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New York Magazine’s New Subscriptions: a Reader’s FAQ

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You may have heard the news already: New York Media is introducing a digital subscription plan. In fact, it launches today, and the Strategist is part of it (more on that below), along with our sibling sites Intelligencer, the Cut, Vulture, and Grub Street. That means that in the future, you may be asked to pay for a monthly subscription in order to read our stories. You probably have some questions; read on for answers.

Why are you doing this?
Media has always been an enormous bargain to readers, and we think that’s still the case. For 50 years, New York has endeavored to publish extraordinary journalism, first on paper, then in pixels, and now also through podcasts, video, and live events. As our country (and world) cleaves more and more into two countries — one metropolitan in outlook, with all its attendant values, and one in many ways the opposite — our magazine and websites aim to be a hometown publication for urbanites everywhere. Your support will help us deliver to you more of the sharpest thinking, deepest reporting, most valuable information, and most elegant magazine experience in any medium, all at a time when quality journalism is more essential than ever.

What is it going to cost me?
Not much! Access to all of our sites will cost $5 a month. Click over here to choose a plan and set up an account. Your first month is free, and you can cancel at any time. That’s $60 a year for, say, profiles of Anna Delvey and David Hogg, wild stories like “The Watcher” and “Worst Roommate Ever,” private press conferences in the oval office, interviews with eccentric music legends, and deep dives into the best pens. For an extra $10 per year, you’ll get a print subscription as well.

What if I just want to subscribe to one site?
For the time being, we’re not offering an à la carte option. Think of all the other sites as freebies.

I’m already a print subscriber. What’s changing?
Nothing! You’ll just have to activate your digital account by entering your home delivery address or account number (it’s on the mailing label of your subscriber issue of New York) right here. It’ll prompt you to create a username and password that you’ll use to log in and browse.

If I don’t subscribe, how many stories can I get for free?
Our subscription plan works a little differently than some others — there isn’t a fixed number of free monthly stories. Instead, we’re using a dynamic meter. You’ll be prompted to subscribe based on various factors, including the types of stories you read and how often you read within a particular site and across our network.

Is the log-in going to remember me so I don’t have to keep typing out my password?
Yes. We promise.

What about the Strategist? Will that require a subscription?
For now, the Strategist will remain free. While we don’t have plans to put the Strategist behind a paywall, we hope you’ll consider paying $60 a year (that’s less than a month’s worth of cable! Or one latte a month for a year!) for full access to the award-winning work from the New York family of sites.

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New York Magazine’s New Subscriptions: A Reader’s FAQ