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I’m Pretty Sure I Just Found Bella Hadid’s Depop

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers/Getty

I’m an avid Depop user, but unlike a lot of people, I don’t use the site to buy what celebrities or influencers are selling. Instead I use it to figure out the stalls they themselves have bought from, and to snoop on all the items they’ve saved to purchase in the future. Because as much as the site is known as a shopping destination, if you know just a couple of tricks, it’s also a social media platform. By which I mean: It’s stalkable and can be a complete time suck.

All you need to get started is knowledge of three little features. The first is the “likes” button on each profile. Similar to the feature Instagram got rid of in 2019, it reveals everything a person has saved for later, which lets you see all the styles your favorites might buy next (and, if you’re feeling messy, allows you to beat them to it). The second is the “following” tab, which shows you the accounts they keep track of. The third button is a little more hidden, but if you click on the red star rating under their user name, then click “purchased,” you can also see every item the account has bought in the past (as long as the seller left a review).

A combination of the above is how, on a recent morning, I found what has to be Bella Hadid’s account. I’ve known that she shops on the app — I’d seen her toting neon ’90s bikinis from @electricheartz, era-ambiguous keyhole flared pants from @susamusa, and a 2000s-era Ed Hardy tee from @dutchfonzie — but unlike her influencer friends Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Jo Stark, Hadid’s Depop account itself had not previously been public knowledge. But I was able to confirm that a single account — @princesspeach310 — follows all three of those shops, and that the same account has also bought multiple pieces Hadid was then seen wearing a few days later (including the fuzzy brown scarf she debuted on her IG Story just a few hours ago). Below, I present my proof.

Bella’s purchases

In December 2020, the account bought this Y2K Miss Sixty graphic tank from @timelesswear. Three months later, Hadid posted herself wearing the very same one to a Boss x Russell Athletic fashion show.

Last February @princesspeach310 purchased these low-rise, boot-cut Von Dutch jeans. In April Hadid posted herself wearing them on a Caribbean getaway.

Both Hadid and her boyfriend have been seen wearing this retro basketball tee, which I also noticed the account bought earlier this year.

As the website HadidsCloset tells us, Hadid posted an Instagram Story of herself in these vintage Chanel sunglasses in November 2020 — just around the time @princesspeach310 bought them from vintage luxury vendor @radtreasures.

The same month, @princesspeach310 bought this vintage Guess suede jacket from ’70s–’90s vintage account @riptide_vintage — which Hadid ended up wearing during a New York City snowstorm in December 2020.

Hadid has also been taking part in the Y2K skinny scarf trend recently. Last month, the account picked up this fuzzy brown number from @vintagememories. Her Instagram Story today shows her wearing the very same one.

I’m honestly dying to know how she has styled this vintage Betsey Johnson nightgown from cult Depop seller @emmarogue, which the account bought last January.

Why would she choose between vintage Prada cheetah-print boots and hot pink Playboy Bunny ones when @princesspeach310 could (and did) buy both?

The account also snagged this vintage Dior jacket from @evoiia for $175.

As well as a Vivienne Westwood wool beret from the same store.

Just a few days ago, @princesspeach310 picked up this ’90s-inspired sheer wrap top.

I hate to say this because I’m already feeling pretty invasive, but it appears Hadid buys underwear on Depop, too — see this mauve ’90s bra and matching high-cut briefs.

Bella’s likes

While she hasn’t pulled the trigger yet, the account has liked some new items as recently as this week, including this “Y2K Tank Top with bedazzled Rhinestone W.”

And this bright red baby tee.

As well as this vintage Old Navy tribute to a fictional “Dance On Inn.”

And while it’s unclear who actually bought these now-sold items that the account liked, I’m officially stocking up on naughty, confident slogan tees for 2022.

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I’m Pretty Sure I Just Found Bella Hadid’s Depop