and this helps. It tastes a lot like licorice, and I’m honestly surprised I haven’t gotten sick of it. I’ve even turned everybody on to it. Now, Mod drinks throat-coat tea all the time because of me. I would recommend it to anyone who’s a singer or talking all the time, like a DJ or a teacher.

What’s cool about this box is that it comes with a physical CD in it. Because I’m an artist who came on the scene 20 years ago, 35 percent of my sales are still physical — I just learned this about myself. It makes sense because Let Go was physical only. My friends and I have been talking about how we love physical CDs. There’s something about reading the thank-yous, the lyrics, and sitting with the actual booklet. I take a lot of pride in putting together the perfect little booklet, picking the font, choosing what pictures complement it, and writing my thank-yous. For this record, when I saw the photo I picked for the cover, I could just visualize it being the cover of my album and my fans holding physical copies of it. We shot a lot of different setups that day, and I knew when I saw the orange setup with the black balloons that this was going to be the vibe and theme of the album’s aesthetic. And the fonts I picked feel very gothic and match the tone throughout the album. There’s also a hoodie that it comes with. I actually wear my own merch, believe it or not. I’m just stoked to have clothes with my name and song lyrics on them.

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What Avril Lavigne Can’t Live Without