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This Towel Warmer Is the Bath-Time Equivalent of the Fetal Position

There is literally nothing I enjoy more than being cozy. My ideal post-shower routine would feature wrapping myself in a still-warm towel that is hand-delivered straight from my in-unit washer-dryer by my loyal houseboy, Chris Hemsworth. Unfortunately, at this moment I have neither an in-unit washer-dryer nor an Aussie manservant, but I do have the next best thing: this Brookstone towel warmer. I highly recommend you buy this right away.

You know when it’s the dead of winter and you find yourself in someone’s car and pleasantly and slowly begin to realize they have butt warmers? Imagine that feeling over your entire body. There is no greater sensation than forcing yourself into a shower on an icy winter morning, popping a couple of towels (of these, I can say I’m partial to the extra large and either Egyptian- or Turkish-cotton variety) into your towel warmer, then exiting the shower to bundle yourself up from head to toe in coziness.

How can I describe the feeling? Though very few of us have wrapped ourselves in toasty towels, we can probably all imagine what they’d feel like. I’m here to tell you: You have no idea. Putting on a freshly warm towel straight from this towel warmer feels like receiving the best hug of your entire life, like the sensation of being wrapped up by your mother in a sun-baked towel right after climbing out of the pool. The second you put on a warm towel, your whole body does an involuntary exhale as it’s tucked into a full body cocoon — it’s the bath-time equivalent of the fetal position.

My one gripe about the Brookstone Towel Warmer is actually its smartest feature. When you throw in your towels and turn the device on, it takes about ten minutes to warm your towels up fully — at which point, it automatically shuts off, which is great for those of us who, thanks to traumatic television episodes from the ’80s, are worried about burning our houses down. Because my weakness is taking long showers in the morning, I initially found myself exiting the shower to not-so-warm towels — now I use the ten-minute window as motivation to conserve water, save time, and enjoy peak towel warmth, though Brookstone does make another version ($5 pricier) that lets you keep towels warm for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. And while the warmer is big, I can keep it sitting in the corner of my bathroom — it’s small enough that I can put it away in a closet when I know people are coming over or during the summer. In any case, I can recommend no better gift for you or anyone in your life who yearns for a spalike indulgence every morning.

Brookstone Towel Warmer

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This Towel Warmer Makes Towels Feel Like Cozy Cocoons