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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $25 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

Sure, candy and flowers are easy go-tos for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re shopping for a more personal Valentine’s Day gift, there are many affordable ideas on Amazon that won’t set you back more than $25. Below, we sought out the best cheap gifts for a range of valentines — from the fussy eater to the guy with a dedicated beard routine.

For the valentine who makes you smile (and who’s serious about sustainability)

A Baggu so bright they will never forget to grab it before leaving for the grocery store.

For the valentine you just started seeing

The type of thoughtful — but not overly personal — type of well-packaged thing basically any person would like.

For the valentine with abundant trinkets

A graphic tray they can put all their various odds and ends in.

For the valentine who likes some spice

Give them a pound of red hots, or, as Yankee Traders aptly calls them, “cinnamon lentils.”

For the valentine who needs some new socks

For the valentine who loves trompe l’oeil

Give them an assortment of marzipan, the formerly fusty candy that’s having a moment (and that appeals to many for it’s trompe l’oeil effect).

For the valentine who’s tried every status candle

A Diptyque is always nice, but this is much more fun: It starts off white and then drips in a rainbow of colors.

For the valentine who prefers incense

You can’t go wrong with some tasteful, faintly woodsy Japanese incense sticks.

For the valentine who wants to channel Vermeer

For the valentine who loves puzzles

A colorful Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle with pops of shimmery gold foil.

For the valentine who loves puzzles (and on-theme gifts)

For the valentine who brings her own mug to the coffee shop

A travel mug recommended by coffee experts, including Emily Orendorff, a barista at Intelligentsia Coffee, who says it’s “a breeze for baristas to make your drink in, as well as easy to clean and to drink out of.”

For the valentine who thinks it’s a helluva town

A classic collection of essays chronicling life in old New York (we recommend pairing this with a trip to McSorley’s).

For the valentine who stays up late reading

One Strategist contributor uses this headlamp at night so she can read without waking up her husband.

For the valentine who likes to stay hydrated

A staple of the nature-inclined crowd, the humble Nalgene has emerged as a status water bottle.

For the tea-obsessive valentine

They likely haven’t tried this, which is made entirely from Douglas-fir needles, and which one Strategist writer says “doesn’t just replicate nature; it is nature.”

For the valentine who takes their writing instruments seriously

According to André Aciman, it’s “the Volkswagen of pens, with a Jaguar engine.”

For the valentine who takes written notes seriously

An elegant set of note cards — pair this with the fountain pen and you have one handsome gift.

For the valentine who demands “organizational ecstasy” from their notebooks

In the form of a gridded-and-guided notebook that Molly Young calls the “fine wine” of notebooks.

For the valentine who just wants a good chocolate bar

The graphic packaging alone makes these chocolate bars worth buying, but they also happen to be delicious (and their manufacturing practice supports slave-free chocolate production).

For the valentine who needs a little help getting places on time

The classic Casio watch doubles as an on-the-go calculator for that cool-nerd look.

For the valentine who eats an egg every morning

This egg cup from Le Creuset, in the Valentine’s Day–appropriate shade “flame,” will make their daily breakfast considerably more charming.

For the valentine who wants to nurture their green thumb

Costa Farms Peace Lily

Not only does the peace lily look good, it also purifies the air and withstands low-light environments (like an office cubicle).

For the val