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10 Non-Drugstore Halloween Candies From Around the World to Buy Online

Drugstore candy has its place, but sometimes you need just a bit more refinement. Whether you’re prepping for a Halloween party or just want to hand out something a bit more special, ordering your sweets online yields a much broader selection than your standard Dum Dums and Reese’s. From exotic stuffed fig bonbons and imported Japanese candies to dense, fudgy halvah and Swedish sour gummies, there’s a great wide world out there just a few clicks away. We found the best candies that adults (and sophisticated kids) will enjoy this Halloween, whether you serve them at a party or hand them to trick-or-treaters.

Swedes are famous for their bulk-bin candy stores, and these “sour skulls” are a traditional shape that you will find anywhere in Stockholm; Sockerbit is a cult Scandinavian candy store in the Village that’s now selling on Amazon.

Fun fact: Up until recently, this West Coast candymaker would only ship its chocolate in the cooler months because they were worried about it melting. Fans of the California-based company can finally get their nostalgic Nuts & Chews fix with express shipping.

Think crunchy Bugles coated in milk chocolate and you basically have the Norwegian import Smash. While you can’t put them on the tips of your fingers like the American snack food, their addictive sweet-savory quality makes them just as fun to eat.

This crunchy Marcona almond and honey brittle is typically served before Christmas in Spain, but it’s a great dessert during the chilly fall months with a cup of coffee.

These pieces from Germany are a real treat for black-licorice fans. The main ingredient, salmiakki, produces a slightly sweet flavor with a salty, ammoniaish aftertaste. As one reviewer says, “The flavor is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re an adventurous candy eater, I definitely recommend giving these a try.”

As an alternative to a box of chocolates, try these individually wrapped fig bonbons. What are fig bonbons, you ask? Imagine a baby calabacita fig swallowed by a sphere of ganache, then covered in chocolate. They’re chewy, rich, and just slightly virtuous with the dried fruit.

These candies, made with naturally rich milk from Hokkaido, Japan, have been around since 1951, as has the mascot on the bag (Peko-chan). Reviewers describe the import as tasting like a mix between “creamy milk” and “really sweet cheese.” They’re not too sweet and just a bit chewy.

Fans of the dense Israeli treat halvah, made from sesame paste and sugar, will love these individually wrapped versions in flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio. Kosher, too, of course.

The Nashville-based Standard Candy Company has been making Goo Goo Clusters since 1912. Any Southerner worth their salt has a sense memory of chewy caramel, peanuts, and marshmallow nougat, combined together in a milk-chocolate-covered puck?

These are individually wrapped for handing out, but here’s an interesting party game: Unwrap a bunch of these and the ever-popular matcha ones to see who can tell them apart. In reality, these wasabi crisps aren’t much more than white chocolate with a mild horseradish kick, but it’s fun to spice things up every once in a while.

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10 Non-Drugstore Halloween Candies to Buy Online