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Very Good Deals on Vitamixes, Stasher Bags, and More, According to Our Kitchen and Dining Writer

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Prime Day is here yet again, which means deals, deals, and more deals — so many that shopping can actually get overwhelming. See, while we love a good discount here at Strategist, these sort of mega-events take expertise (a.k.a. obsessive scrolling, price checking, and price comparing). Lucky for you, that’s just what we’re here for. Our team has spent days gathering the best markdowns across every department, including the very best of kitchen and grocery, my personal areas of expertise, which you’ll find here.

I’ve included some of the top picks from my “Best in Class” columns, like an ultrapowerful Vitamix blender that’s on sale by nearly 50 percent. I dug deep into our archives to find the products that professional chefs and avid home cooks have recommended to me over the years, like a set of All-Clad stainless-steel cookware that will last you a lifetime. I checked for all-time Strategist favorites, like the reusable Stasher storage bags we can’t seem to stop writing about. There are small and essential items, like a Zojisuhi bottle that makes an appearance in our roundups of the best travel mugs and the best water bottles for its ability to keep liquids piping-hot or ice-cold for hours on end, and there are large and indulgent items, like an expert-recommended air fryer with a see-through window so you can check on your food as it cooks. In every case, I made sure the sale was truly worthwhile.

I’m done updating this post, you can still shop Prime Day sales until 2:59 a.m. — but things are going fast. If you see something you like, but sure to snag it ASAP. And meantime, sign up for our newsletter so you never miss out on a good sale on any day.


Vitamix reigns supreme when it comes to powerful and long-lasting blenders — but they’re notoriously expensive. This Explorian model, with manual controls some experts prefer, is on sale for 22 percent off. It has a low-profile container, too, so it’s more likely to fit under cabinets.

Vitamix also makes an immersion blender that one recipe developer and cookbook author says “is just as powerful” as its full-size machines — and it’s on sale for more than 30 percent off. It has five speeds for optimal control but just two simple buttons, so it’s easy to operate.

Technivorm makes one of our very favorite coffee makers on the market. Yes, it looks sleek, but it makes a smooth and balanced brew every time, all at the press of a single button. “I taste coffee from all types of brewers, and this one gives a consistently better cup,” says Jim Munson, founder and president of Brooklyn Roasting Company. For more than 30 percent off, now’s the time to reset your mornings.

Coffee experts say the only way to get a really good cup is to grind the beans yourself. And they also love this particular machine to do the job. Not only does it look nice, but Fellow “really thought about every detail,” says Jerad Morrison, co-founder and co-CEO of Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco. “The dial that adjusts the grind size is very intuitive. The cup that catches the grind is magnetic, so it clicks into position tightly and easily. The machine even has a button that shakes out any residual chaff” — the leftover coffee skins that mostly come off during roasting but usually not all the way — “into the cup instead of blowing them out onto your counter, which happens with other grinders.”

Fellow makes another appliance we love, too: an electric kettle. While we’ve sung the praises of their gooseneck version for years (it really is an all-time Strategist-favorite product), this on-sale model is very similar. It heats to exact degrees, has temperature hold, and boasts the same sleek design (save for a triangle-shaped pour spout).

Espresso makers are another appliance known to cost a pretty penny — therefore a very smart thing to snag on Prime Day. This one from Breville (which makes the best at-home machines on the market according to experts) is $150 off and comes with an attached milk frother.

Experts praise Aroma’s rice cookers for their simplicity and affordability — now even more so that this one is only $17. Bottom line: Though there are fancier models out there, this is all you need to make good rice every time at the flip of a single switch. It comes with a steam tray, too, so you can put other ingredients on top of your grains and have dinner on the table in one fell swoop.

Cosori Electric Kettle

This Cosori glass electric kettle is a similar (and even more advanced) version of one we’ve written about before. It boasts high-quality materials (especially for such an affordable price, and even more so on sale for 20 percent off), holds nearly two liters of water, and has preset temperatures for different types of tea.


GE makes our very favorite ice machine and this very similar Nugget model from the brand is currently on sale for nearly half off. It’s a favorite of food writers and mixologists who love the style of ice (exactly what it sounds like, little nuggets like those you would find in a mint julep).

The Instant Vortex is our pick for the best overall air fryer. It’s sleek, intuitive to use, and quick to preheat, and has a very wide surface area so you can ensure that whatever you put in gets uniformly crisp — and it’s on sale now for 25 percent off. Bonus: There’s a clear window at the front so you can peek in and check on your food as it cooks.

