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The Best Watch Winders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written before about watches — including smartwatches, men’s watches under $200, and GPS running watches — here we’ve rounded up the best watch winders to keep your automatic watch running when it’s not on your wrist, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated watch winder

JQueen Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor

According to over nearly 500 five-star reviews, this double watch winder is quiet, reliable, easy to use, and available at a great price. One purchaser writes, “It is so quiet I literally cannot hear it moving. Best of all, my watches are always at the right time when I go to change to a different watch depending upon how I feel that day. I have an Omega Speedmaster (the moon watch) and a Seiko 5 automatic series on it right now, and they ain’t complaining!” Many reviewers point out that it’s very quiet — “Near silent,” according to one purchaser. Another adds, “It is next to my bed and I sleep like a baby at night. Ultra quiet and it looks [like it cost] three times what I paid for it.”

Many reviewers also appreciate the multiple settings for rotation speed. “With four different settings, I have plenty of options for winding my watches,” says one purchaser. Another adds that the “watch pillows” can also be adjusted, which adds to this unit’s versatility: “I have it loaded with ‘His and Hers’ Rolex watches and the cushions were easily adapted to the proper size for each.” Overall, the reviews point to this watch winder being a great all-around performer. “There is absolutely nothing else you could have added to this box. Beautiful design, great color, sturdy, rich and quiet. I don’t know what took me so long to purchase this.”

Best-rated (less expensive) watch winder

TRIPLE TREE Watch Winder with Flexible Plush Pillow

One reviewer describes balking at the price of a watch winder recommended by their jeweler. “I wasn’t going to invest more money in a winder than I did on the watch,” they write, continuing, “I decided to check on Amazon and WOW! Good reviews and reasonably priced. I got it and tried it straight away. It works like a charm!” Other purchasers also note the “excellent quality for the price.” As stated in one watch-wearer’s review: “So far, nothing but impressed. I have a Citizen that I rarely wear and once I got it running, this winder keeps it going. So glad I spent the money, very well priced for what you get. I have it set to spin for three hours and rest for nine, continuous cycle and it’s right on.” Another adds, “High-quality winder. Very nice looking and built like a tank. Four settings to wind your watch! EXCELLENT price too!” And even though it’s less expensive than some of the other options out there, many seem to trust it with their luxury watches: “Beautifully made! As a matter of fact, the cushion that holds my Rolex in place is fit for a Queen! Love it!”

And now, some micro-picks for every type of watch winder you might be looking for

Best watch winder for heavy watches

Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder With Cover

Many discerning purchasers go for this Wolf watch winder because of the company’s reputation within the luxury watch community. “Lots of watch forums swear by Wolf winders, especially for sensitive watches like Breitling or Rolex,” one reviewer writes, adding, “Cheaper winders can over-wind and permanently damage your watch; you’ll soon forget the few dollars you saved when your watch is ruined.” Another reviewer notes, “If you read about the company itself, you’ll find that they’ve been making nothing but cases for a very long time. I also noticed that several Tourneau stores carry this winder, which serves as another sign of approval.” Purchasers also mention that while it works with all sorts of watches, it’s especially “designed to wind heavier watches” such as the Rolex Submariner. “You can see the attention to detail in the quality of the winder housing construction and cover workmanship. Metal parts, clasp, knobs and hinges. Beautiful to look at. The winder is turning a very heavy automatic and the bracelet just clears the sides of the tube.”

Reviewers say that this winder is worth the price because it “will save you money on maintenance in the long run, reducing wear on the mainspring and stem.” And as one Rolex owner puts it: “This little display case spins to keep your luxury watches ticking as they should. Silent and silky, just what you need on your nightstand. I love tucking my Rolex to sleep every night in this quality piece of workmanship!”

Best dual watch winder

CHIYODA Dual Automatic Watch Winder with Quiet Motors

One reviewer explains what makes this CHIYODA dual watch winder unique: “The two spinners are independent, you can have different settings for each and even have one on and one off.” Watch owners really appreciate the convenience of being able to have two different watches turning at different speeds. “I wanted something that was inexpensive, quiet, reliable, and would support two watches with different winding requirements,” writes one reviewer who uses this winder for their Rolex and Omega. “I looked into the appropriate winding levels and found that both watches liked to be wound in either/both directions, and that the Rolex wanted 500 winds/revolutions per day while the Omega liked 850. I’m using the 650 revs setting for the Rolex and the 900 revs setting for the Omega.”

Best watch winder for four watches

JQUEEN Four Watch Winder with Quiet Motors

With two separate motorized mounts, each built to hold two watches, this winder offers flexibility to those with larger watch collections. As one watch aficionado writes: “I am a watch collector. I have three automatic watches and my husband has one. This is exactly what the watch doctor ordered. It looks beautiful sitting on the table and most of all it displays our watches perfectly.” She adds that even if you only have one watch, it can be good to have a larger capacity winder in case you end up adding to your collection, which is exactly what happened to one reviewer: “I bought another watch, so I had to replace my two-watch winder with the four-watch winder. It is just as nice and functional as my original JQUEEN product. Hopefully I won’t be tempted to purchase another watch soon to fill the empty spot!”

Best watch winder with storage

JQUEEN Six Automatic Watch Winder with 7 Extra Storages Spaces

For those with even larger watch collections, reviewers say the JQUEEN six-watch winder with extra storage space is the way to go. “VERY good value for the price,” says one purchaser. “Each of the three heads holds two watches and has an individual control to set rotation and frequency. There are also handy non-winding watch storage pillows in front.” Many particularly appreciate the seven “storage pillows” in the front which accommodate and display their battery-operated, manual, and quartz watches that “don’t require winding.” As one satisfied reviewer puts it, this is a well-made watch winder, and it has a lot to offer budding watch collectors: “The piano finish is gorgeous. The interior is soft and inviting. This is a great ‘house’ for my growing collection.”

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The Best Watch Winders on Amazon, According to Reviewers