prime day 2019

All of the Best Deals on Amazon Echos (and Other Amazon Devices) for Amazon Prime Day

Photo: Courtesy Amazon

The fifth-annual Prime Day is here — if you need a refresher on what Amazon Prime Day is all about, check our explainer — and once again we’re going to be working to help you find the actual great deals you’ll want to know about (and not the “on-sale” mixer that’s cheaper at Bed Bath & Beyond). Prime Day tends to bring especially steep discounts on Amazon devices such as Echos, Fire TV sticks and other Alexa-enabled devices, and this year is no different. And if you’re not sure where to start, we’re ready to help.

Note that everything will be on sale only until supplies last, so don’t dillydally — and be sure to bookmark our Prime Day hub and follow us on Twitter for any updates. We’ll be updating frequently. (And remember: You need to be a Prime member to snag all deals.)

The Echo is essentially the main building block of Amazon’s Alexa; it’s really the only thing you need to get started. In his review of the original Amazon Echo, Max Read writes: “It works extremely well. Space-station-AI well. Robot-butler well. Future-of-tech well.” The new Echo is less expensive than what he wrote about in 2016 — even without this 30 percent off early Prime Day discount — but it still works seamlessly with all Amazon devices. Plus, you can pair it with another Echo for big-stereo sound.

The Echo Dot is an even easier (and less expensive) way to add Alexa to your home, and it’s over 50 percent off for Prime Day.

And there’s also the Echo Dot for kids, at the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. It connects with Alexa and your smart home system just like the standard Echo Dot, with some special features designed for kids. Most notably, it comes with a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited for all sorts of kid-friendly music, podcasts, games, and content from brands like Nickelodeon and Disney. It also features parental control options to easily set limits on usage and content.

The new Echo Show is a real multitasker. You can use it as a portable TV and, with its 10.1-inch HD screen and built-in speakers, stream videos around the house or watch cooking tutorials in the kitchen. The built-in camera works for video chats, and you can also easily tap into compatible home-security systems like Ring. It also works as a smart-home hub, so you can use it in place of an Echo Plus. And of course, it has Alexa, so you can control music, set reminders, ask questions, and do basically anything else.