The Instant Vortex is quite big, though, so if you prefer a smaller model, consider this pick from another brand many experts told us makes great air fryers. It won’t take up nearly as much counter space and is perfect for cooking for one to two people.

Cuisinart is known for making the very best food processors on the market with supersharp blades and powerful motors that last decades. This one, marked down by 44 percent, will make quick work of pestos, chimichurris, and salsas; emulsify aïolis, dressings, and sauces without intense whisking; and bring together doughs at the press of a button.

Snag KitchenAid’s trusty stand mixer for $80 off. You’ll own it for years and years of baking cakes, cookies, and pies. (My slightly larger one looks as good as it did on the day I bought it a decade ago.)

At this point, Instant Pots are basically synonymous with pressure cookers — and with good reason. They’re reliable machines that many experts turn to for reliable and quick cooking, whether they’re batching ingredients for meal prep or need to get dinner on the table after work. This model, which comes with 12 presets and the ability to control pressure manually, is nearly 40 percent off.

Breville makes our favorite toaster ovens on the market. This model is a smaller version of our best overall pick, preferred by three experts — and at 25 percent off, it’s the lowest price we’ve seen on the appliance so far this year. It preheats in a matter of minutes, doesn’t make your whole space hot, and is a breeze to clean. Plus, it cooks foods so evenly — likely even more so than your full-size built-in oven.

Vacuum sealing can seem intimidating, but this model from an expert-recommended brand makes it easy with just a couple of settings (for wet and dry food) and one power button. Not only will it allow you to store goods for longer, but you can ensure that nothing you put in the freezer will suffer from freezer burn and make super-efficient use of space (more so than by decanting into storage containers). And — if you’re into this kind of thing, or want to be — it allows you to sous vide, infuse, cure, and ferment too.

Cookware and tools

Buying a knife set can be tricky; you don’t want to end up with a ton of pieces you won’t use. But this one from expert-recommended brand Wüsthof (even Ina Garten and Gordon Ramsay count themselves as fans) is a great mix with a chef’s knife, utility knife, paring knife, kitchen scissors, and honing steel — all bundled in an acacia wood holder and over 40 percent off.

If you do want more blades than what’s offered in the set above, this collection from Henckels (a sister brand to one our favorites, Zwilling) is a great bet. There are a boning knife and serrated knife included as well as a set of steak knives.

Oxo makes some of the very best kitchen tools (my own space is filled with them). The supremely comfortable silicone handles (what the brand is known for) are paired with high-quality stainless-steel pieces that last ages. This four-piece set includes a peeler, whisk, potato masher, and set of tongs for 43 percent off.

GIR makes, hands down, the very best silicone cooking utensils out there. We love their spatulas in particular (I own three myself) but also recommend a full set like this one if you’re in need of spoons, too. The grip is supremely comfortable and the material sturdy (but soft enough so that it won’t hurt any of your pots and pans). And they all hold up beautifully even when you run them through the dishwasher time and time again.

Cooking meat — especially when you’re grilling and the temperature can be unpredictable — without a thermometer is just plain silly. Turn out perfect chicken, beef, and pork every single time with this 25-percent-off model that will give you an exact reading within seconds.

Lodge may be known for its cast-iron skillets, but the brand makes an expert-endorsed enameled cast-iron Dutch oven, too, now on sale for 40 percent off. It will hold up just as long as much more expensive models and comes in a myriad of colors so you can choose one that best fits your kitchen.

If you really want to go all out, I’m swooning over this Le Creuset set in deep green (though it also comes in white and a light blue-gray hue for the same 20 percent discount). The skillet is one I own — it sits proudly out on my stove at all times because I use it so much — and the Dutch oven is a perennial favorite you’ll have forever.

If you’re in need of a new nonstick skillet, try this one from Made In (we love all its cookware). Multiple experts told us that the surface holds up incredibly well without any scratches after a long time of use (even over high heat) — a feat for a pan with a slick coating that often isn’t made to last.

If your sheet pans are looking worse for wear, snag a couple of new ones from expert-recommended brand Chicago Metallic. You’ll get a standard-size half-sheet and a square, too (perfect for smaller batches), plus a sturdy cooling rack.


Certain items are undeniably part of the Strategist canon — and Stasher’s reusable bags, which we’ve written about so many times over the years, are definitely one of them. They come in a bunch of useful sizes (all of which are on sale, either individually or in bundles, for 30 percent off), they don’t leak or stain, and you can throw them in the dishwasher to clean.

