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The Only NY + New York Magazine Collaboration Has Returned, This Time Much Bigger

On November 9, in honor of our 50th anniversary, we released a capsule collection with the local streetwear brand Only NY and it sold out in just four days. “For weeks after people were emailing us and hitting us up about the Gossip tee,” Lukas Witek, a designer at the 11-year-old brand, told us. “That was huge.” We had a hit on our hands.

We’ve reunited again, this time for a much more vast and comprehensive collection resurfacing even more of our archival graphics. There’s that Gossip tee again (which is actually a Milton Glaser illustration that ran on a cover from 1976), now in more colors. There’s another instantly classic Glaser drawing from July 1968 that accompanied our “Gentile’s Guide to Jewish Food,” and the psychedelic April 1970 cover image for “Bombing on the Mind.” Along with tees and sweatshirts there’s also a polo hat, canvas totes, ceramic mugs, enamel pins, and a skateboard. Shop the collection starting today at 12 p.m. online at Only NY and in-store at 176 Stanton Street.