The Strategist 100


Welcome to the Strategist 100, our collection of the best, most-stood-behind products that have ever appeared on this website. We pored over the entire history of the Strategist and cherry-picked the already cherry-picked things to find the ones we’re most confident about (we’ve been nicknaming it the List of Won’t Returnables). Here’s how it works: The title of each product is linked to the first Strategist post about it, which you can click for a refresher on why we love it so much. Once you’re ready to buy, click the Shop Now button to head straight to the retailer. Our picks range from the practical (super-soft bed sheets and no-fuss alarm clocks) to the lovably weird (pouty-lip ashtrays and giant googly eyes) to the particularly right now (finger monkeys and tween-beloved sparkly backpacks), so take your time, tool around, and discover what delights you. Just be sure to check back often. This is a living, breathing list of what we’re using, loving, and telling all our friends about right now. As the Strategist evolves, so will the 100.

Introducing the Strategist 100: Our Most-Stood-Behind Gifts