For larger-format food storage, consider this set of glass containers from Anchor Hocking (the company has been making reliable, durable glassware for ages). It comes with 13 pieces in four different sizes so you can save anything from salad dressing to leftover fried rice to meal-prepped roasted vegetables. Each has a tight-fitting lid and stacks nicely in the refrigerator.


Reusable and absorbent kitchen towels, on sale for more than 30 percent off, are the perfect item to stock up on on Prime Day. You get 15 in this pack to keep in rotation for drying dishes and produce; wiping counters and spills; and keeping cutting boards securely in place. Use them, throw them in the wash, and repeat.

I really love this trash can. It’s the one I bought to replace my (uglier! Smaller! Stinkier!) one about a year ago and it has held up beautifully ever since. The design is streamlined, it closes slowly and tightly, and — best of all — has a liner that hides the excess bag.


Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla first introduced us to this handy gadget last year, and we’ve been singing its praises ever since. It chops garlic so efficiently and quickly with the simple roll of the bottom wheels (unlike a press that can splatter and is hard to clean). At just $12, it will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Boos makes the best wooden cutting board around, with many experts noting its sturdy heft and weight (one even places it over her sink for extra counter space with no fear of it slipping around). This design comes with a groove around the edges to catch any liquid or juices and chrome handles so it’s easy to pick up and move around your kitchen.

$14 for 2

We’ve loved these pretty coffee scoops ever since a Strategist contributor wrote about them a few years ago. They come in several metallic color options, have a nice weight and heft, and have a comfortable handle. They make a great gift for anyone in your life who loves coffee, too.

We named the Ember Smart Mug 2, on sale for nearly 30 percent off, the very best self-heating mug. It really does work, keeping your coffee and tea at an ideal temperature as you sip and saving you countless trips to the microwave to reheat.

Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

This Bentgo lunch box — perfect for kids in preschool — is 30 percent off right now. It’s easy for little hands to open and close themselves and it cleans up supremely easily.

If you’ve been spending too much money on iced coffee this summer, consider this at-home cold-brew-maker, also from Oxo. Dennis Ngo, chef and co-owner of Brooklyn’s Di An Di, told us it makes enough to last him two weeks at a time (and of course produces a delicious cup, too).

$18 for 2

Soom is the preferred tahini brand of chefs and recipe developers who say it’s the best you can buy for its smooth texture and true sesame taste — now it’s yours to try for 20 percent off. Stock up on a couple of bottles for baking, dressings, and, of course, eating straight from the jar.

$12 for 4

Stop reusing the corks you just pulled out of your wine to seal it back up. Instead, opt for this set of handy silicone stoppers for only $5. I own them and find they seal my bottles well and clean off very easily.

Escali is a trusted brand when it comes to kitchen scales — an essential item for baking and a useful one for cooking, too (you can portion ingredients out by weight and batch foods like meatballs and fritters so they’re all the same size). This one, on sale for nearly 40 percent off, is simple, intuitive to use, and will last for ages.

Another pantry staple we can’t get enough of: Fly by Jing’s Sichuan Chili Crisp, marked down more than 30 percent. It’s the perfect crunchy, spicy, tingly condiment for drizzling on top of rice bowls, eggs, grilled meats, and even vanilla ice cream.

This sleek steak-knife set comes from the Strategist-approved brand Zwilling and is marked down by 37 percent. The wooden box houses eight blades and keeps them protected and sharp.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug
From $25
From $25

Zojirushi’s stainless-steel mug, on sale for more than 20 percent, makes an appearance in our roundups of the best travel mugs and the best water bottles for its ability to keep liquids piping-hot or ice-cold for hours on end. Plus, it “never spills,” says recipe developer and cookbook author Carla Lalli Music. “It has the most bustproof cap in the biz.”

Or try a Hydro Flask, our best-overall water bottle and the vessel I keep at my hip throughout every day and night. The straw cap is especially great and easy to sip through with no worry of spilling at all.

Yes, Prime Day is great for grabbing a great deal on an expensive item you wouldn’t have otherwise indulged in — but it’s also great for stocking up on the essentials you know you’re gonna buy down the line anyway. Enter this three-pack of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap for 30 percent cheaper than it will be if you wait until your current bottle runs out. I’ve already added this one to my own cart.

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Vitamixes, Stasher Bags, and More Good Kitchen Deals