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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $25 for Every Type of Valentine

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There are lots of ways to show someone you care about them without buying a present — like sending them a note or calling to say hi. But if your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, or you just want to surprise a friend with a little something, there are many personal (and affordable) Valentine’s Day gift ideas on Amazon for under $25. Below, we sought out the best cheap gifts, many of which are longtime Strategist favorites, for a range of valentines — from the tea obsessive to the dog parent, and of course the valentine who would just like a (beautiful and ethically manufactured) chocolate bar. All of which will arrive by Valentine’s Day, but don’t delay, as shipping deadlines are quickly approaching.

For the valentine who always smells good

While perfume is typically quite expensive, this Nemat roll-on oil is super-affordable and has a bit of a cult following, according to Strategist contributor Natalie Toren.

For the valentine who hates Monopoly

Monikers is a an easy-to-learn, fast-paced board game similar to charades that’s way more fun than the usual game-night classics.

For the valentine who’s afraid of the dark

From our favorite mushroom nightlight brand comes another pair of color-changing, mushroom nightlights that look more like enokis than porcinis.

For the valentine who’s particular about their nightstand

The lube we dubbed the best of the best, which comes in a stylish glass bottle you won’t be embarrassed to leave out.

For the valentine who’s particular about their beard

As former Strategist writer David Notis noted, “Made in Germany. Pear-wood handle. Soft boar’s hair. What more could you want?”

For the valentine who has tried every status candle

A Diptyque is always nice, but these are much more fun: It starts off white and then drips in a rainbow of colors.

For the valentine who prefers incense

You can’t go wrong with some tasteful, faintly woodsy Japanese incense sticks.

For the valentine who buys the good vanilla

This vanilla extract comes recommended by pastry chefs like Natasha Pickowicz.

For the valentine who buys the good sardines

Photo: retailer

These fish-patterned cloth tea towels would pair well with a bright, sustainably sourced tin of Fishwife.

For the valentine who demands breakfast in bed

Dash, the makers of our favorite mini waffle-maker, has a heart-shaped iron that is perfect for the big day but still fun to use all year round.

For the valentine who gave up on pottery

“Because of my hard-core crush on watercolors, I’ve tried a lot of different palettes,” writes Strategist contributor Ashley Longshore. “Kuretake Gansai Tambi palette is my favorite: It has one of the widest ranges of colors and the best pigmentation.”

For the valentine who soaks before bed

We suggest a nice-smelling bar of lilac soap from Caswell-Massey.

For the valentine who smokes before bed

A pack of adorable strawberry-flavored pre-rolls.

For the valentine who’s in a committed relationship with their Airwrap

Strategist contributor Rio Viera-Newton says these silk pillowcases are a perfect dupe for her more expensive Parachute pillowcase.

For the valentine who’s always fixing things around the house

Photo: Retailer

This French folding knife will be perfect for any household project and comes recommended by fourth-generation butcher Cara Nicoletti, who says she was shocked by how often it “came in handy for small everyday tasks.”

For the valentine who thinks Hallmark cards are insulting

For the valentine who thinks their showerhead is a microphone

Since purchasing this little shower speaker, Strategist contributor Rio Viera-Newton says her “shower time has become not just tolerable but genuinely fun and entertaining.”

For the valentine who drinks old-fashioneds

For the valentine who prefers poker night

We recommend this set of rainbow playing cards from Fredericks & Mae.

For the valentine who’s always misplacing their keys

A sleek teardrop-shaped key ring that’s gifted by Strategist editors.

For the valentine who’s your honey

This honey dipper from Le Creuset, in a Valentine’s Day–appropriate shade of red, will make their morning cup of tea with honey considerably more charming.

For the valentine you just bought a puppy with

A sweater your best friend can wear from February 14 till the spring thaw.

For the valentine with a green thumb

If they place the box near a window with indirect light and mist twice a day, within ten days they’ll have their first (of several) oyster mushroom crops.

For the valentine you go hiking with

Latria Graham, nature writer and gear reviewer, told us that instead of hiking with a cumbersome stainless-steel container, she’d rather use one of HydraPak’s 1.5-liter collapsible bottles, which “crush down to the size of an eyeglasses case that I can just shove in my pocket.”

For the valentine who puts sriracha on everything

Shake up their sauce shelf with some of Fly by Jings’ Sichuan Gold hot sauce.

For the valentine who puts salt on everything

Some fancy expert-recommended finishing salt that’s sure to impress the person who is picky about seasoning.

For the valentine who just wants a good chocolate bar

Photo: retailer

The graphic packaging alone makes these milk-chocolate bars worth buying, but they also happen to be delicious (and their manufacturing practice supports slave-free chocolate production).

For the valentine who hates chocolate

As former Strategist writer Hilary Reid once wrote, marzipan manages to “combine kitsch (delightful), miniatures (also delightful), and candy (delicious).”

For the valentine who loves modern architecture (and puzzles)

A twofer: Frank Lloyd Wright’s aerial blueprint of Fallingwater on one side and the home’s iconic exterior on the other.

For the valentine who drinks coffee all day long

An insulated mug recommended by two coffee experts, including Caleb Chauncey, a barista at East Pole Coffee Co. in Atlanta, who says it keeps drinks warm or cold for long periods of time (without sweating or burning your hand).

For the valentine who thinks it’s a helluva town

A classic collection of essays chronicling life in old New York (we recommend pairing this with takeout pints from McSorley’s).

For the valentine who stays up late reading

Writer Molly McGhee recommends this old-school book light for any night-owl bookworms who are looking to keep “the blue-light blues at bay.”

For the valentine who stays up late doing other things

For the valentine who takes their writing instruments seriously

According to André Aciman, it’s “the Volkswagen of pens, with a Jaguar engine.”

For the valentine who demands “organizational ecstasy” from their notebooks

In the form of a gridded-and-guided notebook that Molly Young calls the “fine wine” of notebooks.

For the valentine who needs a little help getting to Zoom meetings on time

The classic Casio watch doubles as an on-the-go calculator for that cool-nerd look.

For the valentine who knows the difference between sencha and oolong

These elegant glass jars will keep their tea fresh by blocking out both air and light. Fill the jar with their favorite blend to complete the gift.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $25