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Which On-Sale Vitamix Blender Should I Buy This Prime Day?

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Lewis Osborne, Retailer

I’ve been covering sales for the Strategist since 2017, and if there’s one thing I’ve seen over the past six years, it’s that you can always find a good deal on a Vitamix blender on Amazon Prime Day. And just like this reliable sale on the most dependable blender, my sales pitch has remained remarkably consistent: The Vitamix is powerful, it’s simple to use, and it lasts a lifetime. (These blenders are so beloved that on her hunt to find the very best blender, our kitchen-and-dining writer Emma Wartzman found that some people own multiple different models. They’re really just that good.)

What’s new is that this year, there are a bunch of Vitamix models on sale. So Emma and I went through all of them to figure out which ones are worth it — but since we initially wrote this post, two of the ones we recommended have sold out. However, there’s still a couple on-sale, and if you don’t see what you like, you can also check out more of Emma’s favorite Amazon Prime Day kitchen deals here.


The 750 is our pick for best overall blender — and according to Emma, it’s the best option if you’re someone who uses a blender all the time — for everyday smoothies and for cooking a lot. “It’s on the high end of what Vitamix offers, with ten speeds, a pulse, and a self-cleaning option,” she tells me. “It can very much handle frozen ingredients like ice or frozen fruits.”

If you spend one more dollar, you can upgrade to the A3300, part of Vitamix’s souped-up Ascent Series. Unlike the other on-sale Vitamix blenders, this one has a touchscreen with a timer and is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can set it and basically forget it — without over- or undermixing. That includes pulsing, as you would with a food processor, as well as fully emulsifying difficult-to-mix liquids.

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Which Vitamix Blender Should I Buy on Sale This Prime Day?